Remote control cars – the best speedsters for kids and adults

Remote control cars are simply cool. For decades, they have been popular playground equipment for young and old alike. We show you the best rc cars on the market today for kids and adults to buy.

Remote control car - the best speedsters for children and adults

With a remote control car, children and adults alike can have fun! Photo: istock/klazing

Whether monster truck, truggy, race car, truck, climber, tracked vehicle or tank- there’s hardly a design that’s more remote control cars not there. In addition, there are models with electric, or even internal combustion engine. so the choice of cool vehicles is huge. The good news: there is something to suit every budget!

The most important in a nutshell:

– remote controlled cars are also known under the abbreviation RC cars
– there are vehicles with electric motor and combustion engine
– RC – drift cars are vehicles that are specially designed for drifting and have special RC drift tires made of PVC
– pre-assembled cars are called RTR model cars – are ready to go right after charging the battery

The best remote control cars with electric motor

We have looked around on the net and have selected the best models for you here. For children and adults, with electric and internal combustion engines, there is a favorite for every taste:

Dickie toys RC ford F150 mud wrestler- for children from 6 years and adults

Remote control cars - the best speedsters for kids and adults

Dickie Toys RC - Ford F150 Lightning SVT Mud Wrestler, RTR NEW

The buggy is tough! Whether through puddles of water, on smooth, sandy or uneven surfaces- the off-road car from dickie toys does everything. Even stunts are no problem for this remote control car. And thanks to ram protection it is super stable and almost indestructible. ideal for children from six years and adults alike. Equipped with five AA batteries, this car reaches a top speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

that everyone can have fun driving with this car have, shows this enthusiastic customer review of a buyer at amazon:"low price, a good function (radio range, responsiveness, speed), robustness".

– material: highly flexible and impact-resistant PVC that can withstand any vibration

– power: electric motor with five AA batteries

– special features: suspension system for excellent damping, high quality high performance rubber tires for various types of surfaces

– rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars and amazon’s choice

– cost: about 33 euro

Overmax X-blast remote control car

Remote control cars - the best speedsters for kids and adults

6dr/s-l225.Jpg" alt="remote control car RC all-wheel OVERMAX X-blast monster buggy 2 batteries" />

You are a speed junkie? Then you will just love this truck. The all-terrain vehicle reaches a top speed of up to 45 kilometers per hour – and not only on slippery roads. X-blast makes for fast off-road driving and has two powerful batteries with two 850 mah each. The range of your remote control reaches up to 100 meters and you enjoy- thanks to two batteries – 30 minutes of driving fun in a row. Mega!

Whether the fast truck is also suitable for children? Yes, even children can handle the simple controls well.

– power: two strong batteries with 850 mah each

– special features: four independent shock absorbers, speed of up to 45 kilometers per hour and range of 100 meters

– rating: 5 out of 5 stars

– cost: about 100 euros

HOMOFY remote control car

You want a car that naturally does front and back flips and 360 degree spins on the water? Then you might like the waterproof amphibious vehicle made for aviation. This makes the vehicle extremely waterproof and durable. especially good: a 2.4 ghz radio technology with flexible all-wheel drive.

How much fun this racer makes, among other things, this enthusiastic review of a parent who bought the remote-controlled car for his son:"it is great, my son loves it. The delivery was fast and uncomplicated. To have great and small their fun".

– material: body made of ABS plastic for aviation (durable and extremely waterproof)

– special features: front and back flips and 360 degree spins on the water and the ground. It is easy to perform all types of complicated actions.

– rating: 4,3 out of 5 stars

Remote control cars- the best rc drift cars

RC drift cars are all about controlling the transfer of power from the tire to the driving surface as effectively as possible. The aim of ‘drifting’ in RC cars is for the remote control car to move sideways to its own longitudinal axis when cornering.

GPTOYS RC drift car

thanks to powerful brush motor, this remote control car is fast and makes cool drifting movements of 360 degrees. An all-wheel drive with front and rear differentials and metal shock absorbers provide stability and make the car robust.

