Quick help with toothaches with these natural home remedies

Pulling, throbbing or with dull pressure – toothaches are unpleasant and often even unbearable. To get to the root of the cause, you should of course visit your dentist. But what should you do if the tooth comes up at the weekend or in the evening when your dentist’s office is closed? You don’t have to be an Indian to bridge the time until you visit the doctor, nor do you have to go to the pharmacy emergency service to buy expensive painkillers. Instead, you can often relieve toothache with natural remedies, some of which you probably have at home anyway.

Where’s the pain coming from?

If you suffer from sensitive tooth necks, you will probably already know the pain and the circumstances under which it occurs. On the other hand, toothache caused by tooth decay or inflammation often comes as a surprise and of course when it is the least useful. The following tried and tested home remedies have already helped our grandparents. They relieve the pain and counteract inflammations – it is worth a try in any case.

Cloves or clove oil

The most effective home remedy for toothache is probably clove. Thanks to the contained eugenol, the dried flower bud of the clove tree has an anaesthetic, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect. Simply place a clove on the affected tooth and bite on it to unfold its effect. It does not taste good, but it works even better. If you cannot bite with the affected tooth, place the carnation next to the tooth in the cheek pocket.


In the case of inflammation, whether on the tooth or gums, cooling contributes to reduced blood flow, swelling and thus relief. Sucking ice cubes can be pleasant, even an externally applied cold compress can help. Wrap the compress coming directly from the freezer compartment into a towel so that the skin is not damaged by too much cold. A wet washcloth often provides sufficient cooling to calm the focus of inflammation.

Pain relieving mouthwashes

A mouthwash, repeated several times a day, can also relieve toothache. There are a number of remedies that can be found in the kitchen. The liquid should be as cool as possible, especially not more than body warm, because heat increases the blood circulation in the mouth and thus the pain.

sage or chamomile tea

Maybe you have one of those herbal teas in your kitchen? Sage and chamomile have an antibacterial effect and are effective against acute toothaches. A tea infusion is prepared and then pulled back and forth between the teeth after cooling.


Usually there is also a bottle of high-proof alcohol in the house. In this case it is health-promoting, because vodka or another liquor can be used as a disinfecting mouthwash. As with salt, however, it is advisable to spit the alcohol out again after rinsing.

Even simple kitchen salt helps against toothache. Mix so much salt in a glass of water until the solution is saturated and pull the antiseptic solution back and forth in the mouth for about two minutes. Then spit it out, as a concentrated saline solution can lead to nausea and vomiting!

onion sacks

If you prefer to deal with pain from the outside, an onion bag can help. Simply chop an onion and crush it in a handkerchief or washcloth so that the onion juice escapes and place the package on your cheek. The sulphurous, antiseptic alliine in the onion alleviates inflammation and pain. If you can stand the sharp taste, you can also place a slice of onion in the cheek pouch directly next to the affected tooth.

tea tree oil

The versatile tea tree oil also helps against toothache. A rinse with several drops of oil on a glass of lukewarm water brings the desired improvement. Alternatively, you can apply a drop of the oil directly to the painful area. However, with this application you should make sure that you are not allergic to the essential oil.

Tips for use

In the case of acute, inflammatory toothache, warmth should generally be avoided. Due to the increased blood circulation, the pain is even stronger and bacteria multiply particularly well in a warm environment.

Pain caused by a pulled tooth or root canal treatment should be treated with mouthwashes and direct contact with the wound should be avoided. Otherwise you run the risk of disturbing the healing process with foreign substances or bacteria.

Important note: For small children who have pain while teething, none of the above-mentioned remedies should be used apart from cooling. A tasty, chilled piece of apple or cucumber, which can be chewed around extensively, provides distraction and relief for the little ones.

Each person reacts differently to different active substances. Just try out which of the remedies works best for you. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Which home remedies for acute toothache have proven effective for you? Add your experience to our recommendations!

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