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Pulling the mother tapes


As ligaments In medicine, connective tissue structures are used to fix the uterus in its anatomical position. These include, among others, the round mother ligament (ligamentum teres uteri) and the broad mother ligament (latum uteri ligament). In particular during pregnancy These bands can cause discomfort when they by the growing child and the resulting womb stretched become. In general, complaints in this area are rather unspecific and can point to many different causes. Persistent complaints should therefore be clarified by a doctor.


The most common cause for a pull in the mother tapes is the pregnancy. This is due to the widening uterus strain pain in the ligament apparatus. The pain begins usually only in the second third Pregnancy, because the baby then only gains in size. Before, the uterine bands are not exposed to strong tensile forces. However, it is very different from woman to woman, if and when use such pain.

Pulling in the abdomen can otherwise various other causes have that not necessarily associated with the mother tapes are. For such symptoms should be thought in principle to cycle complaints, ovarian cysts, ovarian inflammation, muscular discomfort, ectopic pregnancies and masses of the internal genital organs. Come too Diseases of other organs for example, an incipient appendicitis or a diverticulitis of the large intestine, in which the intestinal mucous membrane escapes and is inflamed at these sites.


The diagnosis of pulling in the area of ​​the ligaments can be made by a gynecologist. In pregnant women pulling is a lot typical symptom and needs due to its harmlessness usually no further clarification.

Come other symptoms for example, very much severe and severe pain, bleeding, fever or other worrying signs, further clarification should be urgently to exclude serious complications of pregnancy.

The same applies to non-pregnant women with abdominal pulling. If there is no explanation for the complaints, one is medical examination recommended. Through a physical examination and for example a ultrasound image of the abdomen, serious illnesses can usually be ruled out quickly.

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Accompanying symptoms

Mostly it comes to a pulling the mother tapes in the context of a pregnancy. Associated symptoms can then general malaise, (Morning) nausea and faster fatigue his. Also a headache can occur. The symptoms, however, need not be associated with other symptoms.

If there is no pregnancy and there is still a pelvic pain, then other causes must be excluded. Join accompanying symptoms such as fever, Vomit, diarrhea, chills, Burning while urinating or vaginal bleeding on, so should one medical examination respectively. For example, it could be a genitourinary infection, gastrointestinal infection, appendicitis, diverticulitis or ectopic pregnancy. Even if the symptoms usually have harmless causes, may especially with persistent symptoms or increasing intensity of symptoms a possibly serious illness not to be ignored.

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Pull right

Pulling the mother tapes only right can occur during pregnancy. Depending on which body position the pregnant woman is and as well Child positioned in the uterus is, will be different tensile forces exercised on the ligaments of the uterus. In principle, however, other causes of the condition should also be considered, especially if the pain persists without existing pregnancy and / or persistently.

at right lower abdominal complaints are important differential diagnoses for example the appendicitis (appendicitis), (stilted) Ovarian cysts, a ectopic pregnancy or a hernia. In particular, if additional complaints occur, such as fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills or other symptoms, a medical check-up should be made.

Pull left

The mother tapes can only pull on the left side. Especially during pregnancy it can – as with complaints on the right side – by certain Body positions of pregnant women or one special positioning or a Kicking the child In the uterus, there is a particular stretching of the left-sided ligaments, which causes pain only there.

Here, too, however, it is true that in the case of left-sided pelvic pain there are in principle other causes for the complaints which, especially in the case of persistent and severe pain or occurrence outside of pregnancy, require medical clarification. For example, important differential diagnoses of left lower abdominal pain include one diverticulitis (Inflammation of protuberances of the intestinal mucosa), Ovarian cysts, a ectopic pregnancy, a Infection in the urogenital area or a hernia. In case of additional symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the stool, burning when urinating or vaginal bleeding, a doctor should be consulted.

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Pulling the mother tapes without pregnancy

Outside of a pregnancy prepare the mother tapes usually no complaints, as they are not exerted on them, as is the case, for example, in a pregnancy. The complaints interpreted by the affected woman as a pull in the mother ligaments then have mostly other causes.

Most often it is about Complaints from the female cycle. Some women feel a tearing in the abdomen during ovulation (so-called Mittelschmerz), other women have abdominal discomfort before the onset of the period or during the meantime.

If none of these circumstances apply, then so will come other causes for the pain into consideration. For example, complaints can be caused by Ovarian cysts, a ectopic pregnancy, a appendicitis, a diverticulitis (Inflammation of protuberances of the colon mucosa), one bladder infection, one hernia or one Inflammation of the sexual organs act. Also by simple Tensions in the pelvic floor area or lower back pain can occur in the abdomen, which can be confused with pulling the mother ligaments. In case of doubt, medical examination should be carried out if symptoms persist. This is especially true if additional symptoms of abdominal pain are added or if they increase in intensity.

