Recommendations for printing family photos

Recommendations for printing family photos

Our goal as parents is to make authentic and emotional family photos that capture the true moments of our chaotic and colorful family life. We want to create unforgettable memories and a feeling of warm emotions with our photos. It is all the more important then, just these photos do not disappear on the computer or smartphone. Print your photos regularly!

Maybe you have already invested a lot of money for a professional shoot with a family photographer. Please do not save on the print quality of your photo prints. Find a photo provider of your trust and pay more for high-quality prints that highlight the quality of your photographic work.

No matter if you want to print your holiday photos of the unforgettable travel moments, finish your photo album of the year or give away the photos. Photos create memories. Photos will become more valuable over time. They will one day be the most important possession. For you and your children. For your family.


If you have now come to a photo order, you will eventually face the question of the right format. Classical are portrait and landscape photos in all different sizes from 9x13cm to 20x30cm. These classics are particularly suitable for stock photo albums and standardized picture frames.

Our tip: Take a look at your photo lab. The photo providers now have many creative formats on offer, which are great for decoration in the home or as a gift. Different frames, modern layouts and unusual formats enhance your favorite motifs once again. There are, for example, square prints, prints in Polaroid optics or photo strips. Just some courage and try it out!

paper quality

The photo labs now offer you a wide selection of shiny, matt, silk to fine art. Maybe everyone here has a few personal preferences as well. But all papers fulfill different purposes. At the same time, you should look to see if the paper matches the chosen motif and underlines the effect of the picture.

Here are the key features of the most popular papers:

  • smooth, high-gloss surface
  • very high detail reproduction and sharpness
  • can mask slight blurring
  • Edges appear more precise
  • Colors look brighter (high color intensity and brilliance)
  • Disadvantages: unsightly fingerprints and unwanted reflections
  • Matt surfaces can exacerbate contrasts
  • natural, noble and professional
  • Free from reflections and protects against unwanted fingerprints
  • light structure of the surface scatters the light, edges are less sharp
  • black looks less intense
  • better suited for delicate objects and a discreet look
  • unique feel – looks super high quality
  • minimizes noise
  • Soft focus through honeycomb structure
  • great for portraits

A little tip: If you want to frame a photo, you should always order a dull photo print. Because with glossy photos, it can quickly happen that the photo sticks to the glass of the picture frame. And that gives visually unsightly places. So please use only matte photos for picture frames.

Choice of the photo provider

Immediate ATMs in drugstores should not be a serious option for you and should only be used in extreme emergency by you for printing photo prints. The quality is usually very disappointing and the colors totally distorted. Just test a few different photo providers and look for your favorites. From this you can then load the company‘s own software for future orders on the computer. By using this software, you will be able to place orders faster in the future due to better loading times.

Family photographer Marcia Friese also gave me some tips for you: “I like like matt paper with a white border. Important when ordering the prints is always to remove the hook for automatic post-processing, at least when the images are already edited. My insider tip is to order online at Aldi Photos. They have a wonderful, matte paper (which I actually use to develop my own in the lab) and a very good price-performance ratio. “

Actually, I did not want to make a comparison of photo providers at this point. Therefore, I can only say from my own experience that I am very satisfied with the range of products, the quality of the photos, the software, the help center and the fast delivery times of Saal Digital. My personal favorite, so to speak. But you see – Marcia prefers to order photos from Aldi. And other photographers again completely different. So every (hobby) photographer has to find his own supplier for himself. Good photo labs offer orderable paper samples. With the help of these patterns you can very well compare the different paper qualities and discover your favorites.

Our last tip: Put a digital folder “Print current month” on the desktop of your computer. Now you collect the most beautiful pictures for a month and at the end of the month you place an order with all photos of the folder. Or you are waiting for the next discount campaign of your photo lab and then have all photos ready to hand.

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