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School has now started again in Bavaria. I am allowed to continue my class and thus have a 4th grade this school year. Everything new again, everything again for the first time, but now at least without the ref-stress of the past two years. And it’s a lot of fun!

Last year in my class there was the puzzle of the week. For me that meant: tasks search, copy and control solutions. Somehow I was not satisfied with the system and that’s why the puzzle task of the day is now an absolute success.

For this I use the tear-off calendar "Just ask … the mouse!". The date service tears off the sheet and reads out the previous day’s task in the morning circle, which should be researched at home. A few children name their solutions and take this opportunity to tell how they came up with their results and how they did their research. The date service then reads the solution on the back and sets the new task for the next day.

For me, this type of puzzle task is associated with zero effort and the children have a lot of fun solving the tasks and learning by the way, how you can research information today.

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Really great! I was just looking for the calendar and I only find some for 2015 or for 2015 – it probably doesn’t exist for a school year, or?
Thanks for the nice idea! &# 128578;

No, unfortunately it’s only available all year round.

What an easy and great idea. I will definitely remember it for the time after my ref. Now that is unfortunately not worth it for me.
Greetings from Lower Saxony

A lot of fun with your own class. I am sure you will master it! Thank you for your great and so simple but effective idea!

I also use the calendar for my 4th school year. I checked it in the ref. For me it runs as a ‘question of the day’. This is read by a different child every day. Then two children can spontaneously give their answer with reasons.

I just looked at the mouse calendar and found one that I think is more suitable for 1st graders: "Why does the jelly wiggle! I ordered it straight away. In the second year I will use the mouse calendar.
Thank you for the great and above all simple idea!

A great idea with the calendar!
Would it be what class 2? Or is there an alternative??

I think it might be a bit too difficult for a second, but I would give it a try.

Hello Kerstin,
thank you for the great idea! I’ll try that &# 128578;
All the best,

Hello Kerstin,
What a great idea! And so easy to implement!
Keep it up, I find your blog very inspiring!
Best wishes and greetings

Hello Kerstin, I think the idea with the puzzle of the day is great. Thanks a lot! Could you maybe create a speech bubble for the day’s puzzles? Thank you very much, Claudia

Hello Kerstin,
I now start with my ref after the summer holidays and came across your blog through Google. What luck! Thank you for this incredible number of great ideas and inspirations.

Now I have a question: Can you say where I can get a small easel like the one shown in the picture?

You can find small easels on Amazon.

I always used the calendar in the morning, but I often got over it because there was so much to organize. For math, I used one puzzle a week, but, like you, it was a lot of work. Combining the two is really great! Thanks for the great idea.

Dear Kerstin,
it would be possible to change the speech bubble to "Puzzle of the week" and put it online?
Thank you for the great thoughtful materials.
best regards,

Dear U. -> see FAQs

Hello Kerstin,
thank you for the great idea! Since I don’t have my own class at the moment, I’ll just try it out with my own children &# 128578; They will definitely be happy!
Have a nice (pre) Christmas time … and keep it up!

Many thanks for the great idea &# 128578; After the holidays we start.

Thank you for the great idea and of course for the material &# 128578;

Thanks for this great >

Thank you very much for this great idea! &# 128578; How did you manage to attach the balloon and the light bulbs to the small easel so nicely?

I attached the pictures to the window behind.

Thank you very much for your great ideas!
Work is twice as fun!! &# 128521;

A wonderful idea!
I love your site and recommend it to all of my colleagues &# 128578;
Thank you for sharing your materials with us!

A really great site and many thanks for the wonderful suggestions!
Didn’t your kids always pepper the back of the day with the puzzle?


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