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Reference, dr


References – Thank you

Our clients have a high need to remain anonymous. We respect that completely; also with reviews.

♦ E-Mail from 12.11.2019

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Through numerous researches on the Internet, I came across your homepage and got the impression when reading your articles / assessments and opinions that you have dealt very critically with the jurisdictions in the family law and represent very professional and competent in many subjects. Therefore, contacting me through them, despite the great distance. Thank you in advance for the free initial assessment and remain Yours sincerely

♦ E-Mail from 10.11.2019

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

On your website you will find almost every family law topic. With mandates with foreign reference I could find on your website several times valuable, further references and use.

With friendly collegial greetings

W., lawyer, Erlangen

♦ E-Mail from 08.11.2019

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Thank you very much for your answer! That made a lot of sense for me. I will negotiate with the youth welfare office because of the bass lessons. Unfortunately, the subject of maintenance will not be off the table for many years to come, so in all likelihood I will once again have a problem. In that case, I already know the right lawyer. she!

Many thanks again and a nice weekend!

Yours sincerely,

♦ E-Mail from 13.08.2019

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Thank you for your assessment. It helped me a lot because your reasoning was exactly my doubt about a positive outcome of a case. A compliment for your detailed and easy to understand website and thanks again for the quick answer to my question.

♦ E-Mail from 17.07.2019

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Since no lawyer could really explain to me on site what to do in my case or where I am legally located, I landed on her homepage.

Your homepage is unparalleled. I was able to capture the entire topic in no time. The initial conversation with you clarified all outstanding questions. Her expertise always gave me confidence and confidence over the entire time. Absolutely unproblematic was the distance of 600 km. For me it was absolutely the right decision to choose the best and not a regional lawyer.

With the best wishes for the future and a big thank you. Also on behalf of my children.

A client from Brandenburg

♦ E-Mail from 17.07.2019

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Thank you very much for answering 4 questions at lightning speed, even though you are a Landunter. Your website had already answered 2 more questions. Most colleagues (and I met some) would not have answered these questions in advance.

Your reports also suggest professional competence, so I’ll see you next time will contact you again.

A. K. from Schmitten

♦ E-Mail from 10.07.2019

Dear Dr.Schröck,

many thanks for the "world class" Taking care of my very complicated divorce affair.

As a company owner and real estate owner, I was pressured by massive demands from the other side. For the first time in my life, I could not sleep at night. After the initial consultation with you, dear Dr.Schröck, I found myself back to sleep.

After our personal meeting I realized immediately: a better but also more humane lawyer will not exist for me. This first impression was far exceeded in the end. I am very grateful for the incredible quality of your legal work. There were no questions for me and you were always personally available.

Greetings and thanks again

A client from Baden-Württemberg

♦ E-Mail from 28.06.2019

Dear Mr. Schrock,

Your website has helped me several times with mandate processing. The structure and content are really exceptionally comprehensive and informative! My compliment!

With friendly collegial greetings

A. S. Attorney

♦ E-Mail from 03.05.2019

Dear Mr. Schrock,

the numerous problems of the family law clientele lead me again and again to your website. I have already read and used a lot of insightful information there. It is very enriching to look at your website.

With friendly collegial greetings

♦ E-Mail from 04.04.2019

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

In the last few years, I’ve been browsing through the contents of your website very often, and have also occasionally confronted my legal representation with the topics you have published. I am very grateful that there is your website.

♦ E-Mail from 17.12.2018

Dear Mr. Schrock,

I am exclusively involved in tax law and wanted to get a rudimentary overview of the current status of family law and came across your page. A very impressive information platform on the subject of family law that you have created here. In this regard, one can only take the hat off and congratulate you.

Yours sincerely

♦ E-Mail from 18.11.2018

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

In this way I would like to thank you very much for the professional support. With legal expertise, human attention and a keen sense, you have guided me through the divorce process. I felt in good hands with you.

