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This is what visitors and patients say about KU64 (small selection, sorted chronologically):

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"Hello Mr. Ziegler,

I would like to give you and your team my feedback in this way.

As you know, my wife Katja von Rhein has been with us since her takeover of Dr. Ing. Meyer practice in Wilmersdorf in your treatment.

For my part I’m not a hero for doctors and I’m just trying to avoid the dentist whenever possible. Only when it is needed. So far I have not had much luck with my dentists.

At the end of last year it was time again because of acute problems. On advice of my wife to go to you. I did this too. I came to my office with my wife and thought I was in the wrong movie.

The welcome and friendliness of your registration! I was not used to this in a dentist’s office. I was and still am very very positively surprised today.

But that was not all. Because my treatment took over. The dear Mrs. Doctor Clara Meinberg.

What can I say?

I am absolutely scared. But with Frau Meinberg I felt and feel lifted up.

The whole way she treats how she looks after me. Madness. I’ve never loved going to the dentist so much in my life. I will never go to another dentist again than to Ms. Meinberg. Since I’ve had no luck in my life so far, once I got used to a dentist or dentist, they were not in practice for long. I hope that’s different now and I can go to Ms. Meinberg for the rest of my life.

My praise goes to Mr. Thilo Damaskos. He really did not have an easy time with me. And still took great care of me.

Greetings to the whole KU64 team and especially to Dr. Clara Meinberg.

Michael von Rhein, Berlin
March 2019

"I especially enjoyed the treatments of Mrs. Bofinger-Hoffmann, Mrs. Kottenhagen and the necessary surgery with Professor Wegner, who managed to put a smile on my face during the surgery."

Doris Schütt, Berlin
March 2019

"When Mrs. Schenk left the child prophylaxis, we / my little one were very sad. It took a while for my little one to say again: She’s so great, mum! Mrs. Andrä is a very wonderful specialist, with a very pleasant appearance she explains the child and the importance of oral care. My little one has been treated 3 times by Mrs. Andrä and every time very thoroughly! The professionalism as you wish it! Thank you very much for your work, Ms Andrä, and your very pleasant way of working!"

Valentina Piecyk, Berlin
March 2019

"I’m / was a fear patient and that’s really bad, I did not go to the dentist for years. After the treatment with Mrs. Zafarian, I am already looking forward to my next appointment and will always come to you regularly.

Thank you so much"

"I would like to praise the professional staff. I was approached by very nice ladies although I would have the appointment for my little four-year-old daughter actually a week later. I was called by Fr. Anne Enssle and her extraordinarily nice assistant Steffi, who had already been working for a long time nice, professional and friendly treated. Many thanks for that and I am looking forward to the next appointment with my two big kids."

"Very friendly staff. Great design. Very child friendly and comprehensive quiet advice, you do not feel settled."

Claudia Gatzke, Berlin
March 2019

"It is always pretty fast and the opening hours / parking situation is great. After I had no one on the phone, I got a call back."

Dominik Krolik, Berlin
March 2019

"Everything was great and nice that made my son so happy with the Doctor and the team. The team was so kind and helpful and the doctor was so nice and she gave us all the time. But he was disappointed that he could not sit on the dinosaur chair. Thank you very much for all KU64 team. Now my son keep asking for my next appointment. "

Nisreeen Ghoujal, Berlin
February 2019

"The Spechstunden on the weekend are a great help for professionals who have little time during the week."

Marcel Hahn, Berlin
February 2019

"The nice atmosphere, the friendly staff, the competence of the staff. I like to go to the dentist in the meantime, although that was always a horror idea in the past."

Verena’s room, Berlin
February 2019

"Great, that despite my great fear, my great team, Dr. Scribe and sister, proud of my return. Do not worry anymore and have a rescued beautiful tooth. Happy. The two are wonderful. Thank you."

Thurid Bremer-Marks, Berlin
February 2019

"Always friendly treatment, you feel very well. Both for registration as well as for the treatment by ZA / ZÄ and the super loving helpers in the treatment room. Above all, they always have a smile on their faces, what could be better.

"I have to say it was truly excellent service and Meinberg was amazing. I had been struggling with a swollen gum and pain and she was ready to help me right away. I left no time for my business trip. Probably the friendliest dentist I ever had. Thanks so much!"

"What I liked most was that it was like a trip for my daughter. She did not want to leave the practice and the photo box is the coronation. My daughter had a lot of fun and we will recommend it to all our friends and acquaintances."

"High professionalism, competence paired with friendliness and expert recommendation / suggestion. Another highlight is the scheduling on a weekend, which comes very close to my profession. I commend myself for the willingness of your employees to work on WE. Great!"

"I think it’s great how great the organization is with you. It is always thought of at the counter, looking for a solution and a smile. The decor and decor is incredible, creative and entertaining. The ZA as well as the ZMP do a super professional job and are with angelic patience to my rebellious son off. Every time I’m relieved that the appointment has been successful again. They cover a wide range of services and I do not have any practice that does that better. Many thanks!"

"The nice staff, the appointment system without waiting time, the good accessibility, cleanliness of the entire practice. Everything was great"

"My five-year-old son is a patient with Dr. med. Grundmann and her medical assistant, Dennise. He goes from the beginning full of enthusiasm, which is not taken for granted with his dental history! “Everything is fine with Erny. I’ve never cried! “He proudly tells his grandparents. And in fact, this dream team manages to get rid of all the necessary treatments, including drilling, and asks each time when we go back! I am incredibly grateful for that and can absolutely recommend the dental practice! You feel completely comfortable."

Welina Todorova, Berlin
February 2019

"Very nice and sensitive doctor. Orthodontic assistants were also great"

"One has the feeling of getting a wellness treatment!"

"My first relaxed Sunday date. I will keep. Thank you for this great service."

"Even though we had to wait longer this time, that was in no way unpleasant. The child was happy watching the movie, I could sip a cappuccino. Furthermore, I was very impressed by Mrs. Grundmann and Denise, who made a very good impression on my second daughter at the first interview! She is looking forward to the next time. and that is probably very nice!"

Konstantina Riebschläger, Berlin
January 2019

"Very friendly welcome, especially the competent medical treatment, timely appointments and a very pleasant atmosphere. You can wait in the relaxed waiting area by the fireplace, with a delicious drink :)"

Gabriele Bröcker, Berlin
January 2019

"I liked best the professionalism, but also the helpful friendliness, where I want to call Mrs. Roedel from the front desk in the first place. In the end, her personal commitment has enabled the necessary coordination of two specialized dentists, which is really impressive. "

Hartwig Russia, Berlin
January 2019

I can not think of anything. You guys are like the Disneyland of Dentists."

Stephenie Barrett, Berlin
January 2019

"The ladies at the front desk are enchanting, de visit amusing by the ambience and the employment opportunities for the children and the dentist and dental assistant just the Oberhammer! Nero is 3 years and enjoys your care on the chair and Naaya 10 is thrilled by so much friendliness and painless treatment So much beauty in the treatment room, which also works professionally and well, you will find nowhere else."

Caterina Köhn-Lekschas, Berlin
January 2019

"Professional treatment, large time slots for appointments, combination appointments possible (cleaning teeth + review)"

Uwe Dobritzsch, Berlin
January 2019

"Above all, I liked the fact that the practice does not smell like a Zahnartz practice."

Cavlan Gözde, Berlin
January 2019

"The rooms are awesome and Mrs dr de bucourt was wonderfully friendly, very professional and helpful"
Anja Aksu, Berlin
January 2019

"Everything from A to Z is excellent!"

"Frendliness, professionality, clear explaination and communication. Exceptional dentistry."

Benjamin Cox, Berlin
January 2019

"Dr. An is a very empathetic and competent doctor! After 2 accidents with considerable tooth damage, I was immediately provided with a spontaneous appointment by him. Generally the staff is very friendly and attentive!"

Hummerya Hartmann, Berlin
January 2018

"You are certainly the most child-friendly practice in Berlin! My daughter loves to come to you"

"KU64 did everything right. (dental, service, ambience, friendliness). Definitely our favorite as a pediatric dentistry practice in Berlin. We never have any problems bringing our children to the dentist, only leaving the practice afterwards is difficult because they like it too much."

Dr. Jan Schaefer, Berlin
December 2018

"The service in practice is really great! I would also like to highlight Dr. med. Meinberg, with her great and sympathetic nature, inspires you every bit (even my mother and she saw Dr. Meinberg only once when she took me to the patient room). I’ve never had such a nice and competent dentist before!"

