Reality of life lost

Reality of life lost

According to the Catholic youth associations, the sexual morals of the Catholic Church have lost touch with the reality of life for many young people in Germany.

"Contraception, for example, is an important subject area for young people, where the Church no longer even really listens and perceives the problems," criticized the president of the Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ), Elisabeth Maier, in an interview with the Freiburg-based "Herder Korrespondenz".

At the same time, however, young people sought community and also supported values espoused by the church. According to Maier, the youth associations are trying to use these "points of contact". Pope Francis has also made the church more attractive for many young people, for example through his social and charitable commitment.

Need for action on equality in the church

The 31-year-old sees a great need for action in the equal rights of women and men in the church. "Many women do not understand why certain positions and offices are reserved for men only." She knows "very well" the relevant theological arguments, but does not consider them valid, said the BDKJ chairwoman. The BDKJ is the umbrella organization of Catholic youth associations, in which around 660 young people nationwide are represented.000 children and young people are organized.

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