Reflections from the week’s bed, mama ocllo blog

Reflections from the week's bed, mama ocllo blog

Reflections from the puerperium

Almost 2 weeks have passed since our little Miguel Alejandro saw the light of day. Two weeks that seem like an eternity to me, as if Miguelito has always been part of our lives. And yet everything is so new and still so hard to understand.

The birth

As a birthday was the 18.9. calculated. But like most babies, Miguelito did not want to keep to a predefined date and took another four days before announcing himself in all fierceness.

On Sunday, 1:30 am, I woke up with an indescribable pain and realized in the same breath that the amniotic sac had burst. Contrary to the recommendation once to take a comfortable bath and wait 1-2 hours, we immediately made our way to the clinic. In three-minute intervals, the contractions set mercilessly and I was glad when we reached the RoMed Clinic in Wasserburg am Inn after a 20-minute drive. At this time, the cervix had already opened 8 cm and we were brought after a short visit directly in the delivery room. And though I can only remember too well every detail of the following hours, I would like to spare you that. Only that much. My desire for a water birth could not be realized and without the active support of the midwife, the medical team and Gustavo, who was always on my side, I probably would not have been able to give birth to Miguelito so quickly.

In short, at 5:10, I held our little sweetheart, who greeted the world with a loud cry, in my arms. An indescribable feeling! The next 10 minutes the delivery room belonged only to us three: Gustavo, Miguelito and me. Tears of relief and joy and the unparalleled feeling of unconditional love that only a mom can feel for her baby. After the infinitely appearing 10 minutes were over, Gustavo was allowed to wrap and put on our baby, the midwife took measurements and shortly after we were again under us. Exhausted, we moved well an hour later in a family room, where we had two days to snuggle up as a family and learn together the first steps of a nice midwife and pediatrician team.

On Tuesday we had enough of the hospital air and longed for home, where a warm welcome awaited us.

The puerperium

Contrary to my habit of being always on the move and full of energy, my midwife managed to convince me that one should take his childbed seriously. So it was time to put legs up and guard the house. And today, a few days later, I have to admit that this was probably the best decision. A birth weakens tremendously and even the head has to process what has happened.

This was only possible thanks to my patsy fairy, my dear sister Monika, who cared for us around the clock.

Miguelito gets to know the world

Miguelito is a very bright guy. From the very beginning, he opens his eyes wide and watches what is happening around him. Big and banned, he looks at Mom and Dad when we tell him something. And sometimes you have the impression that he would like to tell us something. But we will have to wait for some time for his first words :).

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