Anne-Marie Müller, Berlin
December 2018

Dear Dr. Supantia and dear KU64 team! who knows Kilian, knows what worrisome years are behind us. Before we discovered KU64 – we had some dentists through and Kilian refused after a series of unpleasant experiences eventually open his mouth! We were with our Latin at the end and there was then in this dark time the telephone call with Mrs. Lindenau on the telephone listened to our concerns and us right the next day an appointment with Dr. med. Supantia enabled. From that day, the 2 established a relationship of trust with Kilian over all the years, so that he now managed to sit down with a smile and “let the treatment go through”. That we were allowed to experience today – we did not expect that anymore. It’s like a liberation! We are still grateful, speechless and overwhelmed, and just look forward to Kilian! The photo was made for the dad who could not be there today – But when we sat in the car and started the way back Kilian said. Mom: I want to print the photo and I hang it over my desk! And please send it to Nicole as well. I have complied with the request .. And just want me – even if I have already mentioned that. Many thanks to Nicole Lindenau, Dr Supantia and the team of Ku64. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in which we meet again. Sincerely, your family Schuffelhauer"

"With the nice and loving care of all liked. Since I am a fear patient I can judge this very well. The fear was taken from me and I have arranged more appointments. Thanks to the whole team."

Kathrin Dähnert, Berlin
December 2018

Dear KU64 – Team,
After my initial examination at Fr Dr Meinberg in her practice as a new patient, I would like to return a little feedback in this regard. As a stressed and sensitive pain patient, I have never left a practice as relaxed and relaxed as I have done after my examination at Fr Dr Meinberg after more than eight different dentists. Her friendly receptionist had advised me to make an appointment with her, as I had reported on my previous negative experience. Of course there was great hope that Fr Dr Meinberg would be a sympathetic doctor, but I did not expect so much social and professional competence. I am pleased that you have given me such a great dentist and I can finally associate positive experiences with a visit to a dentist.

Yours sincerely

"Dr. Ziegler is really a role model and a figurehead for the practice. In a good mood, professional and efficient. I am very stunned."

Uwe Nowotnick, Berlin
December 2018

"One feels comfortable and in good hands from the first moment of entering the practice. Something that usually does not succeed elsewhere. The ambience is great and the staff was super nice. I also find it very pleasant to be met by friendly, open-minded doctors personally. It should be noted that everyone is passionate about it and that you are not just one of many patients."

Peter-René Beyna, Berlin
December 2018

"That Dr. Grundmann and her assistant (unfortunately I did not remember the name) managed to get my son to be voluntarily X-rayed. He even sat alone for the first time on the dental chair and was willing to look into his mouth! After the visit to the dentist, he said to me that tomorrow he does not want to go to the kindergarten (he loves his daycare), but wants to make such a great trip with me again. That touched me a lot!"

Welina Todorova, Berlin
December 2018

"When entering the practice you feel very well. The practice is very appealing, and perfectly adapted to children. My daughter feels comfortable with KU64 and loves to go. Keep it up :-)"

Tabata Kunji, Berlin
December 2018

"Great friendliness, enormous Hiflsbereitschaft, a pinch of humor and, above all, great competence. The design of the practice is the icing on the cake!

Elisa J., Berlin
December 2018

"A confidence-inspiring atmosphere and modern treatment methods and equipment"

Ronald Franz, Berlin
December 2018

"Super competent therapist, who has explained all steps exactly and has repeatedly asked if everything is still OK. Also the products, which are used are super (eye mask and "lip spreader") and give a good feeling that it is a high quality treatment. Also for me new teeth cleaning with water pressure is much more pleasant than the previous procedure."

"I liked best that I have lost the long-standing fear of going to the dentist. Today, even when drilling, I am very cheerful and relaxed in the treatment."

Christina Baumann, Berlin
December 2018

"Short waiting time, careful and informative treatment very high quality standards of the Zahnärze"

Sabrina Reichelt, Berlin
December 2018

"Very friendly staff.
Cappuccino while waiting.
Fireplace and lounge while waiting.
My well-groomed teeth and good advice / education.
I am very pleased.
Was more than a ‘normal’ dentist visit. well done!
I look forward to my next visit."

Dr. Matthias Gerold, Berlin
December 2018

"I liked everything: Sahra at the registration was very friendly and caring, the two girls
Dental assistant were also super friendly and Dr. med. Linderhaus has detailed and competent explained the eventual treatment. It is a very nice practice in the 4th floor the atmosphere is great and you feel equally comfortable and comfortable as a fear patient."

Erika Zellmer, Berlin
December 2018

"The welcome they are so warm and so special on children that man immediately when man already out of the elevator and man feels immediately comfortable in practice. Our doctor Mrs. Grundmann is so super great we do not want to miss her she is just great and great we are really glad that we have found such a great doctor. And one thing I must not forget to mention and that is our assistant DENISE she is also just top and sooooo love and totally super on it always."

Zengin Sevil, Berlin
December 2018

"From the front desk over the short wait (my daughter would have liked to stay longer) and even when saying goodbye everything was perfect and incredibly friendly to us!"

Katharina Hoffmann, Berlin
December 2018

"Although my fear will never take anyone, you feel absolutely comfortable with you. The service, I have written after treatment all day with my ZÄ per mail. Here is really taken care of one."

Michael von Rhein, Berlin
December 2018

"The loving dealings of the staff with all patients. Especially cute Sarah at the children’s reception who saw me (37, mom of 2 children) asked if I was M., came around the counter, hugged me and said "You are the anxiety patient, nice that you are here!" Or our ZMP today, who helped us immediately after the prophylaxis to get a check-up with a pediatric dentist, so that the big one does not have to first get pain on the broken tooth. The (for the children also new) pediatric dentist, who immediately accepted him spontaneously was also very sympathetic!"

Mandy Weyh, Berlin
November 2018

"Natalia James advised me to ask at the reception to ask if a dentist would not have been free for a while and could look over there (because she had seen some dark fissures, which did not necessarily mean something, but if necessary. to be looked at by a doctor.) Said – done. A super friendly staff at the front desk was able to clarify this immediately and I was 5 minutes later already with one of your doctors in treatment. Just X-rayed and ready – luckily everything is super! So I saved the new way and a lot of time from Köpenick to you. thank you very much!"

Guido Laue, Berlin
November 2018

"The friendliness and the service of all staff was felt "Premium-" Level. I felt very appreciated."

"Dealing with my son. The dental assistant and the ZÄ Grundmann are just great. Easy, take your time, be funny. My son had not had anything done in other practices so far, absolute anxiety patient. At KU64, he feels very comfortable, is not afraid at all and already asked when we would go back next time. Many thanks!!"

Anita Zakowska, Berlin
November 2018

"Receptionist was very friendly! She smiled at us and asked how we are. There is enough space for children. The parents are relaxed."

Huang Ying-Ying, Berlin
November 2018

"The mood is more like a wellness location and not a practice I find very pleasant AND the TEAM is great, especially Mrs. Bofinger. "

Jana Hartmann, Berlin
November 2018

"Friendly welcome. Very child-friendly staff – from the front desk, on the dental assistant to the dentist. The children play the main role and enjoy the attention and, of course, the entire visit to the dentist."

Holger Kaschte, Berlin
November 2018

"The atmosphere is very nice. My daughter felt very well and now not afraid of the braces."

Ceres v. Wicht Ingen, Berlin
November 2018

"The equipment and the appearance of the entire practice and the very friendly, sympathetic and pretty doctors and assistants. Compliment must be. All were very fine. No matter if male or female."

Gernod Schadl, Berlin
November 2018

"The team goes to great lengths to pass the time away from the waiting patient. This service is not available in any practice I know, so I think those in charge are giving it a lot of thought that brings them close to their team. The team implements everything required in the patient’s sense.

Thank you very much we like to come to you."

Ine’s clearance, Berlin
November 2018

"I am more than positively surprised. I have become aware of the website but the practice and the offer for the small and large is madness. I have never experienced such a modern and above all in detail thought practice. Super kid friendly. I could not walk after treatment with my daughter because she still wanted to stay in the cinema room.

The receptionists were also very friendly and nice. The treatment and the treatment room perfect. My daughter was warmly welcomed and with Kroko there was even a photo. My little, soon 4 years old, was thrilled and totally relaxed. She’ll like to come, I know that. A big thank you to you for offering our children and us a pleasant and comfortable practice. It was nice to be with you. Researching the Internet has definitely paid off. I will recommend you with conviction."

Nahil, Berlin
November 2018

"Excellent service, friendliness, reasonable appointment, good documentation and thus good coordination in the team. A role model for all interdisciplinary practices."

Annabelle Neudam, Berlin
November 2018

"The whole all-round service, the technical equipment, the appearance of the practice and the professionalism with which you are treated, I think great! This includes the ladies in the office when there are problems with the KV. I feel in good hands when it comes to my teeth."

René Steinberger, Berlin
November 2018

"From the receptionists to the waiting area and the treatment rooms everything was great and the doctor was just wonderful."

Ahu Yesiller, Berlin
November 2018

"With like here the all around:
* very friendly and helpful team
* the parking in the yard
* tasty drinks
* the professional work"

Rainer King, Berlin
November 2018

"I like the non-dentist atmosphere ;-)"

Diana Fröhlich, Berlin
October 2018

"I think the practice is great. Dentist is a gray for many and their practice takes the fear especially from the children with the very kind nature of all employees plus the beauty practice.

