Purchase contract car template (word) switzerland

especially you should never buy or sell a car without a contract. A purchase contract gives legal security to the buyer and the seller. In case of dispute, you can go back to the provisions in the contract.

Are you looking for a swiss purchase contract template for the purchase of a car? Then you are exactly right here, we offer you a free word template for direct download.

Contract of sale car template switzerland

car purchase contract – word template switzerland

car purchase agreement template switzerland free (word)

If you buy or sell a car, you should always sign a sales contract. Only in this way both sides have a binding document in hand. With a purchase agreement, you regulate the exact modalities of the purchase and the specific content of the object of purchase.

Never buy a car without a contract of sale!

When you buy a car, you usually invest a larger sum of money. To give both sides, the buyer and the seller, security in this trade, a written sales contract is an absolute must! In the event of subsequent disputes, both parties have a factual basis in hand that contains the framework conditions of the purchase.

In art. 184 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO), the provisions regarding a purchase contract are as follows:

Art. 184

A. Rights and obligations in general

1 by the contract of sale, the seller agrees to deliver the object of purchase to the buyer and to give him ownership of it, and the buyer agrees to pay the purchase price to the seller.

2 unless there is an agreement or practice to the contrary, the seller and the buyer are obliged to perform their obligations simultaneously, step by step.

3 the price is sufficiently determined if it can be determined according to the circumstances.

if you buy a car in a reputable car company, you can be sure that a correct contract will be drawn up. In the purchase between private parties however, there is often a great deal of uncertainty as to what specific content should be included in a car purchase agreement.

Contents of a purchase contract

When drafting a sales contract, it is important to consider the following points:

  • The address is very important. The personalities of the parties involved in the trade. In the case of private individuals, these are usually the seller and the buyer. Here, within the framework of the purchase contract, it is necessary that the correct address incl. the address of the property is stated. Address of the parties involved are listed.
  • The object of purchase must be described exactly.
  • For vehicles, the type certificate number and the chassis number are indispensable.
  • Please note that the term "accident-free" can often lead to disputes, because once the vehicle has suffered a major dent from a minor accident, the vehicle can theoretically no longer be described as accident-free. Note for buyers: if the vehicle is described as an "accident vehicle", you must assume that the vehicle had significant accident damage.

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On sample template.Ch we offer you a car purchase contract as a template free of charge.

Car Purchase Agreement Template Switzerland

Free car purchase agreement template in word format

Car (vehicle) purchase contract template

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  • All important points of a car purchase contract for switzerland are taken into account
  • Purchase contract is available for download as a word document free of charge
  • No sheet protection – contract can be adapted to your own needs

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