Quinny buzz xtra 4 test – first class buggy

The Quinny Buzz Xtra 4 buggy is one of the most popular buggies among young parents in Germany. As usual for Quinny, this model also comes with numerous extras that are already included.

Quinny Buzz Xtra 4

So you get included:

  • Adapter for Maxi-Cosi baby car seats
  • Foldable pushchair attachment for the extension to the travel system
  • A very well designed XXL sun canopy
  • A rain cover for rainy days
  • Shopping basket already included
  • In addition, a clip for a parasol is included

Since we already have some Quinny stroller tested, we know how excellent the quality and workmanship of the models from manufacturer Quinny are usually. Of course, this is another reason for us to make high demands on Quinny buggies. Quinny’s Buzz Xtra 4 didn’t disappoint us either, and it showed all its strengths in our test.

The Manufacturer Quinny is known for the optically well-made strollers. The inventor of the automatic opening mechanism repeatedly brings innovative top models onto the market. More about Quinny >>

Features and characteristics of the Quinny buggy

The Buzz Xtra 4 is designed for children from the age of six months to three and a half years. It is suitable up to one Body weight of 15 kg. If you buy a Maxi-Cosi baby seat or use the stroller attachment, you can use the Quinny Buzz Xtra from birth. Because this makes the model a couchette car and you do not need to spend any more.

The included equipment is – as already written above – extensive. Always a plus for the models from Quinny, because they do not allow themselves to be rags and already supply everything necessary. Because that is not a matter of course and necessary accessories have to be bought separately from some manufacturers.

That can’t happen to you at Quinny and that’s why you always have to put the price of these models into perspective.

Automatically foldable buggy – just super practical

A great feature of the Quinny Buzz Xtra is that automatic opening of the stroller frame. You pull a bar to the side and the stroller frame opens automatically. This is due to an ingenious mechanism that is triggered by a gas pressure spring. That too folding is so easy possible and this feature alone is worth a lot for us.

Because anyone who has had the pleasure of opening and closing a stroller 3-5 times a day will truly appreciate this function. When looking through various descriptions, we are surprised that this feature is hardly considered. Because this is really a special feature and Quinny shows here again that she often uses technical innovations the nose have in front.

However, there is a lot of praise for this in the reviews of customers and we are not surprised at all. Because there is nothing more convenient than that.

The Quinny Buzz Xtra presented in the manufacturer’s video

Adapter for Maxi-Cosi baby car seat included

What is common with Quinny and very practical for young parents is the fact that an adapter for Maxi-Cosi baby car seats is included with Quinny. If you buy a baby seat from the market leader, you can use the buggy from birth. Alternatively, you can also use the Quinny carrycot.

Set the rest position

Quinny has also designed a special feature in the car for the resting position for a little nap in between. Because the rest position can be in with the Buzz Xtra 4 set both directions of travel. Very practical if the child gets tired in between and you don’t want to convert the stroller first. Because with many models, you can only establish the lying position in a travel direction setting. Not so with this model. Here you can do it regardless of the direction of travel.

Well-designed footrest and slider

So that the child can also sit well in the stroller, the Adjust the footrest variably. This is important so that the child’s feet do not simply dangle around and the child finds a secure hold here. Fortunately, since children grow relatively quickly, it is important that you can freely adjust the footrest on a stroller.

A height adjustable slider is also important for the comfort of the parents. Because nothing is more unpleasant than a non-height adjustable slide on the stroller. Depending on the height of the parents, it must be possible to adjust the height to avoid stooping or physiologically unsuitable arm positions in the long term. This is an exemplary solution to this buggy.

High quality cover with special function

The high-quality cover of the Quinny Buzz Xtra 4 is not only water repellent, but also stain-resistant. It can be easily and easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Swiveling front wheels with parking brake

Agility and smoothness are important for a buggy, even when things get tight, for example in a department store. The Buzz Xtra 4 scores here freely swiveling front wheels, which are also equipped with a very good parking brake. The buggy has rubber tires that are filled with foam and one on both the rear and front wheels very good suspension.

Smooth running thanks to good suspension

This suspension mechanism in conjunction with the good buggy tires ensures free and very quiet running, which is important for children. So it is one of the buggies that doesn’t start chattering and bumping even on rough roads. Anyone who has had an experience here with cheap models knows what we are talking about.

Every pebble becomes a jerky experience for the child and curbs are always a problem. This is not the case with the Quinny Buzz Xtra 4! The good concept is shown here. Curbs and bumps are no problem for the Buzz Xtra 4 and he is runs very quietly. When folded, it can also be stored in a small car trunk.

If you have a very small car and little space in the trunk, you can optionally remove the wheels and you can get the buggy into every little corner. But usually that’s not necessary. Operated the slide and her buggy opens automatically. It’s perfect!

Accessories for the Quinny Buzz Xtra 4

Optionally, you can purchase a wide range of practical accessories for the Quinny Buzz Xtra. Everything is included in the scope of delivery, but if it should be a little more, then you can look around in the accessories.

Who doesn’t Maxi-Cosi baby car seat want to use for the newborn, can buy the aforementioned foldable pram attachment from Quinny. The adapters already included in the delivery of the buggy are designed for both systems and so you have a fully functional one Travel-System, a complete combi-stroller, so to speak.

There is also a footmuff that is used at low temperatures to keep your child’s feet nice and warm. They are typically Quinny optionally available off-road tires for the buggy. Because buggies are not actually designed to be used on dirt roads, for example. Combined strollers with large pneumatic tires have a clear advantage here.

But Quinny has come up with something and optionally offers the so-called off-road tires on. With this you can actually be on bumpy hiking trails and the tires are made for just that. We have never seen this before and we find it totally practical. If you want to take your coffee with you, you can buy a sturdy holder for the cup or baby bottle for the stroller.

Customer reviews and experiences

Basically you can see how in the evaluations of the ratings the Quinny Buzz Xtra 4 is of high quality. Customers are full of compliments for the chic Quinny buggy. Some buyers praise the very chic design of the model.

Incidentally, one reason why Quinny is the market leader in buggies. Not only the innovative technology, but above all, the very good looks of these buggies made Quinny a success. Customers also praise the good running behavior and suspension of the stroller. The rest position with a view in the direction of travel and against the direction of travel is also praised.

But of course many are in love with that automatic opening mechanism the Quinny buggy. The robustness and stable workmanship are recognized by many buyers. And the tires, which are rather unusual for a buggy – also suitable for forest trails. However, you have to say clearly that the off-road tires (optional accessories) are even more suitable here. A customer also praised the very well padded safety belts. An important factor for the comfort of the offspring in the model.

Conclusion on the test report

The Quinny Buzz Xtra 4 is one of the best buggies we have ever tested. It comes up with innovative strengths, such as the automatic folding mechanism and the outdoor off-road tires. In addition, the processing is almost perfect and the robustness of the model is impressive. In addition, the ergonomically designed inner tub for the children and the comfortable straps.

We love the automatic folding mechanism. Because one of the most arduous activities for young parents is actually the permanent opening and closing of the stroller. Because that saves a lot of frustration and annoyance in everyday life and for us alone would be a reason to access this model. If you bring the Quinny Buzz Xtra 4 into your home, you will enjoy it for a long time. For us an absolutely clear purchase recommendation.


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