Dennis Förster, Berlin
October 2018

"The open nature of our dentist and her sister. Our son is severely disabled and both have shown no fear of contact. On the contrary, it was inquired what constitutes his disability. Please continue.

Paul luminescent, Berlin
October 2018

“The dentist Fr. Grundmann is very good, she knows how to deal with small anxiety patients and I am very satisfied.

And I especially like the dental assistant, I’m not sure, but I think her name is Deniz, in any case, she is so warm and has one

Sensitivity in children she does that really great better just say very competent and great.

The waiting room area is really great for the kids because my little one does not want to leave the practice anymore.

We feel very comfortable there. “

Sevil Zengin, Berlin
October 2018

“Atmosphere in the waiting area: fireplace, drinks. friendly, authentic interaction with each other does not become additional services "persuaded""

Dr. Margot Mittelstädt, Berlin

“I like the excellent treatment that has been developed and improved in the years since I’ve been there.”

Sabine Moderack, Berlin

“My child is in good hands.”

Maximiliane Oberhofer, Berlin
October 2018

"I love the receptionist Nicole and quite a while. I like to run up the six floors and look forward to the sight of this modern practice. The waiting area is so nice. Yesterday I sat in the sun and meditated. herrrrrrlich!

Renate Strong, Berlin
October 2018

"I think my super pleasant. It is always a relaxed, quiet and client-centered environment. I came as a fear patient and finally feel safe and taken seriously or holistically perceived."

Oliver Heinkes, Berlin
October 2018

"Everything fits and is right, from the reception to the drinks and magazines before the treatment, a super doctors with many specialists. Very friendly. I am always excited again.

I especially like the super well-groomed teeth of all, straight and white :) So that I will pursue an Invisaglin treatment. Gebleached I have already and I like to come to you. So far, I have had the finest and gentlest treatment in Herr Unbelief. A dream!"

Miriam Beinlich, Berlin
October 2018

"Professional treatment at a very good level. Very friendly and helpful staff. And I love flexible scheduling."

Armin Zogbaum, Berlin
October 2018

"The ladies from the front desk are great and always stay quiet. The prophylaxis ladies are always very friendly, approachable and explain everything and always go to the children! SUPER. I wish it had been like that in my time .

And we do not want to give away our favorite dentist, Mrs. Supantia, who has been looking after us from day one!

All in all – we like to be with YOU"

Alexandra Tamm, Berlin
October 2018

1.) For 25 years my dentist Dr. Ziegler. I have complete confidence in him.
2.) Parking in the yard
3.) almost no waiting times

Heike Haschke-Debebe, Berlin
September 2018

"That one was treated as a human and not as a number. So not on the principle (go in, drill and out)! It is looked into the small place, if it comes from somewhere else, if the problem is not visible."

Jennifer Heinze, Berlin
September 2018

"What I like best is that, after extensive treatment in 2010, my teeth are healthy and no longer in need of treatment, with regular prophylaxis and control;)"

Julia P., Kleinmachnow
September 2018

"From the welcome to the farewell everything was perfect for me. Even the detailed explanations of Ms. De Bucourt and Ms. Barchmann on my case made me, as a layman, understand everything 100 percent and give me the confidence to finally have found the practice of my trust."

Jana Müller, Potsdam
September 2018

"Fast appointment. Immediately come.
Everything was great. Always happy."

Sabine Hinz, Berlin
August 2018

"Mr. Gonzales was as always very calm and friendly and skilfully accompanied the tooth out. And it really did not hurt and in the evening everything was fine."

Kristine Janssen, Berlin
August 2018

"I like the friendliness and the space. Felt 5 stars :-) Thank you to Mr. Dr. Ziegler and Dominik."

Paolo Masaracchia, Berlin
August 2019

"I always find great, the professional work of dentists and dental technicians and medical helpers. Of course, the interior design and the ambience, which is first class. The service at the front desk is outstanding."

Michael Sadomsky, Berlin
August 2018

"I like the expertise, the friendliness, the intelligence, the charisma v. Mrs. Bofinger and of course the incredible interior that even displaces the fear."

Loreta Werner, Berlin
August 2019

"Our son is anxiety patient. All doctors and prophylaxis have always understood and have always taken the necessary time accordingly."

Christos Dourougidenis, Berlin
August 2018

"I am welcomed by a dentist with a very friendly smile! I do not usually go to the dentist. I supported myself by the open and friendly nature of Dr. Ing. Leyh but so relaxed that the visit was really enjoyable. At any rate, I have never felt so comfortable visiting a dentist.

Also Dr. Wegner was involved in a conversation with me. He was also very friendly and took a lot of time to talk to me about my findings. I felt very seriously. It is rare today for a doctor to take so much time for you."

Anja Kohl, Berlin
August 2018

"Always very friendly and competent, probably the most beautiful practice in Berlin."

Julian Wettstein, Berlin
August 2018

"Fast scheduling, the wonderfully cheerful color scheme, great beverage service, all-encompassing expertise under one roof, the staff radiate ALL good mood and friendliness, presence of the latest technology."

Dagmar Hopp, Berlin
August 2018

"Everything was fantastic: the friendliness and the service of the assistants, assistants and doctors, Dr. med. Barchmann, the interior and the cleanliness. I have already recommended your practice."

Jörg Radler, Berlin
July 2018

"Mr. Schreiber is the best dentist I have ever had. Not only does he look damned good, he is also incredibly sensitive, intelligent, polite and always explains clearly what he is doing or will do right away."

Christoph Schramm, Berlin
July 2018

"Fast, very good treatment and almost never longer than 5 min (until now once more) waiting time!"

Sebastian Siwek, Berlin
July 2018

"I’m completely satisfied! Especially with my dentist, dr. Leyh! My crown is fantastic and even the makeshift one before was the best I’ve ever had.

Susanne Leidl, Berlin
July 2018

"The greatest children‘s practice I’ve seen so far. My son comes voluntarily and always happy."

Maja Nicgorsky, Berlin
July 2018

"I was thrilled with the atmosphere at the reception, the interior as well as the treatment and / or first consultation. It is an extremely friendly atmosphere."

Petra Gnoss, Berlin
July 2018

"Quiet atmosphere, no hassle, planned action, at all levels a high degree of professionalism"

Dr. Marcus Knapp, Berlin
July 2018

"I really liked the whole package. Starting with the interior, about the friendliness of the staff and last but not least the treatment, whereby the doctor had answers to all my questions, which I understood. I was already satisfied with the treatment of my son – this was the reason why I came to you – and now I should leave as a satisfied patient the practice. I look forward to my half-yearly visits to you."

Dennis Garte, Berlin
July 2018

"That the dentist picks you up in the waiting room and that’s why I did not sit in a treatment room for ages, which otherwise causes trepidation. So I was greeted in the waiting area friendly and it went on to treatment. Was a great feeling, I felt much better."

Andreas R., Potsdam
June 2018

"I really liked that, although my real ZA Dr. Radsack unfortunately could not and I fear patient Bin, I was offered a very empathetic ZA. I felt very safe there. Even after the treatment I was asked if everything had been alright. The team is very competent, sensitive and friendly. So slowly I lose the fear. Thank you very much."

Michelle Winkler, Berlin
June 2018

"Design, art exhibition, supply, staff, reception, bathroom, children’s corner, Sunday opening and opening hours – everything. I am so happy at KU64 since my first visit. Many thanks!"

Daniel Geske, Berlin
June 2018

"Fast appointment / opening hours and friendly welcome."

Christian Spallek, Berlin
June 2018

"Be a fan of the design, the offers in the waiting area and the entire modern and progressive, customer-friendly organization."

Irina Gorochova, Berlin
June 2018

"In addition to the very good technical treatment, I am very pleased that you are also available at the weekend (I live in Berlin and work in Hannover) I highly recommended your practice and you thus a new customer."

Dr. A. Kopp, Berlin
June 2018

"With the friendly, knowledgeable teeth cleaning by Mrs. Pawel and of course the excellent repair of my broken incisor by Dr. med. Ziegler liked."

Klaus flour, Berlin
June 2018

"Fast, accurate, warm treatment. Great atmosphere in the Behanglungszimmer. I am a big fan"

Jana K.., Berlin
June 2018

"That all, the reception, Dr. An and his assistant are really very nice / were. I am a fear patient and will be back tomorrow. It does not look like a doctor’s office, which I think is very good. The waiting area is great. I felt like I was someone special. Very professional. Dentist visit with experience. Somehow I am looking forward to tomorrow, although anxiety patient.

I am glad to have found you."

Jennifer May, Berlin
June 2018

"The competent staff. My daughter was terrified of the last dentist, where even the treatment became impossible. Since we are with you, everything has changed. The last treatment with nitrous oxide, where even the tooth had to be pulled, ran like clockwork. Thanks to you my daughter has no more traumatic experiences! thank you very much to Dr. med. Reichmuth and her great helpers."

Anna Mossig, Berlin
June 2018

"The mood in the practice is great, triggered by the, I think, successful architecture, but also by the friendliness of the staff. In addition, my impression is that both the medical devices, as well as the treating persons as a team fit together well and are very attentive."

