Remote control cars comparison 2022

On the test and comparison portal of COMPUTER BILD we present you the best remote controlled cars.

car fans young and old just can’t get enough of them – remote-controlled cars. The choice of models is huge and ranges from model cars to rc cars, remote controlled police cars to remote controlled cars with camera.

Our comparison of remote controlled cars introduces the different variants important information about the selection of electric cars for children and lights also remote control cars with gasoline. Convince yourself in your own test, why many types of vehicles are often more than just a toy for adults and children alike.

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Buying advice on the remote control car test or. -comparison: find your personal remote control car test winner with our help!

  • there is a wide range of remote control cars for every age group. therefore, pay attention to the age recommendation, so that the remote control cars for children can really be operated with the controller.
  • Our comparison provides important information about cars with remote control, their steering and drive and sheds light on the abbreviations such as RC.
  • When buying, also consider the battery life, the necessary batteries or get to know powerful variants with gasoline engine.

remote control cars test

RC burners, MHM model making, fast remote controlled cars and electric cars for toddlers – between 3 and 100 years old, big and small alike will enjoy navigating with the help of a remote control system. In our remote control car comparison 2022 we present different categories for various applications. As part of the buying advice, we give tips on what you should pay particular attention to when buying cars with remote control.

1. What different types of remote control cars you can get to know?

Before we look at the results of the remote control car test with regard to different age groups, we would like to present the different variants in which radio-controlled cars are available on the market.

On the one hand there are ready-assembled, remote-controlled model cars that are modeled on real existing vehicles. These cars are available in the following categories, for example:

  • Remote controlled off-road cars
  • remote controlled trucks or lorries
  • Remote controlled buggies
  • Remote control race cars
  • Remote controlled crawler
  • Remote controlled trucks

As a set, these variants consist of the vehicle and the remote control, which only need to be loaded or. Must be equipped with batteries before the driving fun can begin.

In addition to these ready-assembled variants, there are also model cars that can be used as rc vehicles. Here, however, a lot of tinkering is required first, where the vehicle has to be put together. For tinkerers and hobbyists a great opportunity to customize the cars.

Kits are also very suitable for children and teenagers. Motor and logical skills are trained, while at the same time technical understanding is promoted. The age recommendations of the manufacturers should be followed to avoid frustration.

The majority of both types of remote controlled model cars are powered by an electric motor, but remote-controlled cars with gasoline engines are also available on the market. The different buggies have the following characteristics:


Remote control car petrol

Gasoline-powered remote-controlled cars are very popular among fans of racing, but rather unsuitable for children. gasoline-powered cars are explicitly declared as outdoor remote-controlled cars, what should be taken into account when using them. In our remote control cars comparison, however, we focus on family-friendly RC electric cars that can be used in the house and garden.

The advantages and disadvantages of gasoline-powered RC cars at a glance:

  • Higher ranges and speeds
  • Fun in the open air
  • If the tank is empty, you can continue driving immediately after filling it up
  • Loud and not suitable for indoors
  • High running costs
  • Not suitable for small children
  • Somewhat more susceptible to failure

2. How to choose electric cars for children with remote control suitable for age?

There are remote control cars for toddlers, remote control cars for girls and various, RC cars with electric drive, which bring a lot of joy to larger and smaller children. In our comparison, we want to summarize the results of remote control car tests and give you recommendations on which remote control cars are suitable for which age group.

2.1. remote controlled cars for toddlers – 0 to 3 years old

Electric cars for toddlers are available from well-known brands and manufacturers that parents are already familiar with from the toy sector. These models are deliberately designed to be simple, so that children can operate them as intuitively as possible. At the same time, the housings are robust and the electronics are not sensitive, because very young children sometimes like to use the racing car as a projectile. The miniature remote-controlled cars are small and light, so that even small children’s hands can easily grasp the car and the remote control.

2.2. Remote control cars from 3 years

In this category we describe remote control cars with battery, which are suitable for children between 3 and 6 years old. Cool remote-controlled cars in handy mini formats are also available for this age group. Since motor skills are now slowly becoming better and better developed, the rc remote control is also already equipped with somewhat more detailed features. This way, clever maneuvers can be rehearsed so that a remote controlled off-road car can be moved through tricky terrain.

Parents should also make sure that the remote-controlled cars do not drive too fast. be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding age and only choose a remote control car from 4 years old if the child is also at least 4 years old.

Tip: look specifically for remote controlled cars in stores that do not use classic remote controls, but instead use a steering wheel as a control system. the driving experience is intuitive and the little ones can imitate their big role models at the wheel of real cars wonderfully.

2.3. Remote control cars from 6 years

Motor skills are developed to the point where children can learn to write in school, for example. The remote controls of the RC cars are therefore also becoming more complex, which opens up more possibilities for children when controlling them. From this age, remote-controlled cars with combustion engines can be tried out in the great outdoors – but always under adult supervision.

