Reappraisal and prevention

Reappraisal and prevention

In the Archdiocese of Cologne, 41-year-old Oliver Vogt will coordinate measures to prevent abuse and develop appropriate training courses. On Monday, Vicar General Dr. Dominik Schwaderlapp Vogt and a new prevention order to the public. It includes u.a. a self-commitment of all 200 or so.000 employees.

Vogt, 41, is tasked with designing and implementing preventive measures against the sexual and other abuse of children. "In addition to coming to terms with the cases of sexual abuse that became known last year, we are now also devoting ourselves to precautionary measures to prevent such cases as far as possible in the future," explained Vicar General Dominik Schwaderlapp in a press conference on Monday.

Oliver Vogt is a social worker and business economist specializing in social services. For four years he had headed the Catholic Youth Office in Wuppertal and for the past three years has been head of unit in the youth pastoral care of the Archdiocese of Cologne. In the newly created position of prevention officer, he now has many and extensive tasks. Among other things, it has to organize training sessions for staff on offender strategies, how to deal with closeness and distance, and how to deal with conflict. Each of the up to 200.000 full-time and volunteer employees of the Archdiocese of Cologne in contact with children and young people must take part in such training. All full-time and volunteer staff must also sign a declaration of commitment emphasizing the rights and dignity of young people.

Responsibility of each individual
"In this way we are raising awareness among the workers and at the same time emphasizing the responsibility of each individual," explained Vicar General Schwaderlapp. He also emphasized: "The dignity of the human being has its origin in our Christian image of man, which sees every human being as the image of God," emphasized Vicar General Schwaderlapp. The employees therefore commit themselves with their signature to take action against mental, physical or sexual violence. "The declaration of self-commitment uses pedagogical language to oppose all forms of violence," Vogt explains. Among other things, the statement said, "I support girls and boys, young women and men in their development into self-reliant personalities capable of faith and community". The 20 or so.000 full-time employees must also submit an extended certificate of good conduct by the end of September.

"If the certificate is not presented or if there is a relevant note on it, it can be
who do not keep or accept the job," emphasizes Vogt. Inspired by the framework order of the German Bishops' Conference, the dioceses in North Rhine-Westphalia had agreed on common requirements and guidelines. The Archdiocese of Cologne has implemented these guidelines in the "Order for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Minors," which was ied on 1. April came into force. The new prevention officer Oliver Vogt can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at (0221) 16 42 15 00.

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