Matthias Heimer, Berlin
June 2018

"I like the ambience, the modern equipment (also concerning dental technology) and have ALWAYS felt excellent treated. The dentist of my childhood and youth seems to me like Frankenstein. I used to have stomach ache two weeks before the appointment and today I like to go to the dentist!"

Stefanie Stahlhofen, Berlin
June 2018

"The competent staff. My daughter was terrified of the last dentist where even the treatment was impossible. Since we are with you everything has changed. the last treatment with nitrous oxide, where even the tooth had to be pulled, went like clockwork. thanks to you, my daughter has no more traumatic experiences! Thank you very much to Mrs. Dr Reichmuth and her great helpers"

Anna Mosig, Berlin
June 2018

"The treatment costs were reported to the dentist on the part of the administration on request and were therefore not previously known to the dentist. I find that very advantageous, because the dentist has focused exclusively on the optimal treatment and not on a possible treatment method to maximize the profit of the practice. Keep it up! :-)

Mark Ulbrich, Berlin
June 2018

"I like the ambience, the modern equipment (also concerning dental technology) and have ALWAYS felt excellent treated. The dentist of my childhood and youth seems to me like Frankenstein. I used to have stomach ache two weeks before the appointment and today I like to go to the dentist!"

Stefanie Stahlhofen, Berlin
June 2018

"The mood in practice, triggered by the, I think, successful architecture, but also by the friendliness of the staff. In addition, my impression is that both the medical devices, as well as the treating persons as a team fit together well and are very attentive."

Matthias Heimer, Berlin
June 2018

"From an emergency appointment, Ku64 became my new address for everything concerning the teeth. I feel perfectly cared for all around, taken seriously and have the good feeling of being well looked after (especially technically and according to the progress). Of course, the unique waiting area is very pleasant, where one likes to come a little earlier.

And another thing about prophylaxis: Your new system GBT is really unique. For ages I go twice a year to the Prohylaxe, but such a result I have never had, since every thought of bleaching superfluous!"

Barbara Scherfel, Berlin
May 2018

"Super fast, professional treatment, because my boy is a bit wild, that suits me very much. Great atmosphere, most beautiful doctor’s office I have ever seen – completely satisfied"

Nadine Nguyen, Berlin
May 2018

"It’s great that it’s fast and professional!"

Beni Durrer, Berlin
May 2018

"I find the detailed explanations of the dentist in the treatment great – I felt informed BEST!"

Richard Gaul, Berlin
May 2018

"I really liked that I could come to you also on holiday. But the best thing was the advice from the friendly doctor Mrs. Barchmann. She took a lot of time for me and explained everything to me so that I could understand it as a non-physician. And also that she said that if it was her tooth, she would not do a root canal treatment. And then she explained exactly what the reasons are. I really liked that. Thank you so much. "

Heidrun Bassarek, Berlin
May 2018

"As always, a visit to a dentist does not have to be frightening. Bright rooms, friendly staff, good hygiene!"

Henric Bauer, Berlin
May 2018

"It’s the one medical practice I’ve been to make that super nervous."

William Gover, Berlin
May 2018

"We are always amazed that such a madness offer is not reserved for private patients only. We always feel well all around and the children are sad when the next dentist appointment is only in 3 months ;-) The entire staff radiates a calm and friendliness, although the small patients and parents are sometimes not so easy. -)) The collegial behavior often conjures a smile in our face-your staff seems to enjoy the work. In particular, I find with what calm Mrs. Reichmuth addresses the children, involves them in the treatment and explains everything to us parents – praises for the things that we have done well with the cleaning, e.g. but also pointing out to us what we can do better. Since I am a non-medical practitioner and physiotherapist, I can assess very well whether technical knowledge, empathy and joy are at work – and yes, with you it is so. All the staff, with whom we had contact are great and as I said, that also cash patients is offered is the HAMMER. Unfortunately, we can only offer this in our practice to self-payers and private patients. You have a great concept! THANK YOU. and we are looking forward to the 4th floor :-)))"

Naaya, Nero and family wish a nice summer, Berlin
May 2018

"Actually everything! We felt very well from the first minute in the practice, were very friendly to the registration received, also in the waiting area is very lovingly decorated, we were friendly and accommodating taken care of. The pediatric dentist was very empathetic and competent, took time for us and explained everything understandable. The callback service worked well and on the phone you were very friendly and helpful. We were able to come to the surgery the next day and so the child did not have to wait with pain until the actual appointment. At KU64, everything is just right and the patient is still in the foreground, we can only recommend the practice as recommended! Keep it up, you are great :)"

Family Lubanski, Berlin
May 2018

"The ambience of the practice is extremely pleasant, the waiting time was extremely short and the existing equipment in the treatment room very modern. This makes it much easier for a patient to visit the dentist. Also, the willing explanation of the diagnosis and the therapeutic steps by the attending physician deserves praise."

Jana Kaiser, Berlin
May 2018

"I would like to give a feedback to Mrs De Bucourt. I am very happy with your work. She prepares every tooth with attention to detail."

Michael Black, Berlin
April 2018

"Compliment! The holistic treatment concept. Even if the attending physician does not have the competence to carry out the measures required for me, there is a practice-internal solution. Referring to colleagues saves me as a patient the search for other experts, to whom I then have to retell my previous history."

Jan D., Berlin
April 2018

"Every time I’m afraid of the dentist which is taken here again and again and which is unfounded"

Jacqueline Menning, Berlin
April 2018

"The doctors are competent and authentic.

My confidence was not disappointed, every time the result was excellent and I was always pain free.

I am very much looking forward to the result after a long and tedious treatment. After many bad dental experiences I finally arrived in the KU64.

Manuela Ross, Berlin
April 2018

"I have been coming to you for a long time and feel completely satisfied. The whole ambience, the staff, the treatment. Everything is great.

Keep up the good work and praise the perfect staff :-)

The lady who treated me really made it perfect. Unfortunately I forgot your name."

Michael Scharff, Berlin
April 2018

"I’m excited. All very friendly. Best for my son was the crocodile, which he was allowed to brush his teeth. Then the screen on the ceiling where his favorite movie was shown immediately. The photo with crocodile at the end and the coin as a reward, a madness idea! Simply great. The waiting room is a dream for children. The treatment room, also the astronaut room. My son was blown away. We have never experienced something like that. The next visit to the dentist can come."

Jasmina Najev-Milev, Berlin
April 2018

– Beautiful practice very friendly staff

– Never seen such a beautiful waiting area at a dentist!

– very child friendly, my son did not want to go and looking forward to his next appointment?

Lisa Gersbacher, Berlin
March 2018

"I am very anxious and they took good care of me and decided a lot with me instead of me. Kudos to Mrs. Zettel and Mrs. De Bucourt!"

Sophie Dreock, Berlin
April 2018

"For me as a fear patient, because I never used to go to the dentist, I have experienced a completely new and especially very painless treatment in recent years. For that I thank her entire team !! From now on, you even like to go to the dentist."

Anne Schäfer, Berlin
March 2018

"The way you communicate with the kids is wonderful! Playfully, the fear is taken away and they are taken seriously. We are excited!"

Nadin Klees, Berlin
March 2018

"Service, environment, one is relaxed, no typical "Dental practices feeling" comes up. Flexible in terms of time, I’m a businesswoman, but that’s always good and important."
Cornelia Brand-Weber, Berlin
March 2018

"The complete support of the appointment on the Internet (sensational), the confirmation by SMS, the reminder the day before and now the follow-up. Really great!!

Eva Wolf, Berlin
February 2018

"The type of treatment was intense, yet considerate and gentle."

Cornelia Bender, Berlin
February 2018

"Punctual, friendly, helpful
As a specialist the best performance.
I have great faith!"
Maria Mannah, Berlin
February 2018

"Daniela Schenk has enchanted our professional, friendly nature of our hearts. KU64 has won a top specialist with her! Strong appearance! Careful work! Very committed! With patience, she always takes time to explain the importance of brushing teeth! Too bad that she is no longer responsible for child prophylaxis! From her first treatment we just wanted to stay with her.

Many thanks, Mrs. Schenk!"

Valentina Piecyk, Berlin
February 2018

"Super friendly staff, beautiful children’s play area, varied free reward for the children after the treatment (always a highlight)!"

Eugenia Retzlaff, Berlin
February 2018

"I absolutely like everything, I am completely satisfied and always come back for treatment. The practice is perfect for well-being, there is no typical “help, I’m at the doctor, where is the emergency exit?!” – Atmosphere. My doctors (especially Dr. Linderhaus) are very sympathetic and sensitive. Besides, they have really made my teeth awesome. The entire staff is totally friendly and just to praise."

Selina Sheryn Khoury, Berlin
February 2018

"I liked the atmosphere the most, from very welcoming at the front desk to professional, yet relaxed and warm-hearted in the room I was in. There were other team members who were also super friendly. The practice suits Berlin and Kudamm. In addition, I was taught nonverbally that the practice confidently accepts the challenge of my complicated dentition."

