Reducing violence against women

Since 1981, on 25. The "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women" is celebrated on November. The Secretary General of the German Section of Amnesty International, Barbara Lochbihler, has this year appealed to the international community to do more to curb violence against women than in the past. One in three women in the world will be a victim of violence at least once in their lives, she said.

On this day, she said, her organization wants to remind people that despite progress, the goal of comprehensive protection for women has not yet been achieved. "We address the governments, but also the men from whom the violence mainly originates, and call on them to actively engage in this ie and take responsibility," the secretary general stressed.Lochbihler described the situation of women in eastern Congo and Sudan as dramatic. "In these civil war-like situations, there is often ordered sexual violence against women. In eastern Congo, mass rapes have taken place in which the women were sometimes deliberately infected with AIDS in order to deliberately harm the war enemy," she said.Violence against women is still an ie in Germany, too. In view of the so-called honor killings in migrant families, it is necessary to talk about the fact that this is a violation of human rights and not a violation of honor, said Lochbihler. She added: "I think a discussion has emerged within migrant organizations, but the threat towards those who raise this ie has not diminished.

"Campaign against honor killings launched Celebrities as well as migrant and women's organizations want to take action against acts of violence committed "in the name of honor" with a campaign. With the campaign under the motto "her freedom – his honor", a social dialogue is to be initiated, explained North Rhine-Westphalia's Integration Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) as the initiator on Thursday at the presentation in Berlin.The campaign is supported, among others, by the TV presenters Sabine Christiansen and Barbara Dickmann, the German-Turkish lawyer Seyran Ates and the publicist Alice Schwarzer. In addition to numerous events organized by the participating organizations, posters and postcards will draw attention to the ie.Honor is a term "that is used to justify violence, especially among young people with an immigrant background," Laschet continued. To prevent this from happening in the future, we must no longer look the other way. The main focus is on young women who are forced into a certain way of life by "prere, reprisals or even physical violence".Although there are no reliable statistics on acts of violence in the name of honor, Laschet underscored. "But we know that from 1996 to 2005 alone in Germany in 55 cases blood has flowed for the 'honor'," the CDU politician said further. But it is also already violence "when young people, especially women, are forced into marriage". For this reason, he also welcomed the planned raising of the age for spouses to join their spouses to 18 as an "effective means of preventing forced marriages".

Human rights activists deplore disparagement of women The International Society for Human Rights (IGFM) criticizes the treatment of women as "second-class human beings" in large parts of the Muslim world. The blatant degradation of women according to Sharia law and Islamic traditions has created a climate of intimidation in some places and cemented archaic customs, says the IGFM. The legal position of women in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia is no better today than it was 1 year ago.000 years.

Forced marriages also in Germany How many there really are is in the dark – but countless, especially Turkish women are married to men although they did not want that at all. With coercion up to force the family fathers often force them to these arranged marriages, a refusal means a defilement of the family honor. Fatma was also supposed to be set up 20 years ago, but she fought back. this site editor Ina Rottscheidt met the young Turkish woman.

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