Greetings from Baden-Württemberg,

a grateful client

♦ E-Mail from 23.09.2018

In court and on the high seas, you are in God’s hands and can be faced with unbelievable demands. Then it is only recommendable to have a very good lawyer like Dr. Schröck by his side! And how do you find such a good lawyer? There are plenty of pages of lawyers on the Internet with cases such as “chief physician marries a nurse, they have three children, and then they part, and so on,” but that does not really help anyone, except perhaps chief physicians. Then I am on the incredibly structured and informative side of Dr. Ing. Schröck encountered, there you will find an answer to every question. I knew that lawyer must be good and he is very good!

Dr. Schröck, thank you again for your good and tireless work!

Yours sincerely

G.R. from Munich

♦ E-Mail from 04.09.2018

Dear Mr. Schröck,

Thank you very much for your information and again the reference to the further information on your website. The offer is second to none! And that is also rewarded with a very good Googleranking &# 128522;
Best regards

Journalist, author, spokeswoman from Berlin

♦ E-Mail from 28.08.2018

Hello Dr. Schrock,

I would like to thank you again in this way for your professional and yet individual work with you. They have always been with words and deeds in my complicated and extensive divorce to the side. Her profound expertise and many years of experience have helped me a lot in many decisions and ultimately led to a result in which both parties were finally satisfied. I would like to mention in particular your high commitment and the constant accessibility with my many questions.
I wish you all the best.
Yours sincerely

♦ E-Mail from 07.06.2018

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Congratulations to the successful website, I could already learn a lot about the topic of child support. In the following I would like to describe my case .

CM. from Mammendorf

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

While researching the internet, I became aware of your family guide and would like to express my compliments for this comprehensive and at the same time understandable work!

I myself am a victim (father of a child) and would therefore like to inquire with you, whether your guide also exists as a free-for-sale book. Many thanks!

Yours sincerely

annotation: Our guide is not available as a book yet

♦ E-Mail from 23.03.2018

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Hats off! I am thrilled that such a thing still exists.
Many thanks for your fast and unbureaucratic response, really great and recommendable!
Best regards and a nice weekend in advance

♦ Emails from 16.03.2018

Dear Doctor. Schrock,
First, I’d like to thank you for your great and helpful website, which is certainly a blessing to many people. (.)
I remain with best regards and hope to hear from you soon

Dear Doctor. Schrock,
First of all congratulations on your highly informative and constructive website. (.)
Thank you for your feedback.
Kind regards

♦ E-Mail from 21.02.2018

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

As part of my divorce process, your website has always been of help to me because I have found advice there on questions that my lawyer did not know any answers to, for example, the -> private health insurance. So first of all, thank you for all the information you provide to the public! (.)

Best regards from Berlin,

♦ E-Mail from 18.12.2017

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Although we did not have much to do this year, I would still like to thank you for your work and wish you and your family happy holidays and a happy new year!

♦ E-Mail from 19.10.2017

Dear Mr. Schrock,

a collegial big “THANK YOU” for your extensive homepage, which I like to use again and again, to look something up and to research findings (decisions).

With friendly collegial regards from Freiburg

Sylvia Jung

Specialist lawyer for family law

Luisenstrasse 5

79098 Freiburg
[email protected]

♦ E-Mail from 12.10.2017

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Now I would like to thank you once again for your extremely competent and professional support during my rather complicated divorce dispute. Already in the first meeting you drew a clear picture regarding the expected costs and risks and made a realistic and fair prognosis regarding the chances of success. Their strategic proposals were thoroughly thought out and worked out by comprehensive literature and jurisprudence research. I was particularly impressed by your sovereignty in the negotiation, which, coupled with your expertise and high level of experience, ultimately led to success.

Many thanks for the support! I will recommend you in the future without reservation.

Yours sincerely

M.O. from Stuttgart

♦ E-Mail from 09.10.2017

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

I would like to thank you very much for your work. She impresses me and I regret that I could not hire you earlier. For this reason, I traveled to Munich today and wanted to ask you personally if you would like to take over the mandate for my divorce.