Dr. med. Monika Muhler, Berlin
January 2018

"I would like to take this opportunity not only to thank the dentist for the excellent placement of the implant, I would like to highlight the friendliness and interest of the assistant Mario, I tend in stressful situations – z, B. In such an OP to very fluctuating blood pressure levels, which can ever shoot up to 280-230. I have acknowledged this and have experienced that the assistant has really focused on quieting me, and he succeeded. It is often the small gestures that show whether a person has a high ethical relationship to their profession – words that you find, very little pats, energy that is noticeably conveyed, closeness that is accomplished, and even later, inquiries, how the healing process precedes. Simply human heat, which is not so common nowadays. So thank you again to Mario!

Best regards from Mecklenburg Strelitz"

Eva Maria Stoss
January 2018

"Everyone takes a lot of time to explain everything, there is no hurry. The atmosphere is relaxed and everything looks chic. All staff are very friendly. My children love the children’s department and their pediatric dentist, and feel very comfortable there. The waiting room has everything for small and larger children. I think it’s so nice that the children are looking forward to their dental appointments!"

Katherine Snow, Berlin
January 2018

"I liked that you were welcomed directly and you felt like you were always a patient. Of course, how it is set up is just amazing. My children felt very well and did not want to leave."

Suraiya Minaoui, Berlin
December 2017

"What did you like best about KU64? The nice friendly nature of the staff and the excellent teeth cleaning"

Beate King, Berlin

"Relaxed atmosphere, works methodically over time (prophylaxis now more relaxed and faster than before), customer-friendly opening times (especially when working)"
Reiner Kriegler, Berlin
December 2017

"Juliane Kottenhagen is the greatest dentist I can imagine! Thanks to their cautiousness, their empathy and their cheerfulness, my children see the dentist meeting calmly and relaxed. And best of all: you leave the practice in a good mood! And I feel the same way. "

Lars Maypole, Berlin
December 2017

"Everything is always very organized and structured. As a patient you will receive very nice and the professionals such. The dentists provide a very serious and above all competent dental practice."

Mrs. Fricke, Berlin
November 2017

"I love KU64 and I always regret that I have to wait so little and I’m done so quickly"

Jessica Samuel, Berlin

"The inseparable connection between friendliness, highest professionalism and absolute expertise, and all this in a technically perfect equipped practice."
Susanne Hoffmann, Berlin

"The friendly staff, the great atmosphere and facilities of the practice, the unique waiting area and last but not least the competent and professional doctors and medical assistants. I was always afraid of the dentist but since Mr. Dr. Scribe and Mr. Dr. Gonzalez and his assistants, I’m not afraid to go to the dentist. I am very happy to have found KU64 and I am very happy to be a patient there."

Carsten Kruger, Berlin

"High professionalism, competence, trust, very good advice, friendliness, meeting deadlines, great facilities, child friendliness, very good practice management"

Andreas Schlagowsky, Berlin

"I have not gone there for nothing with my children. My daughter had horror at the dentist because of an incident in her teeth. But at KU64 she is so relaxed by deep. I just like everything there the peace that is broadcast as the children are received. Of course, the luxury waiting room for children. Although we always need a little bit more time to get out, I gladly accept that."

Flora Brockmann, Berlin
September 2017

"Competent, sensitive doctors, fast appointments, long opening hours and, of course, the ambience. I also think it’s great that male dental assistants work for you. The ambience is unusual and just great. With her nice and sensitive way ZÄ Juliane Kottenhagen manages to turn fearful patients into fans of the KU64. Simply T O P."

Kai-Uwe Werner, Berlin
September 2017

"We like the mega children friendly facility. Great. Is now the favorite doctor of my children."

Melanie Fabarius, Berlin
September 2017

"I feel with Dr. med. Löer very well cared for. She has my fullest confidence. I am very satisfied and reassured to have such a warm and professional dentist. Thank you."

Esther Martin, Berlin
September 2017

"I like it very modern, techn. super well equipped, good nice dentists, good prophylaxis at Jens Schönfeld, for 10 years MY Zahnartzpraxis in Berlin without ifs and buts! Weekend appointments are very important to me, I generally like to use them. For dental problems, there is always a dentist on the ball and that’s great!"

Rengha Rodewill, Berlin

“Please continue like this and do not change anything – this practice is a gift with all its warm and helpful staff, the feel-good atmosphere and its competence! The only wish that I personally would have would be to wait a little longer for the treatment to be able to enjoy the special ambiance and all the goodies (from the log fire in the winter to the water with fruit) a little longer; -) “

Anonymous, July 2017

"No attempt to cheat IGeL services"

Dietmar Hornung, Berlin

“There is nothing to me "preferably" liked because our visit to the KU64 was a real experience all around. The children‘s area is a true play paradise and the first contact with the dentist was completely relaxed, fearless and playful for my daughter. That Ms. Kunkel was so involved in my own treatment / prophylaxis, was also great, as well as her empathetic and helpful advice on how to improve my dental care. Super comfortable was also that your staff at the front desk even conjure up the recommended products, so that although the shop has closed on Sundays, we could still buy everything and get started immediately (instead of having to come back extra). All your employees are real treasures, and I am particularly pleased that they are exhibiting their own art for the anniversary! “

Anonymous, July 2017

“Very thorough teeth cleaning. You even get a few tips. A great atmosphere with the fireplace, flavored water, coffee, IPads and very nice service. Especially on anxious patients is well received and for the kids there is an extra area with a play area. The dentists are all very competent and advise you very well. And to forget the unpleasant treatments, there is still a movie to look at while “

Stevie Cecilia, Berlin

“A dentist"practice", who can never call themselves typical in life.

Not the impression, smell or the ambience, which one otherwise in the head has. Stylish, modern, friendly & simply to the point a treatments with the patient in view. Clear conversations without pressure.

In the waiting room is pure relaxation announced, not only by the ambience with a view over Berlin, but also through the comfortable seats. Since it is almost sad that appointments start on time. ;)

Young dynamic team, which radiates competence in all areas. And there is for my feeling for each topic a specialist on site.

In addition, the recommendation for oral hygiene products in its own shop on the ground floor. Phenomenal and definitely worth the change from the current tooth type!

10 out of 5 stars. “

Patrick Ehrhardt, Berlin

“I am thrilled with this dental practice. Everything is designed to make the visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible. Nothing is left to chance and you realize that you are not just one "number" but one more patient who leaves the practice satisfied. “

Christina Baumann, Berlin

“Very friendly staff and a very modern practice.”

He-Young, Berlin

“Even the waiting area is so great that you do not necessarily have the feeling of being with the dentist, the high technical level, the friendliness of the colleagues at the reception and the high level of expertise of the doctors.”

Jochen Schmiedeck, Berlin

“The friendliness of the whole team plus the childrens area was fantastic”

Philipp Michel, Berlin

“Parking in the yard, super friendly staff at the front desk, Mrs. Zettel is super friendly, provides me excellent.” The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Sabine Aschenbrenner, Berlin

“Professionalism of the team!”

Roland Thiel, Berlin

“The friendliness of the staff! Top . “

Petra von Holwede, Berlin

“Reception and lounge. That’s really great! “

Renate Starke, Berlin

“I’m completely satisfied.”

Michael Mietsch, Berlin

“All right, nothing to change. Except that I would like to keep my ZA as long as possible, so as possible, no fluctuation, as far as that can be influenced. The helper, by the way, as well. Nice and competent was very important for the well-being. “

Wolfgang Brag, Berlin

“It was – as always – everything clean and tidy.”

Delia Moratz, Berlin

“All employees meet at eye level. Your satisfaction creates a wonderful climate. My children and I free ourselves on the visit to the dentist. Did I really just write that? “

Heiko Feibicke, Berlin

“Good organization, in principle without waiting.”

Frank Arnold, Berlin

“Friendliness, ambience and the service, especially ZMP Ehrhardt, I would like to mention praise !!” The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Dennis Koenig, Berlin

“Very nice colleagues at the children’s reception, (almost too) short waiting times, great Mrs. Sopantia – a professional doctor with a highly empathetic skill and kind character. To have such a doctor in the house is ‘priceless’. I also liked that my son asks me, ‘Mom, when are we going to the dentist again?’ “

Jasmin Pohl, Berlin

“The practice is very modern and the staff are always competent and polite.”

Charlotte Müller, Berlin

“What did you like best about KU64? The competence of Mrs. Pavel, Dr. med. Piekos, Mrs. Kottenhagen. Of course, the friendliness at the reception !!

Gudrun Rausche-Tomaszek, Berlin

“Very good dental treatment by Mrs. Gousetis. Very competent and v.a. painless! Many thanks.”

U. summer, Berlin

“What did you like best about KU64? The treatment and the friendly staff. “

Ines Kiefer, Berlin

“In addition to the always courteous treatment, I still like the color design really good.”

