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PZM – fearless to the dentist in Baden-Baden

Modern dentistry enables effective and gentle dental care with innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The focus of our efforts is to provide patients with anxiety-free treatment in a trusting atmosphere.

The advances in modern dentistry are fascinating and the fear of the dentist could long be a thing of the past. Nevertheless, most patients experience a more than uneasy feeling when a visit to the dentist is planned. In the worst case, the treatment is delayed and unnecessarily long pain is endured or a tooth loss is risked. If you are looking for a dentist in Baden-Baden, you should make an appointment in our practice. A completely new dentist experience awaits you here.

PMZ – Dentistry with a feel-good factor & great attention to detail:

Your dental practice in Baden-Baden

Prevention is better than cure and that’s why we do everything we can to make sure that our patients like to come to us in good time. State-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic procedures ensure that the treatment can be carried out gently and without fear. In addition, our experienced and dedicated team strives to create a pleasant atmosphere in which the patients feel in good hands. With detailed advice, we respond individually to your wishes and work with you to find the perfect solution.

Trust is the basis of successful dental treatment – your wishes and interests are a matter close to our hearts:

Dental practice in Baden-Baden with a wide range of services

Convince yourself of our diverse services in the fields of dentistry. In the field of aesthetic dentistry, we take care of your radiant smile and with regular prophylaxis we can avoid many dental problems right from the start. With our services in the areas of implantology, periodontology, laser and root canal treatment as well as dentures, we treat all dental problems with the best possible requirements for holistic and gentle dental care for our patients. Adjacent orthodontic issues also fall within our range of treatments. In this way, we also develop suitable therapeutic concepts for TMJ problems and misaligned teeth, or refer you to specialists we trust.

Are you an anxiety patient and looking for a dentist in Baden-Baden who will treat you with the necessary sensitivity and care? We should get to know each other. Contact us or just give us a call. Do not worry: In difficult cases we can offer you gentle and painless dental care with treatment under hypnosis and local or general anesthesia.

We want you to be happy to come back and a visit to your dentist in Baden-Baden is a pleasant appointment.

range of services

Our services in dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

The sensory perception of a face is determined by many elements. A smile with beautiful white teeth has a big impact on the first impression of a person and can cause …
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Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are inserted into the jawbone. With these artificial tooth roots, it is possible to replace lost teeth without a …
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Parodontie / Laser

In the case of long-lasting inflammation of the gums, a periodontitis, your teeth and your teeth are at risk. Diseased gums bleed easily when touched and bad breath often occurs …
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Prevention is better than cure. Clean teeth are not only decisive for avoiding tooth decay and diseases of the teeth, but also for the health of your …
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Root canal treatment

In principle, any root canal treatment is the last option for tooth preservation and is necessary, among other things, if the dental pulp is inflamed or has already died. This is expressed …
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Missing teeth can not only cause aesthetic and functional restrictions, but also lead to a loss of quality of life. Today we are …
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TMJ problems

Bruxism is a parafunction that is triggered by grinding and / or clenching of the teeth. If this condition lasts for a long time, pain in the chewing muscles arises …
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anxiety patients

We take a lot of time to gain patient trust. This alone often helps to make treatment free of fear.
If this doesn’t work, we can …
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With the help of transparent removable and almost invisible splints, we can carry out your tooth position correction in a short time. This gives you …
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