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Educators complain about an increasing number of restless and unconcentrated children in the classroom. But it is not without reason that a student becomes a so-called fidget philipp. Usually there is a lack of behavior, a lack of movement and / or a lack of retreat. Some schools want to cope with this by making the environment in the school more child-friendly. On the one hand with sufficient offers in the open air and on playgrounds and sports grounds that stimulate movement, and on the other hand with a so-called Snoezelen room or relaxation room.

While in most modern schools there are numerous offers for the children’s natural urge to move, there is often still a shortage suitable retreats. Opportunities for a personal break without doing any noise, stress or animation. A relaxation room, snoezelen room or relaxation room is now also increasingly common in the modern educational concept of schools and kindergartens.

Quite a few voices have described a noticeable success for everyone involved since the establishment of such a retreat. Educators see one here effective way to meet the increasing number of restless, behavioral students. Coexistence and learning in the class group, the trouble-free course of the lessons and the insight of the pupils are to be promoted through relaxation rooms and the associated educational opportunities.

In relaxation rooms, external influences are largely filtered, so that one Processing the daily impressions and stimuli of everyday life should be made possible. Flooding or lack of stimulus can be compensated for by regular use of the relaxation rooms and thus contribute to increased absorption capacity.

What exactly is a relaxation room or Snoezelen room?

After this Role model of the Snoezelen concept, a relaxation concept from the Netherlands, a relaxation room should provide relaxation in the daily routine. A relaxation room based on this concept is not only found in kindergartens and schools. Snoezelen rooms are also increasingly used for educational work with elderly and disabled people.

In the relaxation room you should first and foremost relax, feel good and experience security, "go for a walk with your senses". Deceleration and a soothing break from everyday stress are the focus. Depending on the target group, the atmosphere in the relaxation room is adapted to the needs of its users. For example, students will certainly want a different facility than seniors or children in kindergarten.

Design a relaxation room in school and kindergarten

In order to offer the children the greatest possible relaxation in school or kindergarten, a snoezelen room or relaxation room above all needs a friendly, protected atmosphere. The room can be equipped with different aids.

  • In any case, should be comfortable Lying and seating be created. A larger lying area as well as individual loungers, armchairs or seat cushions can be considered.
  • The light should be adaptable, for example with dimmable lamps or several small light sources and illuminate the room more diffusely than centrally. Maybe illuminated walls allow a slow and careful play of colors? Even if not, they should Colours be chosen wisely. Classic relaxing colors are shades of blue and green, but they quickly appear a bit cool. A good solution can be to round off the color spectrum with a warm purple tone and make it look a little warmer. Exciting colors such as orange or red are less suitable for furnishing a Snoezelen room.
  • Appropriate sounds, such as the sound of the sea or stream, twittering birds or meditative music, as well as stories – performed on tape or in person – can help to calm you down acoustically.
  • Attention should also be paid to the sense of smell. Here can with different Smells and aromas be worked – for example with the help of a fragrance lamp.
  • A relaxation room should always be at the right temperature. It is very difficult to relax in a too cool environment, even if the temperature should of course not be too warm. It is better to keep a blanket or two in the room, because when lying down or sitting quietly, the body – especially that of children – freezes more easily than when moving.

Snoezelen and the five senses

All Sensory stimuli are food for the brain. Children learn by feeling, experiencing, grasping. The more intensely the connection between the individual sensory organs is cultivated, the better this can affect cognitive abilities, the ability to remember and thus learning.

A central technical control of the components (noises, lighting, smells, etc.) and competent support are necessary so that no too many sensory impressions flow into the children or boredom arises during snoezelen. When designing a relaxation room in school or kindergarten is pedagogical understanding and a good one Monitoring the respective needs of different age groups asked.

The relaxation room or Snoezelen room can be used by individuals who want to escape the stress of the group and community for a moment. Also offer opportunities for educational work in a safe atmosphere. Here, for example, educators are given the opportunity to read aloud, to listen or to address topics that concern individual children.

Arguments for a relaxation room in school

Classes too big, school days too long, the requirements of a successful one inclusion Many types of school, the shortened school time to the Abitur and the – often already in the case of children of primary school age – require adequate according to many experts Countermeasures to slow down everyday life. The extensive establishment of relaxation rooms from primary school is often recommended as a suitable measure.

Many teachers complain about growing unrest in the classes, a high number of children with behavioral problems and an increasingly doomed effort to design effective teaching. Hyperactivity, lack of concentration, willingness to use violence and aggression to refusal to go to school are the most frequently mentioned problems in this area. The reasons for this lie primarily in the family and social environment, the behavior regulation mostly takes place in the school area. The use of a relaxation room is not a punishment for the student, but one Possibility to experience conscious relaxation and find more inner balance. Ideally, students and teachers alike will benefit from the associated success.

There are no rigid rules for setting up a Snoezelen room in schools, the needs and desires of the students have priority. Here the principle applies that nothing has to be done for the purpose of relaxation, but everything can be done.

Snoezelen cannot solve all problems

The arguments against relaxation rooms in schools are the common thread that indicates that Schools in general could not solve all problems of social and family origin. Critics see the need for action in this context to work on the causes and not the effects on problematic areas at school.

Also the financial aspect, that brings Snoezelen rooms to schools is not to be underestimated. This is less about the unique furnishing of the rooms, rather than a permanent one necessary additional staff. Relaxation rooms without qualified care staff are not useful. Teachers can usually not adequately represent these additional tasks in their everyday school life.

Snoezelen with children at home

Snoezelen with children doesn’t only go to school. At home, too, parents can support their children in feeling good, relaxing, allowing rest, taking a deep breath, and that imagination to give free rein. The best way to do this is in a suitably prepared environment and, above all, with plenty of rest and time.

Who the effect of fantasy travel, If you want to try relaxing sounds and snoezelen on children at home, you can read the following with these books:
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