Claudia Gehde-Akhuemonkhan, Berlin

“Thank you, Dr. Dr. Wegner and his surgical team for the careful and attentive treatment. I went to surgery with fear, but there I felt well looked after and cared for. Thank you very much for the very good patient orientation! “

Sabine Lettow, Berlin

“I think the place was superb and I wish you were near me! Thank you for being so kind to see me at short notice. I normally hate going to the dentist. For those of you who are not incentivized by the promise of care and friendly service, as yours. I wish you were so much better! “

David Hunter, Berlin

“I feel taken seriously and in good hands.”

Kai Becker, Berlin

“Today the first time cleaning teeth at Jens Schönfeld. Never had a gentler and detailed tooth cleaning. Did he do a great job. Mrs. Sonja Tänzler from the reception –> always super friendly. Knows one by name –> and with so many patients. Dr. M. Leyh –> best and friedliest dentist ever. “

Marc Maibach, Berlin

“What did you like best about KU64? The fast appointment. In general, the treatment option even on weekends. And of course the good medical care. “

Regina Schmidt-Vogel, Berlin

“Friendly, competent staff and complete equipment.”

“Short waits, friendly service. Parking on the premises. “

Rainer König, Berlin

“Seriously. Everything was great! I have never felt so much at a dentist. “

Joachim Schlüter, Berlin

“Great atmosphere, competent advice. You do not feel like you’re at the dentist. “

Jacqueline Raspe-Scharf, Berlin

“Punctuality, reliability, excellent expertise of the doctors.”

Sandra Meisinger, Berlin

“The wait is not felt to be particularly long. My daughter sees the doctor’s visit no more than" punishment "but looking forward to playing. “

Gerlinde Klein-Lempp, Berlin

“The sensitive handling of children, the atmosphere, the advice of anesthesiologists (not always a general anesthetic, as other practices offer it, urgently necessary!)”

Pascale Gelew, Berlin

“I liked a lot! Especially the extremely friendly, competent and at the same time empathetic and gentle treatment of Dr. med. Belouka and her assistant. The roof terrace and the entire waiting area are very comfortable and you feel right at home and in good hands. The SMS reminder service is very convenient and I liked it a lot. My sister recommended the practice and because of the good treatment I have also decided to practice. I am really satisfied after my treatment, thank you very much and I will thank your doctor and Dr. med. Belouka recommend to everyone! “

Verena Kruschwitz, Berlin

“Well I have to say I’m totally excited

They are great with the kids. Be right on the children, explain everything great. I do not want a better dentist for me and my daughter. “

Claudia Melina Villwock, March 2017

competent, friendly, professional

At the end of last year, I was admitted by my dermatologist. Dr. Wegner transferred, because my Basiliom on the head for a distance in their practice was already too big. After my call to Ku 64 I got an appointment for a consultation for the following week. During this conversation I was comprehensively informed about Basiliom. Dr. Wegner the further course of treatment. The appointment was agreed for both necessary treatments. After this conversation, I was a little calmer. It was clear to me that at the size of the expected wound necessary surgery would not be one, two, fixed. All in all, I can only recommend this practice to anyone who has a similar problem. Not only the state-of-the-art ambience, but also the team Ku 64 (from the reception to the sisters to the doctor) did everything to make me feel well looked after. I would like to thank you."

Kassenpatient, March 2017

“KU64 is awesome

The unique architecture immediately gives you the feeling of being on vacation. The first visit to the doctor, where I would have waited longer. The treatment was also unique. One thinks of the ambience immediately "Oh, let’s see what they want to sell you." But you will not get into anything, on the contrary, it is recommended rather defensively. The partially bad reviews I can not understand at all. Dear KU64 Team, thank you and keep it up. “

Anonymous, March 2017

“Thank you for the great treatment.

It is really taken care of. I am really convinced of the competent team. Especially the surgeon was great. Simply great. The opening hours are very good. Because acute dental problems know no weekends. ;-) I always like to recommend. A heartfelt thank you.”

Julia Strache, March 2017

“Very competent surgeon in great practice. Dr. Wegener has taken away my fear of surgical intervention with his empathic nature. I especially appreciated his competent and extensive education and treatment. Also the ambience of the practice is very pleasant."

Kassenpatient, March 2017

“After many treatments over the past two years I am very satisfied !

Dentist is not the same dentist. In my difficult case, whether crowns or implants also gum transplantation was not a problem. Everything done perfectly, I am extremely satisfied and I am a new person. Most impressive is that all treatments take place in a quiet setting. There is no patient jam, you do not feel in any form "one after the other", on the contrary. You take your time and treat in absolute perfection. Rarely that I felt so well looked after. Thank you very much Dr. Gonzalez !"

private patient, February 2017

“Very sensitive dental technician

Was all my first root canal treatment I had already heard so much but this was really a very pleasant treatment for me she received my fears very patient and empathetic and if anything bothers me there I will definitely do a root canal treatment then gladly With her you will notice that she is also thankful for her patience with me."

Kassenpatient, March 2017

“Our kids love to come here! Top pediatric dentists. Highly recommended!”

Bozena Bak, February 2017

“Several root treatments performed very competently.

After some bad experiences with root treatments in other practices, I was treated very competently and with the most modern equipment at Mrs. Gousetis. Many thanks!"

Kassenpatient, February 2017

“Very friendly doctor”

Dr. Belouka has a super friendly nature, the wisdom teeth were out in less than an hour and the aftercare was straightforward and fast."

Anonymous , February 2017

“Extremely professional experienced, and human pleasant doctor!

Actually, I wrote a big positive review, but that’s probably too long and does not fit in :). So to be brief. I unexpectedly got an appointment for a wisdom tooth OP the same day. The Op was also very good. Afterwards I did not even have a pain, a big cheek, or other side effects! Dr. Gonsalez really understands his profession phenomenally well. Today 3 days after the Op I feel like I never had an Op. Many thanks"

Anonymous, February 2017

“After years finally painless and no more migraines I had back, neck and headaches, migraine attacks for years and have severely crippled my teeth. After a detailed consultation with Dr. med. Linderhaus I have decided for a treatment with her and I’m very happy about it. I had already forgotten how a life without pain is and have been enjoying this painless condition for over two years now. Due to the holistic aspect of Dr. med. Linderhaus treatment helped me in the long term and permanently. And by the way, I have straight teeth and no longer laugh with my hand over my mouth. Therefore, I can Dr. med. Linderhaus only recommend!"

Kassenpatient, January 2017

Dr Alpermann, she was friendly and professional and a credit to the company, Thanks KU64 for my treatment. “

Steve Roberts , January 2017

“Very thorough and careful, takes time for fears and questions

Ms. Kottenhagen works very thoroughly and carefully, doing so swiftly and safely. The results are always first class, fit in shape and color, and last forever. Even syringes do not hurt. For my questions and fears she has great understanding and always answers friendly, competent and patient. I have 100% confidence in her work and can fully recommend Ms. Kottenhagen. :)"

private patient, January 2017

"They have a great team and very competent staff. They completely let us forget fears and concerns."
Juliane Herbst, Berlin

"Everything except ordinary!

This is the motto of the dental practice KU64. It is said that we owe the best things to chance. Thus, the (Internet research) coincidence led me 15 months ago in this practice, the reception area with a very nice team rather reminds of a wellness temple than a dental practice. I finally wanted to get rid of the old amalgam fillings and 20 year old crowns. After many years of frustrating experiences with dentists, it was fateful for me to report to Dr. Ing. Leyh came. In addition to his great professional skills, I am deeply impressed by his personality. His calm, kind, sovereign, empathetic nature and his angelic patience are admirable. It was obvious "5 to 12" – in very clear words that shocked me, he analyzed the condition of my teeth and proposed a long-term plan. At last "agreed the chemistry" To the dentist, I trusted him, and so I agreed to the large-scale dental restoration project. I also found the perfect interaction during the treatments between Dr. med. Leyh and his assistant, Ms. Kilian. Before she could really start, Ms. Kunkel, head of the prophylactic department, did a half-year’s job, freed me from a severe periodontal disease and prepared me for the next treatment. Ms. Lipske, head of the dental laboratory, made extensive measurements and discussed the new appearance with me. She even gave me a sightseeing tour through the lab. Before the final we sat with Dr. Ing. Leyh and the dental technician Mrs. Kühn together and discussed the last details on the appearance of the new teeth, so Mrs. Kühn could still last extra wishes of me in the beautiful end product flow. Now it is done, and I am happy about my new smile :-). Thank you Leyh and his colleagues wholeheartedly!"

“I have never experienced such a friendly and competent clinic. Especially as a pain patient, who has been going on for months from dentist to dentist, without getting a result, I have now apparently found it. That alone was pain-relieving. In this clinic, the company philosophy agrees: customer-friendliness and competence. The fact that the children are treated so uniquely is a great advantage nowadays. That was not the case in the 70s-80s. Purely from technology and psychology. So Ku64: Keep it up. ;-) By the way, Dr. med. Alpermann pointed! “

Anja Bachmann, Berlin

"First of all, I have to say that I am very satisfied with my treatment so far. Everything was done by Dr. Leyh explained well and with a very nice result; I would have done the treatment much earlier than I knew it was so good and straightforward.

