Raising children: when mom becomes a record: what to do if the child simply does not hear

by BUNTE.de Redaktion June 18, 2018 at 3:36 p.m.

"No!", "Please DO NOT jump down the stairs!", "Please put on your shoes. Now! “- no matter how often you repeat these sentences: the younger generation simply does not hear? That makes even the most nervous mom mad! Here are a few tips that could help everyone involved in this situation .

At this point we really don’t want to destroy any illusions, but: From a certain age, all (!) Children have their own will and oppose their parents – which is a good thing in principle. After all, we want to educate them to be self-confident and independent personalities. Unfortunately, developing your own opinion also means that all other opinions appear to be less relevant. Especially opinions, announcements, rules The parents. And just in the moments of the day when we have neither the time nor the nerve to discuss everything down to the last detail, the parental statements miraculously lose their effectiveness. For example in the morning. Or in the evening. Or in the supermarket. Or .

What makes these moments difficult is not the stubbornness of the youngsters, but the dramatic reactions that usually go hand in hand with them. Rebellion, defiance, tantrum – or no reaction at all: All of this makes it so exhausting that sometimes children just don’t want to hear. How do we prevent the latter? With the following tips:

1. Tip what you can do if your child does not hear: Let your child decide.

Children often stubborn when they feel they are being patronized. So let your child decide what to do. Sure, that’s not always possible. But at least you can give the child the feeling of having a say – even if the options lead to the same (desired) result.

Example: The child is dawdling in the morning. With the question "Would you like to put on your favorite yellow or red sweater today?" You give the child the feeling that he decides for himself. In fact, however, the question is to encourage the child to get dressed. Because one of the two sweaters will definitely wear it in the end .

2. Tip what you can do if your child does not hear: Praise better – because this is more effective.

What applies to adults applies also for Children: praise motivates. Stupid only when parents pay attention to their child, especially if they did something wrong. However, things that do it well are often ignored or taken for granted. Better: Praise your child if they have done something well! This is the perfect incentive to do it at least as well next time.

3. Tip what you can do if your child doesn’t hear: Don’t ask questions.

To make it clear to your child what you want them to do, must you express yourself clearly. Example: "Do we want to go home?" Is not understood as a request, but as a question. And that can certainly be denied. It’s the same with questions like, "Stop it, okay?".

The “okay” at the end of the sentence implies that you are actually leaving the decision to your child. So that it clearly understands what you mean, you’d better say: "We’re going home now!" Or "Stop it!". This will make it clear what you want.


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