Best Regards

K.N. from Frankfurt a.

♦ E-Mail from 04.07.2017

Dear Mr. jur. Schrock,

If I am not sure how to handle or formulate certain things, I always go to your site, as your site is very well thought out, easy to understand and comprehensive on the internet. Among other things, I came across the form you created regarding the provision of information in the maintenance procedure. This form contains everything I consider important when providing the information. Therefore, I ask you for express confirmation that I may use the form. They have already pre-formulated the request for approval of use, so much collegiality would often be desirable in everyday office life.

With friendly collegial greetings

ETL Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Parcel Street 4
03046 Cottbus

♦ E-Mail from 03.04.2017

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

even if the work still has a firm grip on me, I have to thank you for your help and dedication in my rather uncomplicated separation and divorce case. Without your commitment and dedication, the agreements might have turned out to my disadvantage. Also your homepage with the many topics to read helped me a lot and brought much closer to my understanding. Also, through the divorce and the clear agreements worked out a final line under the financial arguments of my ex-wife has been drawn.

I will therefore – if in my circle of friends or clientele the case should occur – fully recommend.

thank you again!

Yours sincerely

♦ E-Mail from 17.02.2017

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Thank you for your excellent work and great commitment. Finally, thank you again. We are very glad that you accepted our cause.

Yours sincerely
U.K. from Velbert

♦ E-Mail from 16.01.2017

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

I would like to thank you again for your work and patience in this case!

Yours sincerely,

♦ E-Mail from 28.11.2016

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Finally, I would like to thank you once again for your competent and always prompt engagement in this matter. I’d like to recommend you.

I wish you, your employees / colleagues and the family a Merry Christmas, good luck and all the best in the New Year.

With kind regards

W.K. from Duisburg

♦ E-Mail from 19.09.2016

Dear Mr. Schrock,

Thank you for your website. I have been practicing law for many years and have been working as a notary in Saxony for almost a quarter of a century. In an Internet search on a family law issue, I came across your site. To my great surprise, I immediately found what you were looking for.

What I particularly liked is the exemplary clear and visually perfect appearance. If I had a legal publishing house, I would immediately hire you and your staff to design it.

With friendly collegial greetings

Georg Furle

♦ E-Mail from 01.09.2016

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Thank you for the great and very well elaborated information that you provide on your homepage. It is one of the few pages on which I have something to my liking "special case" find: as a debtor to my separated wife, I raise the 3 children. -> Topic: Limitation and limitation of post-marital maintenance.

♦ E-Mail from 12.06.2016

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

(.) I would not like to miss it at this point and in between to thank you again for your excellent work, better than you can not feel represented by you!

Thanks and best regards

Günter R., Munich

♦ E-Mail from 31.05.2016

Dear Mr. Schrock,

I just want to thank you for your great homepage, where I have often read things. They have made an incredible effort and you can tell.

Great praise to you and your team.

With kind regards

Attorney, Certified Specialist f. family law
Graduate lawyer, mediator
Holzhofstrasse 3, D-67071 Ludwigshafen

♦ E-Mail from 25.01.2016

Dear Sirs and Madames,

First of all, I want to be a reader of your internet presentation thank. There is no comparable offer in the net in my opinion, which is so many valuable, sound and above all well structured and provides understandable information for those affected by divorce like that Your. With great interest I have read various texts and in particular the offer to -> Online Counseling Finally motivated me to do so to write to and ask for your help. In addition, the type of communication offered by you also speaks to me Collaboration, since I’m used to it by my profession, digitally too work. All documents and documents I can therefore in digital form provide.

♦ E-Mail from 23.12.2015

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

♦ E-Mail from 21.12.2015

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

It is good in such days to have a good lawyer.&# 128522;

I wish you a Merry Christmas, all the best to you and your family! Even if I wish you no longer need family law, I will always recommend you and gladly come to you, if I need legal assistance – thank you for everything!