The ladies at the front desk are very friendly and helpful. The prophylaxis treatment of Mrs. Bofinger was also very good and professional. Since I’m a doctor myself, the opportunity to get an appointment at the weekend or in the evening after work is very convenient. I would not change anything."

Dr. Ivo van der Voort, Berlin

"It’s just wonderful with you! As a doctor, I have the comparison in the medical system. I regularly recommend you to my patients."
Dr. Stephan Foerder, Berlin
(Doctor, neurologist, specialist in psychiatry & Psychotherapy)

"I like my child so much that he prefers not to leave the practice at all. I think that speaks for itself.

Many thanks"
Nadine Schwerke, Berlin

"We have a lot of experiences with our daughter with hospitals and practices, because she is very ill, but what we experienced with you is the absolute madness, the friendliness, naturalness and warmth that came from the heart that we experience in your practice allowed, was overwhelming. Special thanks to your 2 sisters from the registration (29.12.2016, 12.30), you were super friendly, patient and lovingly received, you felt welcome and no question was too much. Thank you. "

Dagmar Wochnick, Berlin

"It’s good that you all have their passion and your skills. This is (for me) incomparable here in Berlin."
Marion Böcker, Berlin

"Dear Mrs. Stauffenberg,

Thanks for the before / after photos … If it were not my own teeth, I would hardly believe it … just great!

I would like to once again thank my KU64 team (Ms De Bucourt and Sarah) and also you very much for the trusting support, the excellent work and the friendly environment.

My family, my friends and, above all, me, are absolutely thrilled with your work. From both the view and the restored buying functions, I feel like a new person. Thank you for returning my laughter.

Greetings, have a nice weekend"

"The employees give the appearance, satisfaction, a real team. I am a fear patient, but now I like coming to the practice. The tranquility that the employees radiate there is transferred to the clients. thanks for that!

Her Martina Lessig, Berlin

"I have dr. Dr. Wegner as a dermatologist experienced and admired by the organization (scheduling and content) on the expertise to human attention."

Gerhard Bergmann, Berlin

"I personally have the impression that you have reached a perfect level – I think you do not always have to change something, if this level is maintained, it would be optimal."

Eva Stöß, Berlin

"I’ve been there for a long time and recommend KU64 on and on. Nice that there are also weekend appointments. I am a freelancer!"

Kai Glawe, Berlin

I would like to start by thanking you for a very friendly, efficient, pleasant, inspiring practice, a great dentist (Dr. Supantia), the best waiting room for children (they did not want to go after one and a half hours), a child-friendly, great Treatment – not to mention the delicious fruit and herb infused water. It was like in the spa with you. Thank you.

My son likes to go to the dentist without fear! :) The staff is super friendly, the atmosphere was great! Especially for children! It does not get any better!

Eyleen Baerwald, Berlin

Very grateful and impressed by dr. Leyh and the new technology he uses with ease. He was kind enough to explain it and even worked it out – in English! Consistent with the care and attention to detail I have come to associate with KU64. Best dental work I’ve ever gotten. I am already recommending friends.

Miriam Kronenberg, Berlin

To be honest, KU64 is at the top of the league.

In my opinion, all employees perform at their best compared to other dental practices.

Christian Goltz, Berlin

A patient who wants to say thank you!

It’s a great atmosphere throughout the KU64 facility. Whether in the appointment, but especially I would like the team of Dr. med. To and the team of Dr. med. Thank Ayik. I feel super well looked after.
Thank you says
Gerda J., Berlin

Good day dr. Birte Habedank!

I speak some German. To allow me to write in English! My name is Katerina R. At the beggining of May you operate on our son’s frond teeth. We started with simple anesthetic but then we had to give him full anesthetic because he was vivid enough. I am sending this mail just to say a big thank you. Thank you for everything you did for our son! Thank you for being so smily .you made us and Jannis feel so relaxed. Everyone was so good with him.but you gave me that feeling. You did an excellent job !! Noone can understand the difference of the fake piece on his tooth.and he just a little bit in pain when he woke up.not even in pain.propably disturbed than in pain.he even ate with no problem of pain.

Please say a big thank you to all the doctors and the doctor that gave him the anesthetic. I have her business card but we are moving to a new house and everything are in boxes. I can not find it … her work on him was amazing too. I know now that Ku64 wants to be our dentist for ever.

With regards
Katerina R., Berlin

Dear Doctor. Ziegler,

I’m writing to you today because on 15 February 2016, I was particularly pleased about the quality of service provided by your colleague Nadia de Bucourt. A perfect, indeed gorgeous, oh what: perfect, work on a cosmetic filling my 21ers, and this mediated and executed by an equally friendly and competent personality, in conjunction with her assistant Sarah Langner. That deserves a lot of praise. Ms de Bucourt has a happy combination of talent, expertise, motivation, pragmatism and sympathy.

So earnings plus earnings, so the full score! Congratulations to such employees.

With best regards,

Your Dr. Michael Blankenburg

Hello Dr. Ziegler,
Hello Mrs. Stauffenberg,

Thank you very much for your excellent treatment. It was worth it; the treatment result is really great! I always felt good about you / them.

The “always in good hands” I associate with your commitment, Mrs. Stauffenberg. Again a personal thank you.

I wish you a relaxing weekend and greet you warmly

Peter Friede, Berlin

"I would say: you know alone with the word dentist I get anxiety. and every visit is like going to hell for me. The pulse is racing, the blood pressure is far too high, I feel bad and I could really cry. This is even worse for my son, who unfortunately had so many unsavory experiences in his life when it comes to dentists. But I think all our fears have become a thing of the past. There is a practice where we all feel well – feel good. And where you almost go with anticipation, if I may say so. Practice is everything – just not a practice. A place that does not teach you – you’re at the dentist now. A design and architecture that you can not describe. Colors that relax cheerfulness – a place where I can come down without a hint of panic and where my child does not want to go! And what rounds it all off or makes it even more what it is: a team that is unparalleled! friendliness & Empathy meets one at eye level. Once you’ve experienced it yourself, you never want to go anywhere else! But best of all – you convince yourself!"

Surgeons Ayik and Maria are a great team!

So one tooth was saved by me and another replaced by an implant. The situation with me was rather difficult, the inflammation had badly attacked the bone. My gums were almost restored by transplanting them from the palate. The result was not only perfect for surgery, but also aesthetically great afterwards. That’s what he can do !! The new crowns look very good and very real. I also felt very well looked after. A very professional and very sympathetic team that has worked for me.

Ku64 takes care of me extensively, because my insurance is causing problems and Mrs. Hoeynck from the administration organizes everything possible to help me enforce my claim. Not least thanks to the dental technician for the beautiful, natural work.

Customer orientation pure. Thanks a lot for this.

I have been with KU64 Patient since 2010.

Dr.Ayik and his assistant Mrs. Maria I have through one, "Notüberweisung" met. I am anxious (very bad), after 2 treatments I wondered what a bad predecessor I must have had. NO injection hurt, the surgical treatments were painless and entertaining. Competence, psychological empathy (Mrs. Maria’s hand has been painfully experienced) did the rest.

From the front desk to the delicious water, equipment of the practice, one sees no distinction private or cash patient, are to be evaluated only with a grade 1.

Thank you all

Yours Barbara Meissner,
Berlin, 22.04.2015

Dear Mrs. Stauffenberg,

Thank you for the quick sending of the photos!
Wow – that’s just like from the textbook!

I am very satisfied and can only thank you again-
with you personally, Ms. Lipske and her team and of course the artful Dr. Ziegler, as a master at the drills.
An excellent care, a calming and empathic environment, coupled with high competence. with optimal time planning. What more could a patient wish for when realizing his new smile?

We stay in touch,
With kind regards,
Ulla Weller

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In this way, I would like to thank for the uncomplicated treatment today by the team KU64, especially at the reception, the dentist Mr. AN and the dental technician Mrs. Schulz. My telescopic prosthesis was torn and although I had no appointment, I was helped very qualified and also advised. That’s how I imagine dealing with patients! Thank you!

Sincerely to all,

Hello dear KU64 team

I am more than satisfied with the treatment and the result.

However, you spoiled me with the KU64 doctors, the friendliness and the ambience for all the other dentists and I can never go anywhere else ;-)

Big thanks to you and the whole team!

John of Gruner
JAM FM moderator

"Professional competence, overall inviting! I know many doctors in Berlin, KU64 is the best dental practice for dental aesthetics, implantology and anxiety patients in the city"

S. Becker, Berlin

Dear KU64 team,
stay as you are and do not let yourself be demotivated by unfriendly patients.
Good luck & best regards

"Dear Doctor. Ziegler,
My treatment marathon has now been successfully completed, which would have been different without the impressive commitment and personal commitment of Ms. Julia Malloci and Mr. Patrick Dammass to optimize the cost plan. I would like to thank both of them very much.

