Reduce costs at the dentist – that’s how it works in 2019

It is always cheaper for the dentist !

More than 5 billion euros per year are spent on dentures (GKV and PKV). The dentures are getting more expensive, the health insurance subsidize less and less. As a patient, you can save money early with the dentist, if you only take a few minutes. Choose your topic from the different areas:

My recommendation for you in 2019

Dental practice study – felt to the tooth: This is how patients see their dentist

Our study deals with the evaluation of dental practices by patients. We evaluated more than 2,300 individual data records. It is about the equipment, the importance of the equipment, the hygienic impression and the estimated professional competence of the staff in dental practices. In addition, we evaluated data,

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I will help you to be well prepared for your next dental treatment with as little effort as possible. We already know that if you could save more than 40% of your dentist’s costs, nearly 70% of our readers are ready to change their dentist. According to our statistics, these are the most expensive and frequent dental procedures at the dentist:

Dental crown costs

Dental bridge costs

Dental implants costs

Denture cost

That’s how we help you

  • Save more than 40% with a price comparison
  • Dentures cheaper with a private dental insurance
  • Reduce your own contribution with your bonus book

Here are 15 tips on how to get away from the dentist cheaper !

Why am I doing this here ?

Everyday life is becoming more and more expensive. The health insurance companies demand more and more financial payments from us patients. Unfortunately, many dentists do not consider it necessary to inform their patients about the possible costs before the dental treatment.

I have really tried it myself with a price comparison at the dentist and even saved more than 60% of dentures costs! If you find your dentist very trustworthy, you really believe that he will always meet you with the cheapest alternatives ?

My page in the media

On April 27, 2016, ZM reported online about us Dentist change: 83 percent go wordless .
More than 1,320 records were analyzed. Almost three-quarters of all patients have ever changed the dentist, 83 percent of them without a word, according to a study.

On 01.03.2016 the DENTAL MAGAZINE reported about us That’s how much the Germans pay for their dentures .
More than 2,000 records were analyzed. About a quarter and therefore the majority of the patients surveyed gave between 50 and 500 euros for dental prostheses such as dental crowns, dental bridges, dental prostheses or dental implants and thus comparatively little.

On 16.01.2016 the ZWP reported online about us "Professional teeth cleaning: What costs clean teeth?" .
1,200 data sets were analyzed and the result was that professional dental cleaning in Western Germany is much more expensive than in the East.

Here you will find an overview of the most common problems in dentistry. Choose a topic below and get all the answers about this topic:

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