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Action Adventures combine different forms of play and are characterized by a fast-paced action and varied action options.

Action Strategy

In contrast to pure strategy games, the actions take place here directly (real-time mode), creating an immediate pressure to act, which requires concentration and rapid action readiness.


In a classic adventure, it is important, usually without time pressure, to solve a multitude of puzzles and tasks that are related to each other in a meaningful, coordinated relationship.

In the foreground are casual games that can often be played online against each other or together. Most apps are quick and easy to understand and often contain skill or puzzle elements.

Beat ’em up

The goal is to prevail in a fight competition against one or more opponents. This is done in an open exchange by combative (often fantastic) maneuvers.

Thinking / skill

The focus is on clear thinking and / or dexterity tasks that demand a high degree of concentration, perseverance and frustration tolerance.


Edutainment games (word play from education and entertainment) are characterized by the claim to want to combine education, learning and entertainment in an appealing way.

board games

In addition to games that use a board, card or dice game principle as a template, include music and movement games to this genre. The central feature is the opportunity to play together.


The goal is to master the respective game section by skillfully executed running and jumping movements. In addition, you must overcome opponents and collect items and hidden objects.

Online games

Online games can only be played online on the computer. The interaction with human players is in the foreground.

racing Games

As in real racing, it is important to reach the finish in as short a time as possible or before the other players or computer-controlled opponents.

role playing

The focus of these mostly epic adventures are one or more game characters, which are equipped with special features and abilities and which must be used and expanded by the player beneficial.


In ego / shooter games, the player must use various weapons to attack enemy groups. The games are often located in real-world or futuristic war scenarios.


In a simulation different areas of real life are depicted with different complexities. Players can take on roles and take positions they can not (yet) take in real life.


Genre representatives simulate real and fictitious sports mostly realistic or fun and comic. Similar to the real role model, one’s own abilities must be trained and demonstrated in competition.


The player usually controls an entire faction or a people. Often, there are a limited number of resources or resources that must be scrupulously maintained in order to compete.


New technical innovations make it possible to immerse even more in game worlds. In VR games, users experience the virtual worlds even more immersively, while the reality in augmented reality games is extended by virtual components.

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