Your practice is already a gem: very good infrastructure, excellent dentists (many thanks also to Mr. An and Dr. Dr. Wegner), motivated and qualified employees.

Thanks again and best regards"

Ina Petersen, Berlin

Dear Doctor. Ziegler,

In this way I would like to send you a big compliment:
The design of your practice really great, the equipment and technology outstanding.
But above all a compliment to your employees. Always polite, nimble, a noticeable good mood in the team.

I was professionally trained by Dr. med. Löer and Dental Hygienist Mrs. Bofinger looks after me, and I can only congratulate you on these colleagues.

best "craftsman" in their field, I’m never so focused and
been treated satisfactorily.

I wish you continued success!

Thank you and best regards from

Ruth and Ralph Probst

Dear Doctor. Ziegler,

I am a patient with you and work as a Business Developer and Head of the Strategic Communication Unit for a Munich law firm. However, I live near Berlin (and have an office 2 min away from your practice), which is why my path has led me to you.

I would like to compliment you. Not only for your equipment and your concept in general, but for the fact that you have noticeably achieved a change of perspective and you have managed to feel empathy with the needs of your customers. And that is exactly what I realize with every treatment. I see the world with different eyes. I deal with the idea of ​​building trust and how they can then be used economically, without being cool and bloodless exclusively for business. Your team is extremely friendly, they have also employed a lot of very nice people, but more importantly, you feel a real commitment from the very young team. I sense: Here lives a success and invites you to join in. The use of patient-understandable language, creaming the lips to avoid dryness cracks, working with the latest media at all times, the way an anesthetic is distributed when injected, and breathing in anticipation. all such small details, however, convey to the patient: Here I am in the best hands and want to find the best solution for me.

I am enthusiastic about your practice and like to carry the enthusiasm into the world. In my office in Munich, I swarm of you and my little daughter, she is also a patient with you, speaks of her "Dentatainer".

Best regards sends you

"The medical care has remained the same for many years; The practice has become more and more beautiful, especially the roof terrace!"

Monika Namberger, Berlin

"The warmth that is shown to every patient, big or small, is fascinating. Thank you. "

Ines Freigang, Berlin

"Also as a cash-desk patient as in the spaceship Enterprise."

"Thanks for all your great work and great attitude. This is my best dental experience ever, Ms Kottenhagen."

James Wheeler, Berlin

"Dear Doctor. Ziegler,

I have just come from my appointment in your beauty salon. I wanted to let you know that this was the best pedicure and manicure I have experienced. Everything was just right! I will gladly recommend KU64 and will definitely be back."

"Dear Mrs. Zettel,

that was the best tooth cleaning in 57 years! Thank you! My teeth have never looked so good, so far no other practice has been done! You have three wishes for me!

Again and again!

Your kind patient Rainer Schulze

"Thanks for the first-class intake and treatments. I was due

previous experience with dentists scary fear of one
Dentist. Today I’m almost looking forward to it!"

Isabella Wittig, Berlin

"This dental practice is as good as perfect. A real experience, for being at the "Tooth Doc" is!"

"The best practice in the world: friendly, well equipped, great environment and incidentally a super treatment. Recently, I had to wait a bit and got the iPad to play to bridge the wait – great!"

Tickets Strelow, Berlin

Very dear team,
we had heard some of KU64 and seen a bit on the internet. When we arrived on Saturday, we were thrilled and overwhelmed. At first we were unsure if we should come in and how we would be received. Mrs. Malloci has taken us from any doubt. We were seen and treated as colleagues rather than competitors.
KU64 can serve as a model for other practices / clinics in every area.
I was so intrigued that I had to come back the next day to make sure I did not dream. Since I was received by Mrs. Busse and felt again transferred to the dream.

Nebojsa Stankovic (Dentist), Hanover

"trusted dentists and specialists with heart and for every problem a demanding partner at any time of the week. I was well received by the KU64 team (reception, dentists, assistants and dental lab) – an all round treatment!"

Sabine Breuer, Berlin

A young, fresh team that obviously works well together! You will stay half an hour longer after the treatment!

Katrin Helfritsch, Berlin

"Everything but ordinary! All-round care, painless treatment and it does not even smell like a dentist! For me as a (not-so-big) anxiety patient very important."

Katrin Tischler, Berlin

"I have the nicest, most handsome and most innovative dentist (Dr. Ziegler). Even when no one dared to approach ceramic bridges, he was a pioneer and the bridge has been around for 12 years. (.) The practical equipment is the hammer, just because of the Ambientes, the good coffee and the stove or free places on the roof terrace worth a visit. The whole team is very friendly and committed. If I am unemployed, I apply for a job there. The website is great and you are always reminded of the dates. Excellent quality management with heart!"

Sandra Neumann, Berlin

"The wellness-dental practice where one forgets that one is with the dentist!"

Martin Kusatz, Esslingen a.N.

"Finally a practice that has arrived in the 21st century!"

Sarah Croé, Holzhausen / Osnabrück

"Merci", that it exists. (KU64 is) a utopian wellness center, not just for beautiful teeth :-)

Sven Konrad, Berlin

"Hello Dr. Ziegler, hello ku 64 team,

As an active donor of the Westcoast Kids and Südfrika fan I would like to thank you all for your commitment. There should be more people who want to give something back because they are doing well. I followed the blog, was shocked by these unspeakable comments. Such statements can only come from people who have never been to Africa and from their social security (whether worked out or funded by the state) spit malice. Your example has motivated me again to promote my donation among friends. Let’s hope that the children take something for the future with this positive experience."

Anne Brunner, Nuremberg

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Ku64-Team,

I heard about Ms. Jacke from her work for the kids on the West Coast in South Africa and followed him on the blog.

It’s great that you got so involved there and did not let yourself be bothered by the difficulties of such a project.

If we had more people in the affluent regions of the world with their courage and sense of responsibility, it would look much friendlier on this planet!

I hope you have at least been able to “recharge” the beauty of South Africa before you return to everyday life in Berlin and winter.

All the best to you all!"

Carsten Direske, Berlin

I read a lot of reviews on dentists before I came to KU64. Apparently, some patients can not tell when it will pay to pay more for more quality and try again and again with cheap. NOT ME!

Matthias Ziegert, Berlin

"A practice with heart and level!"

Sven Döring, Berlin

"Young team, exciting ambience, funny ideas, friendly customer use."

Barbara Prib, Berlin

"Best dentist and service, because I had so far!"

Carsten Nicolei, Berlin

Team: super-loving and very trustworthy. Practice: stylish, loungy, comfortable. Technology: modern, state-of-the-art, high quality, great! Simply recommended.
Cathrin K., Berlin

"The whole family is already here!"

Yvonne Roscher-Schneider, Berlin

"Well-organized dental practice with a particularly pleasant atmosphere."

Petra Wiktor-Wedepohl, Berlin

"2007 was a special year for me: my teeth are "restored" and again intact – my dental fear has miraculously disappeared in the rooms of the KU64. Thanks a lot for this! G. K. from Berlin remark: The practice is very nice. Great that you have thought of many things that others do not even in 100 years."

"Congratulations to this beautiful practice! If the gray everyday hisses me again bad, I’ll just here more often visually "dive". Best regards from the tooth fairy Uli from Hannover The breath stops at the sight of your practice concept! It’s nice to see that there are others in the industry "querdenker" gives."

J. Sch., Bielefeld

"KU64 – The world’s coolest dental clinic. newsmagazine "the cool hunter" I do not speak German, but I would love to work / own there!"

"The most beautiful dental practice in Germany. not only the architecture is unique, but also the service. This dental practice is proof that you can not inspire your customers by small changes or improvements, but by a radical, new thinking that meets all your wishes. No longer ask how your customer rates your service, but what he dreams of. Just then, such a result comes out as above. Wow! B. S. I’m sure you will hear and read a lot more about this practice."

"a quite new dental practice, which opened up in Berlin. It could be a good idea to take a look at them. They have a great design and a great homepage as well.

"I became aware of your homepage through a report on RTL and have visited her today. Too bad that this concept is only available in Berlin! But maybe there will soon be nationwide medical practices that let the really battered cashier feel a touch of luxury. "

"Hi. I became aware of your dental practice through a program. Simply fascinating! I would like to work for you. V. B., Berlin Super Practice! It’s a pity that there is nothing comparable in the Room Freudenstadt would be very helpful to me as an anxiety and panic patient!"

". gigantic great site. Too bad that I live so far away!"

"The website of Ku64 is fascinatingly professional designed, you get a very good impression of this company."

". Otherwise, I have to say that your websites are really great, including the photos and everything. You rarely see anything like that."

"Congratulations to the website! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SECOND PLACE!"

"Not only an appealing site, but also a very attractive dental practice. I should almost think about going in if I have a job in Berlin again. is almost ingenious, hard to beat after what the i-net shows. "

"Hi, KU64 team, great, the redesigned website is graphically very well solved. 1a work to the web designers."


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