How well the radio control works is proven by this review:"my niece is very happy after using this car. The design and the body make it really faster and unbreakable. the remote control needs four AAA batteries, if it is also a rechargeable battery that would have been great. It lasts much longer and has quite a good range. My niece let drop the car in the water and it still works. Really happy. The radio control is very powerful, the car reacts immediately, even if you are standing really far away.".

– material: body made of ABS plastic for aviation (durable and extremely waterproof)

– power: top speed of 12 km / h (7.5 MPH)

– special features: front and back flips and 360 degree spins on the water and on the ground. It is easy to perform all kinds of complicated actions

– rating: 4,9 out of 5 stars

Amewi 21027 – touring car drift car bad boy

Remote control cars - the best speedsters for kids and adults

Amewi 1:10 electric touring car drift car Bad Boy M 2.4 GHz RTR # 21027

You want to love to drift? then the bad boy is certainly the classic in the segment of RC drift cars. It accelerates extremely and is equipped with hard plastic wheels for the perfect drift. And if you want to use your bad boy as a touring car in between, just screw the wheels with rubber tires on it and off you go to the track.

That the bad boy rightly amazon’s choice is, shows among other things this positive review about it:"top rc car for drift beginners. BUY THIS SHIT! The only thing that could be improved is the instruction manual, because it is not really well described. But otherwise highly recommended".

– material: durable lexan body

– performance: air-cooled, powerful electric ribbed motor and high-quality, proportional 2.4 ghz remote control

– special features: bad boy is a drifter/touring car for beginners in scale 1:10

– rating: 4,7 out of 5 stars

– cost: 178 euro

RC car rabing remote control car off-road rock vehicle track truck

Remote control cars - the best speedsters for kids and adults

you’re into drifting, but you’d rather drive a monster truck? Then you might like this off-road rock car. The pneumatic tires run on any surface and the dual motor makes it handle any slope well. At the same time, shocks make the remote control car more flexible and provide an extra protection effect.

How much fun the car makes when driving, this review shows:"mega-cool toys for kids big and small. although the handling is a bit hard to get used to in the beginning. but after some time you get along with it and have a lot of fun with the car. The car itself is very well made, has good quality, the tires are awesome. I bought the car for my friend. He is very enthusiastic. So I can only recommend it."

– material: high quality ABS material /plastic and metal

– power: 540 brush motor, car battery: 4.8 volt and 700ma battery

– rating: amazon’ s choice and 4.6 out of 5 stars

Remote control car – the best runabouts for children and adults

a drift car is usually equipped with special rubber tires that allow ‘drifting’ on smooth surfaces, istock/klazing

Remote control car for kids? You should pay attention to this:

You would like to buy an RC car for your son or daughter, but you are not sure which criteria to look for? Then we have collected the most important points that you should pay attention to when buying:

These criteria are important:

– the quality vehicles should be robust and durable

– the speed when children play with it, the speed should be maximum up to 20 kilometers per hour

– the durability of the battery quality is crucial for driving pleasure. lithium-ion batteries in particular offer a high storage capacity at a very low weight

Remote control car with gasoline

you want to have a real engine feeling? Then RC car with combustion engine is the right toy for you. If you are looking for such a vehicle, you should keep the following points in mind:

The differences to the RC car with electric motor:

– with a gasoline-powered car, the engine must first be adjusted and warmed up for about five minutes before you can drive it around

– depending on whether you buy a petrol or a nitro rc car, you need different fuel. A normal gasoline car can be fueled with normal gasoline from the gas station and two-stroke oil. A nitro RC car must be charged with a mixture of nitromethane and mineral or synthetic oil

– the high noise level of these cars should not be underestimated: in order not to disturb neighbors, you should definitely seek out secluded, open areas, for example in an industrial area, to drive them

One model with a combustion engine that we favor is a nitro rc car from carson 1:8 scale. this remote-controlled car is a comparatively inexpensive entry-level model, which scores high marks with amazon customers.

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