Reappraisal, controls, prevention

Reappraisal, controls, prevention

Abuse: Texan dioceses announce workup © Fabrice Caterini-Inediz (KNA)

Following various other U.S. dioceses, the Catholic dioceses of Texas now want to release the names of clergy accused of sexual abuse. The regional Texas bishops' conference in Austin announced that.

The list should name bishops, priests and deacons against whom there are "credible allegations" and go back at least to 1950.

In addition to the state's 15 dioceses with 1.320 parishes, the Personal Ordinariate of Cathedra Petri, which is responsible for traditionalist Catholics, is also participating in the investigation. The results from each diocese should be available by the end of January, according to reports. Bishops from around the world will be summoned to the Vatican in February for consultations on the abuse scandal.

Employees will be checked

The memo went on to say that in all Texas dioceses, checks were already taking place on all employees who had regular contact with minors. These checks ranged from volunteers all the way up to the bishop's level. Since 2002, police checks have also been requested by default, he said.

All suspected cases of sexual abuse would be reported to civil authorities, Texas bishops' conference says. Diocesan child protection guidelines stipulate that any bishop, priest or deacon, as well as any member of a religious order, be removed from ministry in the event of credible allegations of abuse, he said.

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