Relaxed on the road in an electric car

UPTO is a car subscription. You pay a fixed monthly price for your car, which includes everything: insurance, taxes, winter and summer tires, repairs, service and even the toll sticker. Since UPTO is a subscription, you always stay flexible. if your life changes, UPTO adapts to you.


The 4 biggest myths about electric cars

"cars don’t get far enough on one charge"."

On average people in switzerland drive 40 km per day. The ranges of today’s most popular electric cars are sufficient for this purpose. The BMW i3 (ah 94) creates i.D.R. 200 km.

"there are too few charging stations and charging takes forever."

Charging possibilities are on every corner, see chargemap. Also fast chargers are plentiful in switzerland, new ones are added all the time. At a fast charger, the empty BMW i3 is fully charged in ca. 45 min ready for the onward journey.

"more CO2 is produced in the construction of batteries than in the production of combustibles."

the wheel-to-wheel method shows that electric cars have the best life cycle assessment. Although the production of the battery is energy-intensive, the total emissions from the use of green electricity are zero.

"all electric cars have an ugly design (except tesla)."

There is no accounting for taste. But nowadays not only the BMW i3 looks pretty fancy in our eyes. There are also various other models, which we would like to have in any case times in our offer. Watson has made a nice compilation.

BMW i3

test an electric car for 6 months

UPTO gives you the opportunity to try an electric car for 6 months. After that you can seamlessly extend the subscription, change to another category or cancel the subscription if you don’t need a car anymore.

How to charge my electric car?

Wallbox BMW i3

Charging at home

A big advantage of electric cars over cars with gasoline or diesel is that they are fully charged every morning. We offer a wallbox for the preferential price of 699 CHF.

But you can always charge from a normal household socket (2.3 kw) charge. But this is very slow.

Charging on the road

switzerland has a large network of charging stations, which is constantly being expanded. The charging stations come from different suppliers. However, payment can be made via SMS or credit card at virtually all charging stations. To find out where the next charging opportunity is waiting on the road, we recommend downloading the app chargemap. This shows the most charging options in switzerland and is always up to date.

charging station electric car

BMW i3_charging station

Charging cables supplied

A fast-charging cable (type 2/3-phase) and a cable for normal household sockets are included in delivery. The charging plug or. The type 2 charging cable is now well established in europe. You’ll find these plugs on most cars and charging stations. The CSS plugs, also known as combo 2 plugs, offer the fastest charging option. On highways you can usually find this type of plug. You don’t need your own cable for this, as these cables are permanently anchored to the charging station and can be plugged into the car from there.

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