Pulling the mother tapes during pregnancy

In pregnancy, pulling the mother tapes occurs relatively frequently and is due to the increasing child growth With Expansion of the uterus. These changes cause exercise increasing tensile forces on the ligamentous apparatus, which fixes the uterus in its position. This can lead to bilateral pulling or stinging pain, which can radiate into the inguinal region as well as the pubic area.

Also Low back pain can occur. Often the Complaints related to special charges on, for example, at to cough or Sneeze such as position Change, for example, when getting up or sitting down. In these situations, abdominal pressure increases and extra tension is applied to the ligaments, which can then hurt. Usually the pain goes as fast as it came. Prolonged pulling can usually be alleviated by a comfortable supine position and local heat application by means of a hot water bottle.

When will the symptoms start??

Pulling the mother tapes in pregnancy makes most often from the second trimester of pregnancy noticeable because the uterus is very stretched during this time and the child increasingly demands space in the female body. Circa from the 5th week of pregnancy However, complaints may already occur due to tension on the mother ligaments. This is with every woman individually different and depends, among other things, on the particular anatomy.

At the beginning of pregnancy, it is unlikely that any discomfort caused by the ligaments, since at this time, no major tensile forces on the ligamentous apparatus act. However, local changes such as ovum implantation and hormonal changes may also cause abdominal discomfort but other causes. Between the 17th and 24th week of pregnancye is generally with the strongest complaints by tensile forces on the mother bands expected. At later stages of pregnancy, the symptoms are again less frequently observed, since the uterus and its ligaments have then stretched sufficiently and themselves even towards the end of the pregnancy rather loosen up, to initiate the birth of the child and to facilitate his way out of the pelvis.

Duration of the complaints

How long a pull in the mother tapes can stop is individually very different and depends mainly on the cause of the complaints.

In pregnancy, a pull in the mother tapes occurs most often and occurs there usually always short with varying distances on. Basically, the pain occurs especially in the period on, in which the Womb most stretched and thereby also increased tensile forces are exerted on the band structures. Affected pregnant women often complain until the beginning or middle of the last trimester of pregnancy about such complaints. Finally, in the latter part of pregnancy, the discomfort is rarer as the uterus has reached its maximum size and the band structures loosen up to prepare for the oncoming birth and facilitate the baby’s way through the female pelvis.

When the pulling occurs in the mother bands, it becomes usually as stinging, described short pain, which pulls on both sides in the groin region. By a comfortable body position and, for example, local heat application, the pain usually does not last long.

Test mother tapes

You are suffering from pain on the ligaments and would like to know the cause? Join in our self-test and answer 7 short questions. We create your individual result!

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Treatment / therapy

Pull in the area of ​​the mother tapes usually requires no therapy. The complaints come in Framework of a pregnancy It usually helps when the affected woman is in one comfortable lying position goes. Also one hot-water bottle on the lower abdomen can help alleviate the discomfort. Most of the time the dragging then subsides again within a short time.

Should the Pain very strong should be one Doctor visited to clarify the cause. In consultation with the doctor can then if necessary possibly pain medication be taken. The same applies to pulling the mother tapes outside of pregnancy, for example in the context of the menstrual period. Simple analgesics and local application of heat should relieve the symptoms.

Can one locate the mother tapes themselves?

The exact localization the mother tapes can difficult be, because the complaints that arise in this area, rather diffuse occur. In general, the Pain as pungent described and pull on both sides in the direction groin and pubic region. The most likely localization of the ligaments is therefore something within the groin, in the direction of body centerline. However, a very precise localization, which can be determined from the outside, is difficult.

Further information on the position and anatomy of the ligaments can be found here: ligaments

Evidence of early pregnancy

A pulling of the mother tapes as an indication of an existing early pregnancy is rather untypical. Although an abduction in the abdomen may occur in early pregnancy, but it does not originate in the ligaments, but rather is more based on local processes in the uterus. That’s the way it works during the implantation of the oocyte come to period-like pain. Also, the lining of the uterus loosens in early pregnancy and the hormonal change influences the structures of the pelvis so that abdominal pulling can occur in some women.

The mother tapes are at this early stage, however no special pulling forces yet exposed because the uterus has not grown much in size yet. Accordingly, their ligaments are not claimed at this time. Due to the loosening of the connective tissue and finally also the ligaments, there are reasonable complaints expected at the earliest from the 5th week of gestation – typically even later.

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