Recipes for children’s birthday

A children’s birthday party is not only played and romped to your heart’s content, but the kids are also looking forward to delicious dishes. These may be imaginative and colorful.

Finger food recipes, small pastries, salads, mixed drinks with fruit juice and birthday cakes with sweet, colorful decorations are best suited for a children’s birthday party.

Children also enjoy a barbecue or stick bread, which they can cook on wooden sticks over the fire or grill.

On the following pages you will find a large selection of popular recipes for children’s birthdays: quick recipes, simple, original and smart.
It is best to find the right recipes for the birthday party together with the children. Baking and cooking together is twice the fun!

We hope you enjoy our recipe ideas and when cooking or to bake have fun and good luck!

Our recipe suggestions

Pies and cakes recipes
Cakes and cakes as far as the eye can see! We have put together a selection for you with delicious cakes and cake recipes that will make every child’s heart beat faster. Look forward to on a "monkey cake", on a "Parchesi you-not-cake", on one "Congratulations cake" . Here are the recipes.

Recipes for dinner
After all the exciting games and boisterous frenzy, the kids are really starved and have a great appetite for a tasty dinner in a sociable birthday party. If "cucumber snake" or "minced caterpillar" – in our category "Dinner Recipes" you will find many suggestions to conjure up tasty, light, quick or original dishes on the table. We wish you good hunger and lots of fun cooking and creating!

Recipes for children’s punch and milkshakes
What would a birthday party be for kids without delicious party drinks? That makes the celebration really special. Feel like an adult, that will please the children! With a delicious children’s punch, you are guaranteed to make children’s hearts beat faster. We’d like to introduce you to many popular children’s punch recipes and milkshake recipes that are fast and easy Have it done and be delicious! Click here for the recipes for children’s punch & Co

Our tip:
Recipes for delicious Christmas cookies and other goodies.

Last but not least:
You have a favorite recipe for children’s birthday, which one would you like to share with the other readers? Then let us know and send it to us at our address (also with a picture). We thank you!


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