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Adolescent young people are exposed to numerous biological, psychological and social changes that characterize this phase of their lives. In this sensitive phase of life they go through diverse developments in one or more fewer high speed. Active adaptation is required to be able to meet these diverse development requirements in a health-promoting manner. If the adolescent does not have enough coping and adaptation strategies available and the typical tasks and challenges of the life phase are experienced as excessive, psychological and psychosomatic symptoms can develop and develop as an expression of inadequate coping. Children and adolescents Helping to cope with their difficulties and strains is a goal of rehabilitation treatment in our clinic.

Treatment concept

In view of the developmental and psychological peculiarities of this age group, this treatment focus differs from its therapeutic objective and its organizational processes from the other rehabilitation offers in the adult area of ​​the Luisenklinik. The peculiarities of this focus of treatment are presented below.

Specific therapeutic modules are available for the treatment of children and adolescents within the scope of this treatment area. In a diagnostic measure at the beginning of each treatment, a careful behavior and condition analysis as well as a sound developmental diagnosis are created. In addition, the information of the most important caregivers is an essential part. From the collected information, an individual, specific disorder model is developed together with the child and adolescent, which comprehensibly represents the complaints and their occurrence in a close connection with the current life situation, the existing conflicts, crises, requirements and changes, as well as the learning experiences so far , On this basis, the concrete therapeutic goals are worked out with the adolescent. The therapists then draw up the treatment plan.

The therapeutic objectives can be:

  1. Creation of problem awareness and therapy motivation
  2. Reduction of symptomatic behavior
  3. Development of psychosocial skills and self-responsible behavior
  4. Self-esteem stabilization and development of a development-promoting value system
  5. Dealing with the physical maturation and acceptance of your own body
  6. Development of active coping strategies in relation to the changes or requirements experienced as crisis-like
  7. Development of a realistic school or professional perspective in the context of individual skills and opportunities


The therapeutic offer includes individual psychotherapy, co-therapeutic support (e.g. instructions on the daily structure, exercise for symptom reduction and role play), regular therapeutic involvement of the most important caregivers and the family, group psychotherapy and relaxation procedures. There is also an extensive range of music and art therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutically guided leisure activities, as well as sports and fitness programs. Individual sociotherapeutic counseling with the development of a realistic, school and / or professional perspective, function-related therapy with handicraft and practical practical offers and social counseling are of great importance.

indication area

Our offer is aimed at children and adolescents with less pronounced problems who do not have a narrow behavioral therapeutic framework need. Admission is possible from the age of 12 without supervision. Younger children are usually accompanied by a parent.

The rehabilitation focuses on the following priorities:

  1. Psychological symptoms (e.g. fears, depression)
  2. Psychosomatic disorders and functional disorders of all organ systems (eating disorders, sleep disorders, chronic pain syndromes, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, bronchial asthma, headache syndromes)
  3. Developmental maturation crises
  4. Mental disorders in chronic physical illnesses (e.g. metabolic disorders and seizure disorders)
  5. Psychological adjustment disorders after extraordinary stress (e.g. loss event, accident event)
  6. Mental and behavioral disorders in learning and performance disorders


hospital school

The clinic school of the Luisenklinik is part of the special education and counseling center (SBBZ) for schoolchildren in long-term hospital treatment. In the Luisenklinik, teaching offers of all types of school (secondary school, junior high school, general and vocational high schools) are held in both individual and small group classes in all relevant subjects.


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