Reconstruction gymnastics – getting back in shape and avoiding discomfort

Postnatal Exercise: Exercise muscles and pelvic floor after pregnancy

  • Postnatal exercise primarily serves the pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence, uterine erosion or lower abdominal pain.
  • After pregnancy, you should protect yourself in the childbed. Only four weeks after giving birth, you can start with the first exercises that bring the body back into shape.
  • Increase recovery training in small steps and watch for individual signs of your body – pain is taboo!

Enjoy your childbed and the little person you gave birth to. You will release the kilos safely, but should start with careful training but mainly because of tightening the muscles in the pelvic floor. This has been greatly stretched during pregnancy and during childbirth and must now be reactivated, to avoid problems like incontinence.

1. Physiotherapy: You are allowed to start at the earliest four weeks after the birth

The regression also includes the training of the lateral abdominal muscles. Wait until all injuries have healed.

From when you can start training and how long the training should last, is a question that you have to answer individually – because it depends on whether your baby was born naturally or by caesarean section and how strong your injuries and pain are. Wait a week longer than to start too early! A rule of thumb: Four weeks after the birth you may start with the first, simple exercises.

If you feel that yourself Your body has slowly recovered a bit and when injuries to the perineum and vagina have healed, You should register for a rehab training course. These are often managed by midwives, who can also address individual issues.

Some exercises should be trained six to eight weeks after birth at the earliest. Do not start directly with hours of training, but increase slowly. Ten weeks after birth, about 30 minutes of exercise per day are allowed.

2. The cost of the Rückbildungsgymnastik course pays your health insurance

Normally, the costs for the reimbursement gymnastics will be covered by your health insurance, whether privately or legally insured. Statutory insured persons are entitled to up to ten course hours, the recovery course has to be started no later than four months after the birth. Also until when the health insurance pays is regulated – the course hours must be completed within the first nine months after birth.

Caution: If the course is not led by a midwife, but, for example, a physiotherapist, inquire in advance if the course fee will be covered by your health insurance.

3. Physiotherapy: exercises for pelvic floor, back and abdomen

No babysitter? In most recovery courses, the little ones are allowed to bring their own.

Retraining exercises include all exercises that tighten your pelvic floor and train your muscles on your back and stomach. Attention: After a caesarean section you should wait even longer with exercises for the abdominal muscles and increase the training very slowly.

Start with simple breathing exercises and exercises,in which the pelvic muscles are slightly tense. This is the case, for example, with the “Buddha” exercise, where you sit upright in a cross-legged position with your arms relaxed on your legs, with your palms facing up. Breathe deeply and calmly and try to tense the pelvic floor muscles easily without moving externally.

Tip: Just imagine that you are sitting on the toilet. If you feel that you are controlling the (imaginary) stream of urine (tensing and relaxing) it is just right.

Please note: Retraining exercises should not be painful! If you are unable to perform certain exercises painlessly due to injuries, be sure to wait until they have healed. And: It is never too late for pelvic floor training!

It is best in the weeks after birth But even months later, you can still achieve tremendous results, for example, if you register for yoga or Pilates – this is also the pelvic muscles well trained.

4. Strength training, swimming and jogging

If you finally want to do “right” sport again, you can supplement the simple recovery exercises with swimming from about ten weeks after birth. About three to four months later, you can also incorporate simple weight training or start jogging again, provided you are not in pain. If in doubt, ask your midwife.

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