Puky children’s bike zl 12 – z 2 test

Puky 4129 – ZL 12-1 Alu – children’s bike Lillifee (equipment)

Who is the Puky 12 inch children’s bike suitable for??

Puky is the leading German children’s bike and balance bike cult brand with high quality standards for its products. Production still takes place in Wülfrath and you can see that in quality of all Puky products. This also applies to the great 12-inch entry-level children’s bike in the “Lillifee” sample design. It’s a girl’s dream come true and just right for children with a stride length from 40 cm or an age of approx. 3 ¾ years. Then they are about 100 cm tall and have enough strength and skill to master the bike. The 12 inch children’s bike is optimal for those for whom the 16 inch children’s bike is still too big a step and who are just switching from the wheel. So that no tears roll from despair, the best thing is to bring the little ones over the 12 inch children’s bike and not overwhelm them.

Difference between Puky ZL 12 Alu and Z 2?

The Puky ZL 12 Alu is the same 12 inch children’s bike as the Puky Z 2, but the ZL 12 has an 8 kg lightweight aluminum frame, while the Z 2 can only offer a steel frame. This saves at least 600 g in weight, which is a lot at this age, if you look at the ratio "weight of the child" to "weight of the children’s bike". Since the prices for both model series are quite close to each other, we always recommend using the model with aluminum frame when in doubt. This means less effort the first time you try to drive after changing from your wheel. The frame is also the only difference between the two children’s bikes, otherwise the two children’s bikes are identical.

Construction of the Puky 12 inch children’s bike

The Puky children’s bike is mostly delivered pre-assembled. Only the handlebars, the pedals and, if necessary, the support wheels have to be attached, whereby we advise against the latter for educational reasons. For attachment (works intuitively!) You need a 6mm Allen key, a Phillips screwdriver and an open-end wrench. After about 20 minutes, the princess can start with the Lillifee bike!

The equipment of the Puky

The entry is very low on this Puky children’s bike, which means great comfort for the offspring, after all, you don’t have to balance your leg over the saddle. In the event of a fall, there is no annoying rod between the legs. This minimizes the risk of the legs getting caught in it. The Puky ZL 12 and Z 2 impress with other features that make children’s cycling safer. The safety set includes front and rear reflectors, a handlebar pad, a bell and a plastic edge protector on the front fender.
The brake system is very important in terms of safety and Puky came up with something here. If the child pulls the child-friendly front wheel brake with full force in a frightening second, the children’s bike does not jerkily block, so that the danger there would be a rollover. The brake then acts more like a kind of ABS system – strong but without blocking. As a rule, however, the child brakes via the coaster brake scar, which is very well adjusted at Puky. The equipment is rounded off by a powder-coated frame, which also forgives crashes without peeling off. Furthermore, chain protection is of course mandatory. The steering and pedals have ball bearings, which you can see from the smooth interaction of the parts.

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Conclusion on the Puky ZL 12 ALU / Z 2 children’s bike test

The Puky is the absolute quality winner in the 12 inch children’s bike group! All components are fine-tuned and the design also convinces. The children’s bike will surely bring joy to everyone – big and small.
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