Residents of the bierdener kämpe demand “restricted traffic area”, achim

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Residents of the Bierdener Kämpe call for "restricted traffic area"

"Child’s play on the street"

Updated: 5/21/15 7:22 PM

Bierden – The Bierdener Kämpe should become a "traffic-calmed area". At least that’s what the residents of the street in the new residential area want. A group around Werner Wippler has now handed over a signature list to Mayor Rainer Ditzfeld in the town hall.

Many families with children live at the Bierdener Kämpe, mostly in their pre-school age. “Despite parental supervision, they can easily walk on the street while playing,” explains Wippler. Furthermore the street as a way to school is also "very much from the other part of Bierden strongly haunted ". Because there is no footpath or bike path there, the children are at significant risk from car traffic. "It doesn’t have to happen."

The street has a width of 10.50 meters and an additional footpath from Bremer Strasse to the delivery point for the supermarket. According to Wippler, the rest of the route is then only 9 meters wide – “including parking spaces and waste disposal areas and without Walk ". In places, the street is so narrow and difficult to see due to planting, “that even children who are perfectly correct on the edge are very rarely passed by cars there; and that with a speed of 30 or more ".

According to Wippler, a traffic-calmed area offers several advantages over the current 30 zone:

– Pedestrians can use the entire width of the street; Children’s games are allowed everywhere.

– Vehicle traffic must maintain walking pace.

– The drivers must neither endanger nor hinder pedestrians; if necessary, they have to wait.

– Pedestrians must not unnecessarily obstruct traffic.

– Parking is not permitted outside the designated areas, except for getting in or out, loading or unloading. The parking areas are usually not marked by signs, but by markings such as paving of different colors.

– The traffic-calmed area is structurally designed in such a way that the typical character of a road with a lane, sidewalk, and cycle path does not predominate. This is achieved here by means of a leveling (paving), planting beds, mutual parking stands and narrowing.

– Through traffic and truck traffic are not fundamentally prohibited, so the traffic-calmed area is not a residential street.

“Actually, the street Bierdener Kämpe is structurally designed as if it were already a traffic-calmed area. In this respect, the signs requested would provide more security and urge all road users to exercise greater caution and consideration, ”Werner Wippler states.

And also that the urban traffic planner Stefan Schuster had already responded to the request that he and others had made in autumn last year that at least 75 percent of the residents had to agree. Wippler: "Now 84 percent have spoken in favor of it."


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