Puky 16 inch children’s bike lillifee zl 16 alu, children’s bike 16

Puky 16 inch children’s bike Lillifee ZL 16 Alu Review

for little princesses …

The bike is very well made and easy to assemble. After a few steps (handlebar, saddle, pedals) it is "ready for use".
Only the brake adjustment is a bit cumbersome for inexperienced people – but there is a first time for everything. The bike is equipped with all necessary reflectors and has a stable stand.

The look of the little speedster is great – and our little one was thrilled.
Bought a bike fashion 825089 – Princess Lillifee handlebar bag for the bike. Unfortunately, this was a bit too narrow for the handlebars – so that the handlebar protection no longer fits.

But the bike can’t do anything about that &# 128578;

However, the driver should not be less than 104cm, because otherwise – with the lowest saddle setting – the feet would not come to the ground properly.

My daughter gives the bike 5 stars &# 128578;

Puky 16 inch children’s bike Lillifee ZL 16 Alu Overview

A magical children’s bike with the little princesses cycle through the kingdom. On the air-tired wheels, Your Majesty hovers safely over hill and dale. The sturdy aluminum frame, powerful brakes and ball bearings are top-notch. The impact-resistant paint does not immediately scratch every scratch if the princess stabs a rose or spindle.

PUKY is a specialist for children’s vehicles and the top yard supplier of wheels with a high level of safety. The fanfares are supposed to play and the flags are raised. A small flag is already perched on the front wheel

Tires: pneumatic tires 47-305 (16 x 1.75)
Camp: Square drive, wheels, steering and pedals are ball bearings
brakes: adjustable, child-friendly brake handle
Frame: aluminum frame
brakes: rear coaster brake hub, front rim brake
Rims: Alloy Rims
stem: Stem with angled cone…

Frame:Material: aluminum; other features: hardtail; Kid: wave frame;
Fork:Type: rigid fork;
Drive:Drive unit: square drive, ball bearing; Safety chain case: yes;
Front brakes:Type: rim brake;
Rear brakes:Type: coaster brake;
Brake levers:Type: child-friendly, adjustable;
handlebar:Type: Child-friendly safety handlebar;
stem:Type: with safety pad;
handles: security handles
Tax rate: ball bearings
Saddle: puky
Air Pump: No
Basket: No
Bell: Yes
Others: Plastic edge protector on the front
Hub front:Type: ball bearing;
Rear hub:Type: coaster brake hub;
Front tires:Size: 16 inches; Tire width: 1.75 inches;
Rear tires:Size: 16 inches; Tire width: 1.75 inches;
Carrier:Type: specified…

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