Rent children’s attractions for children’s events – experience rental

Rent children's attractions for children's events - experience rental

children’s attractions

Rent children’s attractions

You are in the right place when it comes to adventure rentals if you are planning a children’s event! We offer you a variety of attractions that will ensure that children have a lot of fun – and their parents will also be delighted. No matter whether sporty or creative, alone or in a group – there is something for every taste in our large selection of children’s attractions. So you can calmly plan your children‘s event such as children’s birthday, theme party, city or school party. The event modules from Erlebnisverleih ensure that the entertainment is right.

Event modules for children’s entertainment at its finest

The bouncy castle is a children’s attraction that has been making joy jumps for many years. You can rent many different bouncy castles at adventure rental. With their colorful motifs, they are real eye-catchers with a very high fun factor. They offer children the opportunity to really let off steam and have a lot of fun.

With these children’s attractions it’s all about!

Young racers can accelerate on our mobile kart track with inflatable track edging. You can choose between bobby cars, pedal cars or e-karts. Our reindeer also promise fun racing action. In the saddle of the plush cows, horses or tigers, which are equipped with roles, the little ones can face a fun competition.

Our historical children’s carousel, which invites you to take a relaxed ride with its various mounts, offers a nostalgic pleasure.

The event modules from Erlebnisverleih are not only round on land, but also on water. Our attractions for children’s events include a pool with small pedal boats, with which the small captains can set sail.

Skill and creativity are required

You can also rent children’s attractions from us, which you can use to test the skills of your little guests in a playful way. For this, you can choose from classics such as “The hot wire” or Four wins XXL. We also offer various throwing games such as giant darts, where accuracy is required.

In the creative corner or at the wax hand stand, the children can let their imaginations run free and work creatively. But you can also surprise them with face painting, where you will be professionally made up and transformed into wild animals, superheroes or fantasy creatures.

Play mobile with extensive equipment for children’s events

A very special offer for children’s events is our play mobile, which contains a variety of play options. In addition to a large bouncy castle in the shape of a giraffe, the adventure rental playmobile also offers a goal wall, soccer balls, bouncy sacks, jump ropes and cans. The whole thing is transported in a compact trailer and is ideal for self-collection.

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