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What is the housing loan? Who gets him? Are there alternatives? Read all about home loans in our guide.

You want to grow a great new kitchen or renovate the old bathroom and you lack the necessary change? Then you need a cheap home loan. Seldom have such loans been as cheap as they are now. The cheapest providers lure with interest rates below three percent.

Biallo Tip

With modernization loans, it pays to take a look at the PSD and Sparda banks. The conditions of PSD Bank Munich are currently among the cheapest in the regional residential loan comparison.

Residential loans – better from a direct bank

When you go to a furniture store to buy a new kitchen or a comfortable home, you often get a financing deal. In some cases it is even one "Zero-percent financing". But beware: Such residential loans are never in vain. The interest takes over the dealer for you and hides this again in the price of furniture. Or he does not give you a discount, while other people who do not get a subsidized loan from him get 10 or 15 percent off.

Residential loans – always compare well

The banks offer two forms: fixed-rate loans and credit-based loans. ING-Diba offers only fixed price loans. This means that the direct bank checks your income and whether the desired credit fits. If so, they get their housing loan at the interest rate. If this is not the case, go to her empty.

For credit-based loans, the interest rate depends on the income situation. Non-terminable officials are always at a lower risk of default for banks than construction workers, for example. Therefore, civil servants will generally get cheaper housing loans than other contemporaries with higher job risk.

Residential credit: From 1,000 euros to 50,000 euros

If you want to buy a new TV and want to finance this purchase, you do not need more than 5,000 euros. This is different when remodeling a bath or buying a fine kitchen. Some providers offer residential loans only from 5,000 euros. Occasionally, banks are already offering residential loans starting at 1,000 euros. For example, if you want to rebuild your house in an age-appropriate way, you need more money. Here are up to 50,000 euros possible. Just move the slider accordingly to get the right loan amount for your purchase and find the right vendors.

Who gets a residential loan on the Internet?

Most direct banks only provide housing loans to people with a fixed income, whether they are employees, workers, civil servants (especially popular!) Or retirees. Freelancers on the other hand are having a hard time. Exceptions here are the Netbank or Barclaycard. With the latter provider, these loans are more expensive. Probably because the workload is greater. To interpret a balance sheet requires more work and different personnel than to compare the details of the last three salary statements with those of the applicant.

Residential credit and its term

The monthly loan installment can also be influenced over the term of the housing loan. The longer the repayment term, the lower the monthly installment and vice versa. Those who value quick repayments must shoulder high loan installments. For this he is debt-free in a relatively short time. Anyone who favors the least possible monthly burden can extend their term. If there is more time to repay, the rate drops and the financial scope grows. Disadvantage: The longer the term of the housing loan, the more interest you have to pay in total to the bank.

You do not get a residential loan?

If you do not get a home loan, you have several options for getting money. Either at the same or at another bank.

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