Residents’ registration office kirchheim unter teck: address opening times appointment

Residents’ registration office in Kirchheim

Templates for the Residents’ Registration Office in Kirchheim

  • Confirmation from the landlord. Must be presented to the Residents’ Registration Office when moving in or moving out.
  • Power of attorney for registering, changing or deregistering a place of residence if you would like to be represented by the authorities.

Register residence

Helpful information on the unproblematic execution of the residence registration in Kirchheim.

Register residence

Registering with the responsible residents’ registration office is certainly a straightforward process.

unsubscribe residence

Would you like to deregister your second home in Kirchheim or are you moving abroad? This is how you inform the responsible citizens’ office.

Second Home FAQ

You would like to move into a second home and have questions about registration, eke out or fees? Our FAQ gives you the right information.

Information for vehicle owners

Contact details and opening times of all vehicle registration offices in Germany as well as information texts and templates for registering, changing and deregistering a vehicle.

Information for dog owners

Information on registering, re-registering and deregistering a dog, compulsory dog ​​tax, exemption and reduction from dog tax and – for larger locations – contact details of the responsible office.

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Moving checklists – so you don’t forget anything

Simply tick off your move with these helpful checklists.

Moving guide – 200 tips for your move

Browse through numerous tips about planning and executing a move.

Post post forwarding order – Here’s how

All information about the forwarding order from Deutsche Post – including online ordering.

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Registration office forms

  • State Registration Act BW
  • registration
  • re-registration

Top 10 Moving Services

  1. 1. Cheap moving company for Kirchheim
  2. 2. Rent cheap vans
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  4. 4. Moving boxes to buy
  5. 5. Find cable providers
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  10. 10. Reserve the desired number plate

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Top 10 moving tips

  1. 1. GEZ exemption
  2. 2. Rent cheap vans
  3. 3. Post post forwarding request
  4. 4.Register registration office
  5. 5. Register the car
  6. 6. De-register the car
  7. 7. Apartment handover protocol
  8. 8. Desired license plate
  9. 9. Robinson list
  10. 10. Set up no-stopping zone

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