Parents are liable for their children – even when playing with remote-controlled cars

do not under any circumstances neglect your duty of supervision when children are playing outside with remote control cars. If, for example, the racing car rushes under the fence onto the road and causes a traffic accident, this can have serious consequences.

At the age of 6, children are often able to take their first steps in model making and build a remote control car themselves. Here, too, the age requirements should be taken into account accordingly.

2.4. Remote control cars from 10 years

At this age, children who have been playing with different, age-appropriate RC cars for years can already be enthusiastic about very powerful models. The remote-controlled cars should not exceed 50 km/h, however.

2.5. Remote control cars from 14 years

All age restrictions may be considered waived and the children or. Youngsters can drive almost all types of rc cars, just like the older ones. The self-assembly kits can also be mastered depending on the complexity, so that there are no limits to creativity.

3. What’s better – a kit or a ready-made remote-controlled car??

rc car

With a little practice, great tricks can also be rehearsed.

If you would like to gain your first experience with remote-controlled cars, you should first choose a ready-assembled version. Children in particular, who have wanted an RC car for weeks, often lose interest after a short time. Parents are familiar with this phenomenon, which is also evident in other toys, sports and hobbies. So before spending a lot of money on a high-quality model to build yourself, you should buy a cheap, remote-controlled car for testing purposes.

If there is lasting enthusiasm, construction kits are also suitable for children. in this case, do not choose models marked with the suffix "rtr". The abbreviation stands for "ready to run", so can be driven immediately after inserting the batteries. The suffix "ARR", on the other hand, stands for "almost ready to run". Various components still need to be added before the actual driving fun can begin. It is often necessary to buy missing parts separately for these model building variants. With some manufacturers, this is comparatively easy, while with other brands the search for the right components becomes the real challenge of model building.

We therefore recommend that you specifically look for complete kits. These are supplied together with easy-to-understand assembly instructions, which make an important contribution to the success of the handicraft work. These kits are often designed in such a way that the tinkerer can determine the color of the body and other details himself. This is how unique vehicles can be created that stand out from the crowd.

lego in particular offers a wide range of remote-controlled cars for all age groups. Many parents are already familiar with Lego technology, and children can use these kits to develop their motor skills and their understanding of technical relationships. But carrera also offers a wide variety of remote-controlled cars for various age classes. Among them are, for example, remote-controlled police cars, which are great fun for the little ones.

4. What is the importance of scales in remote control cars??

rc cars come in a variety of formats and are available in the following common scales:

  • 1:5 scale: these are the largest models in the field of RC vehicles. They are up to one meter long and can weigh up to 15 kg. They are powered by gasoline engines and can reach top speeds of up to 100 km/h (62 mph).
  • 1:6 to 1:10 scale: much smaller and lighter, both gasoline-powered and electric models are available in this scale. Numerous types of vehicles and kits can be found here in great variety.
  • 1:12 to 1:36 scale: in gradations these are the smallest models, which are equipped with electric motors. They are suitable for use indoors, although many models can also run well on terraces or paved roads.

stiftung warentest has conducted a test of remote-controlled cars, which provides interesting information about RC vehicles for children and has also produced a test winner of remote-controlled cars.

5. How to get the best out of remote controlled cars through tuning?

If you are already passionate about remote-controlled cars, you will not be concerned with the results of various remote-controlled car tests, but will look for individual solutions to increase performance. In general, there are two types of tuning.

rc car tuning

Especially the optical tuning gives kid’s a lot of fun.

Variant one is the increase in power and speed. Here, combustion engines are perfectly adjusted, fuel mixtures are experimented with, and tips from experts in various forums are tried out. For the models of various brands can be made so that the cars run faster, more maneuverable or more reliable. even rc cars with electric drive can be tuned, for example by using stronger batteries.

The second variant of tuning has less to do with the performance, but much more with the look of the models. Here, paint jobs and tire changes are carried out to one’s heart’s content, and individual details are added as well.

6. the most important questions and answers about the remote control car comparison

6.1. Driving remote-controlled cars on water and on land?

remote-controlled cars with gasoline engines should never be driven in water. In electric rc cars, on the other hand, there are several models that can be driven effortlessly through puddles or low streams. When buying a remote control car, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid driving it in water unless the manufacturer has specifically stated that it should be driven in water.

6.2. Are there remote control cars that children can sit in??

There is quite a wide range of self-driving cars in which children can ride like their great idols. You can either steer, accelerate, and brake on your own, and many models are equipped with additional remote controls. so the parents can take over the steering in case of doubt, which is recommended especially near the real road traffic. suppliers such as jamara offer a wide range of different replicas of real vehicles.

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