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Ready for take off? Stay overnight on the plane! :-)

Stay overnight in the plane?!

As you know, we have many already this year unusual places stayed overnight (from the igloo to the tree house there was a lot – >here it goes to the overview). At the weekend a real highlight was on the program: One night in an airplane! As the airplane Suite From the inside what you saw about the adjacent Wellness boat I would like to tell you and where you can book this offer cheap, I would like to tell you now.

The airplane suite

The City Resort Hotel Mill, to which also the Aircraft Suite is located in the small, Dutch town of Mill. This is again about 1 hour from Ruhr and 30 minutes from Eindhoven away. The aircraft, an old “Brequet Atlantic 1150” was mounted on a 8-meter-high steel scaffolding and divided into 2 areas: A suite in the rear area (see photo) and a cockpit suite. The the atmosphere is pretty cool:

At first one feels because of the seating in the entrance area still reminiscent of an old train, but at the latest when you look out the window, comes real Aircraft Feeling on:

View from the window of the airplane suite on the wellness boat

If you run now on the small Board kitchen and the classic aircraft toilet over, you get into the bedroom. Here was really thought of everything: In addition to a cozy bunk (including separately controlled heat mats), a TV and a sink …

… there is even one here Bathtub with jacuzzi function:

The content of the “Welcome Package”

Pretty perfect, right? In the arrangement booked by me was beside the visit of the Wellness boat (see below) also the dinner as well as that breakfast in the opposite restaurant included in the price. Of course at a reserved table overlooking the airplane suite and including a glass of sparkling wine! &# 128578;

My typical Dutch breakfast! &# 128578;

The wellness boat

The Wellness boat is right next to the plane – so it’s useful. There are various saunas, a swimming pool, whirlpools, a small restaurant, etc. On Sundays it is quite crowded, as on this day, children from 4 years old, together with their parents may visit the wellness boat. For a relaxed visit, I would therefore recommend a day during the week. Swimwear is only allowed on Tuesdays – on this day the spa facility can be used with or without swimwear. I have one more tip: If you have the Arabica Rasul treatment (a special peel) book, you should know that it is not (as I expect) to be a “private application”. Scales are distributed with body scrub, which you then apply yourself in a rather small steam sauna room – together with about 12 people.

The costs

Now you probably want to know what one Overnight in an airplane suite costs. Well: I have discovered an offer at Groupon, but unfortunately it is not available at the moment. This cost € 199 for 2 people including dinner, spa, wellness kit and breakfast. That’s just under € 100 per person – a real bargain so! On the -> Website of the hotel costs the suite 169 € – what is included in this price, you would have to clarify by mail. On -> Airbnb you currently pay by the way (25.11.17) 259 € per night. over -> this link gets you 30 € as Airbnb start credit.

What you should consider when staying overnight in a plane:

Now I have 2 more tips for you, the one during an overnight stay in the Airplanesuite of the City Resort Hotel Mill (formerly Hotel Fitland) should note:

  • The plane is hardly isolated. We were there in November – so it was pretty cold. Although there is a heater, but this is not really effective. Due to the heating mats, which are under the mattresses, but you do not freeze during the night. If you want to stay in the plane during the day, I would recommend warm clothes. Alternatively, you can of course also warm up in the jacuzzi!
  • The plane wobbles a bit because of the construction – especially when someone is running up the stairs or walking around in an airplane.

My conclusion:

Unlike staying in a tent in the Tropical Islands or staying in the igloo on the Zugspitze (-> a great experience, but no, which I need a second time), has me Plane overnight really liked. The care by the hotel staff was very good and the personal accompaniment to the plane including a brief explanation of the main points I found positive. So I could very well imagine coming back again – maybe even with the kids. In the cockpit suite there are 2 small pull-out beds as additional sleeping space. My only criticism: The breakfast was more like a 2 star level and is in need of improvement.

So, I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you ever stayed in an airplane? Or a tip for a particularly great and unusual place to stay? I’m looking forward for comments.

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