♦ E-Mail from 21.05.2015

Dear Mr. Schröck!

With my best wishes for a happy Pentecost, I would like to thank you very much for your recent work. With the success, even if he was long in coming, I am very satisfied.

Best Regards

♦ E-Mail from 17.05.2015

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Since summer 2013 you represent me in the matter of child maintenance. Unfortunately, since my last letter in August 2014 contrary to my assessment, no agreement with my ex-wife. In the meantime, however, the other side seems to be satisfied with the payments you have made. In any case, there are currently no new demands from the other side. With this status quo, I now assume that I will have my rest until the renewed request for my duty to provide information in early 2016. With your legal assistance, you have made a large contribution to this positive result for me. With a great deal of expertise and in-depth, substantial research, you have brought peace and professionalism into the matter. In addition, you were able to create a good starting position for further discussions. I would like to thank you for your support.

For future questions on this matter I would like to come back to you again.


♦ E-Mail from 25.04.2015

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

At the moment, I want to say that you are the best in the material world, which I have encountered for a long time. I will definitely recommend you anytime if you need it, and I hope you will never find it at an opposing party.
sober, objective, competent / sound, goal-oriented without ifs and buts. THANK YOU.

♦ E-Mail from 16.04.2015

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

Thank you for the communication and the sensational support and representation of my interests.
Not only did you simply accept my claim, but you independently approached me about other options and represented you independently to the District Court and the plaintiff. Added to this is the clever process strategy.

♦ E-Mail from 24.02.2015

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

After various procedures for marriage assignment, maintenance and last but not least the divorce itself, is a common and for my stony way now over, for whose happy outcome I would like to thank you warmly!

Even for me as a layman in the field of family law was evident that the prevailing events outside of a "normal" Divorce situation and only by a specialist lawyer for family law a financial and personal destruction on my part can be prevented. Thanks to your structured and very informative website, I first became aware of you. You answered my email request within a few hours and completely shattered your last doubts about the lawyer’s choice.

It was always a pleasure and a relief to read your letters to the persistently demanding opponent or the courts at the same time. Ultimately, the unjust and with untrue representations and assertions of the opposite side over two instances did not finish. In my opinion, this is due to detailed expertise, tactical prudence and the necessary "bite" attributable.

I have always had confidence in your work and felt well represented at every stage of the process.

For all this I would like to thank you, Dr. Schröck, thank you!

♦ E-Mail from 09.11.2014

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

First of all, I would like to thank you again for your first-class and absolutely professional work on my behalf. Because without you, I would ultimately not have been able to achieve this success in this case. For me it was in this case a lot more than what, of course, the financial side. But in retrospect, looking back, a “defeat” at that time would have meant the whole end for me, I would probably have lost everything (my house, my work, my social status and much more, probably even my little dog) because I was in an extremely difficult situation at the time. In the meantime, however, I was able to develop and enable “structures”, successes, especially financial ones, and many other important and decisive things. I’m fine again and all thanks to your help. Incidentally, I will continue to deal with the topics of childcare, custody and many other things, including your website. I thank you again and wish you all the best

With very friendly regards

♦ E-Mail from 05.11.2014

My experiences with the attorney Dr. Schrock:

At the beginning of 2014, we were looking for an accomplished lawyer for family law. No problem with today’s possibilities offered by the Internet, so we thought anyway. After calling at least 20 lawyers – all of whom called themselves Family Law Specialists – and describing our case, not one was willing to take our case. Shortly before the desperation to be so helpless and not even to find a legal basis, we are then on the homepage of Dr. med. Schröck encountered. After a phone call and the exact description of our situation, Dr. Schröck ready to take over our case. He has looked after us competently from the beginning. Since it was about family matters, in which it came to childbearing, custody, etc. with contact with foreign countries, our concerns were not quite cleared out of the way. After Dr. In the phone calls, as he continued to notice our fears and insecurities, Schröck showed us, in his most convincing way, what things could happen and what would happen under no circumstances. Thus, from that time on, the foundation for our confidence in Dr. Schröck laid. We will then be personally informed by Dr. Schröck was cared for. He was always available by phone. If he himself was at court appointments, a recall was made. Our lawsuit has been a lengthy process and the authorities have not acted for a very long time. Various letters from the law firm helped to finally find an appointment for a lawsuit. And here we have to say: even more convincing in court. Professionally trained and limited to the essentials, the trial then proceeded to our surprise without objections of the court – perfectly. The requests were met, the two hearings were due to the good preparation of Dr. Ing. Schröck done within 15 minutes. We can only say – thank you and always gladly again!

♦ E-Mail from 30.10.2014

Dear Mr. Schröck,

Now that my divorce process is over, I want to thank you for your professional work and support. Due to your very helpful homepage and your work at the Association for Maintenance and Family Law (ISUV) I have decided for you as my divorce lawyer. In the months from the divorce petition to the final divorce I was always professionally advised by you, you always remained objective (which is especially important in divorce proceedings) and explained every action so that I knew what to expect (financially as well as legally terms). Therefore, after my divorce, I can only say that not only your homepage is very professional, also your work! I would choose you again and can only recommend you and your law firm. Many thanks also to Ms. Freund, who always welcomed me warmly.

Yours sincerely

♦ E-Mail from 22.10.2014

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

I was desperate and I was completely alone when, after 38 years of marriage, my husband told me that he wanted a divorce. Already in the first conversation with you I got new courage to get through the thing. I became calmer the way you approach things. I liked it a lot, as you explained to me, how to separate the essential from the nonessential. You have made a big contribution to my hope for the future again. Friends whom I told about my divorce proceedings and who have already gone through similar things congratulated me on finding you as a divorce lawyer. I had full confidence that you will fully enforce my rights (maintenance, gain, etc.). You represented me excellently. You have achieved everything that I have imagined. I can do you, Dr. Schröck, and your team, recommend it to everyone. In a difficult time for me Has yourself Your law firm is great for me. Thank you very much and all the best for the future

♦ E-Mail from 17.09.2014

Dear Doctor. Schrock,

I am very sorry that I could not mandate you directly before filing my divorce petition, regrettably not knowing you at that time. The specialist lawyers for family law, who represented me before their mandate, have helped me in the course of the divorce and the subsequent, now already over years ongoing “Rose War", very, a lot of time, trouble and money cost, which I would have saved you for the most part, I am absolutely convinced. In my opinion, they are family law “competence" par excellence and, just like your homepage, with just one word just super. The keyword of your homepage: “Family law with system" is not there in vain, as your client I felt that you live this real. Your family lawyer on the Internet reflects the facts and problems of family law in an easy and understandable way for everyone, thus reflecting your high level of professional competence. The cooperation with you, and also your employees, which must not be forgotten, is extremely pleasant, from time to time very instructive, but above all, from the point of view of the client also extremely competent and comprehensible goal-oriented. As an extremely competent specialist lawyer for family law, I can absolutely and absolutely recommend everyone to you and urge everyone to contact you directly before applying for a divorce. Kind regards and many thanks for the competent family law advice and representation

83457 Bavarian Gmain Germany

♦ E-Mail dated 07.05.2014 by lawyer K. Moritz-Feilke

Dear Mr. Schrock,

I would like to thank you in this way for the fact that I have already used your knowledge treasure more often. (…) For me, family law is just one (but very exciting) peripheral area of ​​my job. (…) That’s why I’m always very grateful when I can quickly and competently “inform yourself” about family law mandates. It is therefore an inner need to thank me for this.

