Raising threats is a mistake – i’m a mother

Being a parent is a complicated task that requires a lot of preparation.

Still it is Upbringing with threats a mistake. Therefore, there are effective techniques so that children can grow up healthy and emotionally balanced without fear.

"If you don’t tidy up all of your toys right away, I will never buy you toys again." Words like this that contain a threat and make children obey are very common. Raising threats is a mistake, however. If you use fear to bring up, it has bad consequences. Therefore, parents should strive not to harm their children and instead lay a strong and positive foundation for education.

Raising threats

Many parents base their upbringing on threats, but children quickly recognize them, the more they promise and threaten, the less they keep those promises and threats. As a result, they lose respect for their authority, even if they see them completely upset and angry. This is because the threats are not realistic, which means that they are difficult to implement or can almost never be implemented.

Instead of applying this kind of education, it is better for parents to develop other educational techniques or strategies. Especially those who help them better understand a child’s mental function.

This way it will be much easier for them to educate effectively and without having to threaten their children to obey. They will also be able to prevent children from seeing them as negative and authoritarian people instead of positive and loving people.

Why is threat education a mistake??

Raising threats to achieve certain behaviors is wrong, the long run for the following reasons will have the opposite effect:

  • It creates an atmosphere of Insecurity and distrust in the family.
  • Education with threats is one authoritarian and negative anti-educational education.
  • It contains certain violence.
  • It there are none coherence between what is said and what is done.

Serious consequences for children who are brought up in this way

Threats are not a good source of education. Although they may seem like harmless manifestations, they are a clear demonstration of psychological violence. Sometimes they are accompanied by screams that can affect children’s behavior and mental wellbeing.

One of the clear consequences is that the child …

    No responsibility for his actions. Raising threats causes the child to respond, but only to avoid punishment >"Threats only show that parents have no educational resources."

3 effective suggestions for good parenting

So that you have authority over your children, it is important that there is coherence and integrity between what you say and what you ultimately do.

  • Do not plan drastic consequences, because this will make them less effective.
  • Never promise or say anything that you are not sure you will accomplish or accomplish.
  • You have to keep your promises, whether they are good or bad.

How to properly educate without threats

Trying to control children’s behavior by opting for threat education is a mistake because it only shows, that parents do not have the resources to raise their child. Education with threats shows that they have difficulty setting limits and have no connection with their children.

So parents have to eliminate old resources, such as:

  • Preaching
  • The manipulations and blackmail.
  • Verbal or physical abuse.
  • The rewards and punishments.

Instead, you have to teach him that mistakes are normal, but that you can learn from them and correct them. Make it clear to your child that there is no mistake so big that you will stop loving it.

In short, it’s not about letting the child get away without punishment, but about being clear about it, that upbringing is a mistake that will have negative consequences in the short and long term. Rather, it is about understanding your child and helping him get the best out of himself, not out of fear, but out of free will.


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