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Many people put together giant puzzles

09/11/2016 – A puzzle made up of more than 40,000 pieces? Phew, you can’t do that alone! That wasn’t the plan either. In Ravensburg many people put together a giant puzzle with pictures from Disney films. Ravensburg is a city in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The whole thing took seven hours.

Henry the Lion

* around 1129 probably in Altdorf near Ravensburg † August 6, 1195 in Braunschweig HEINRICH THE LION is one of the most glamorous figures of the German High Middle Ages. As a member of the House of the Guelphs he was Emperor FRIEDRICH I.

50 years of memory®

On April 15, 1959, the first memory® game hit the stores. It has sold 75 million copies in over 80 countries within 50 years. The picture memory game of Ravensburger

Game tip: The Hobbit

Game tip: The Hobbit – Das card game times two – With the theatrical release of "The Hobbit" Middle earth and its inhabitants return to your living room – for example with these two card games from Ravensburger and cosmos.

Stutter – special learning

02/20/2008 – When people communicate with their environment, language plays a major role. Through language, I can inform, can precisely state facts, can ask, can sell, can present something. But what if this ability is limited? Stuttering is a clear interruption of the flow of speech, which can show up in different ways: the repetition of whole words or syllables, or the speaker, remains on one egg.

[. ] The speech healing center Ravensburg The speech healing center Ravensburg offers advice, early intervention, school kindergarten, cooperation, stuttering therapy and a school [. ]

Program content: When speech is stuck – special learning

02/20/2008 – Sandra, 13, started to stutter when she was four years old and her parents divorced. The game therapy that she carried out for seven years did not improve, and working with a speech therapist did not help either. Sandra was ashamed of her utterance and wanted to say nothing more.

[. ] did not improve, Sandra and her parents decided to take leave of their home school for 18 weeks at the speech healing center Ravensburg [. ]

Child labor in Europe

2015-02-03 – Oliver Twist and the pit children in English mines: that’s what many people think of when talking about child labor in Europe. But child labor is also common in the 21st century – also in Europe – and is by no means only found in so-called developing countries. The problem is particularly great in southern and eastern Europe.

[. ] Compulsory schooling still had protective laws, and so these girls and boys were rented out to the farmers at children’s markets. The largest took place under inhumane conditions in Ravensburg instead of: "Issued in a public space [. ]

Book tip: Knights and castles

book-tip: Knight and castles – Life in a castle, what was it like? Do you want to learn more about medieval homes and their inhabitants? Then this book is for you.

[. ] "The great Ravensburger Book of knights and castles" gives a comprehensive insight into this life of the noble ladies and knights. [. ]

Information about the books

2015-04-02 – Here you can find out everything you need to know about the dragon books: Christina Björk (text) / Eva Eriksson (illustration): Seven little knights and lots of dragons. Oetinger Verlag, Hamburg, 2015, 40 pages, 12.99 euros, 6 years and older, ISBN: 978-3-7891-7782-8 Ana Galán (text) / Pablo Pino (illu.): The Secret Tunnel (Vol.

[. ] Ravensburger book publishing, Ravensburg, 2015, 128 pages, 9.99 euros, ages 8 and up, ISBN: 978-3-473-40603-6 Julia Breitenöder (text) / Melanie Miklitza (illustration): Die Drachenreiter von Dragolding. [. ]

Information about the books

2014-12-04 – Who wrote the book? Which publisher did it appear in? Here you can find out everything you need to know about the Christmas books: Ulf Stark (text) / Eva Eriksson (illustration): Wichtelweihnacht im Winterwald, Oetinger Verlag, Hamburg, 2014, 104 pages, 16.99 euros, from 6 years , ISBN: 978-3-7891-4750-0 Hilde Kähler-Timm (text) / Stefanie Reich (illustration): The littlest angel of all, Gabriel Verlag, Stuttgart, 2014, 64 pages, 11.99 euros, from 6 years.

[. ] for Christmas (Series: Kreativ Kinder), Ravensburger publishing company, Ravensburg, 2014, 94 pages, 12.99 euros, 8 years and older, ISBN: 978-3-473-55304-4 dpa. [. ]


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