From Siegburg greets you

Lawyer K. Moritz-Feilke

At the Schlade 6-8, 53721 Siegburg

♦ E-Mail dated 11.04.2014 from lawyer Kersting

Dear Mr. Schrock,

In this way, I would like to thank you very much, also on behalf of my clientele, for the generous availability of your excellent forms (eg. "Information on maintenance-related income and assets") as well as the other qualitatively very high-quality information to different individual topics also your website, z. B. "for proper information" with appropriate performance of upper court decisions. I have not found your developed form in a similar way anywhere else! All of this information you provide is very helpful and valuable for your clients. Thanks again!

and very friendly u. collegial greetings from Berlin

(c / o law firm Pohl & Ice, RAe u. Notaries Julia Eis u. Kay-Thomas Pohl)

Olivaer Platz 16 / corner Kurfürstendamm 10707 Berlin

E-book version 1.4. from 26.04.2014 – How do I find the right lawyer??

of specialist lawyer for family law
Kurt Schulte Herbrüggen
47249 Duisburg
Munich street 78

(Quote) 9.2 A good homepage can be recognized immediately

Then there are home pages that go beyond the “normal” dimension that you will immediately recognize when they find them. They are characterized by the effort to offer content to the potential customer information that will help him. They express the personality of the lawyer. Here are a few examples where I would like to emphasize that I do not know the colleagues personally, but because of their presence on the internet, you are sure that you can not be in such a bad state there:

There are many others and they will find them. So: If you like the content of the homepage, if it not only goes beyond “we represent you great”, but suggests that this is indeed the case, you are not wrong in the choice. This is an important positive decision criterion.

♦ Emails from visitors and prospects

"Anyone who first gets informed on the Internet about the fundamentals of family law should definitely come to your website. Such an extensive, well-structured and by means of "search" I have not found any functional page yet and I can only recommend it. As a living in isolation, I now have to deal with the circumstances and so I have found a lot of good information in the field of maintenance. Thank you very much."

Mrs. K. from 26.07.2014

I just wanted to say thank you for giving yourself so much work and effort and making the Family Lawyer accessible to everyone. “

Mrs. Nada H. from 05.09.2013

Great info page with many examples, the best I have found on the net. “

Mr. Alexander S. from 27.08.2013

“I have read your website with interest and would like to thank you for this, but very extensive source of information.”

Mr. Marco B. from 28.08.2013

“By chance, I came across your website and would like to praise you. The site is well structured and contains a lot of useful information. “

Mrs. Petra W. from 19.07.2013

“First of all, I would like to thank you for your details about my problem. So far, I have not received such information from any lawyer, so thank you again “

Mrs. G. from 23.06.2013

“Unfortunately, I found your site far too late.”

Mrs. Karin M. from 09.06.2013

“Thank you very much for the quick, detailed and helpful response.”

Mr. Horst M. from 20.06.2013

“First a big compliment to your very informative website, …”

Mr. Sebastian L. from 12.06.2013

“I would like to thank you for the comprehensive and competent answer to my question.”

Mr. Dirk D. from 14.05.2013

“I also found the answers on your page a day later. This is really a great thing and very informative. “

Mrs. Christiane N. from 03.06.2013

“I read your competent homepage with great interest.”

Mrs. Katje M. from 11.05.2013

“Thank you for your very informative and detailed guide page!”

Claudia F. from 29.04.2013

“With great interest, I read your very interesting article about the compensation for use of the former holiday home on your homepage.”

Mr. Gregor B. from 29.04.2013

"P.S .: The website of you is very helpful and good. “

Mr. Mark M. from 08.05.2013

“First of all, I’d like to thank you for the very detailed information on your website, which already makes a very good basic impression on the subject of parenting possible.”

Mrs. Patrizia P. from 25.04.2013

“By the way – one of the best websites I’ve found on this topic (note: Divorce).”

Mr. Volker A. from 25.04.2013

“I was well informed on your pages about maintenance issues. Thanks a lot for this.”

Mr. Tobias K. from 24.03.2013

“By accident, I landed on your website and would like to compliment you on this. The contents are written in great detail and comprehensible, so that I could make a good first impression as a layman. “

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