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General Information: Auxiliaries

The GKV-Spitzenverband maintains an up-to-date list of the most important, quality-tested aids.

The term “aid” is often associated with wheelchairs, hearing aids or walking aids. However, the selection of aids financed by BKK Mobil Oil is much more comprehensive. The scope of services does not only include the respective aid alone. Also all necessary changes, adaptations, repairs and maintenance are taken over.

The legislator has listed most of the products in the so-called aids directory. With these products you can be sure that they are qualitatively tested aids.

Finding the right tool

Together with you, your doctor will decide whether and which aids will be prescribed to you.

You submit this prescription to your pharmacy, medical supply store, hearing aid acoustician, optician or orthopaedic technician. It is important that the service provider is a contractual partner of BKK Mobil Oil.

Which product is suitable for you personally does not only depend on the diagnosis. Many other factors such as age, home environment and individual life situation are relevant criteria. Our contractual partners will be happy to advise you on your choice.

After you have decided on an aid, the respective service provider will send us a cost estimate and the prescription. As soon as we have approved the estimate, you will receive your aid.


It is not possible to supply blood pressure monitors via other medical supply stores or pharmacies.

With a blood pressure monitor you can easily measure your own blood pressure at any time. This allows you to detect and treat hypertension early if it is too low or too high. If you have been prescribed a blood pressure monitor by your doctor, we will of course cover the costs.

Submit your prescription directly to our contractual partners.

Semi-automatic instruments for upper arm measurement

tk pharma trade GmbH Industrial Park Gaste Hansastraße 15 49205 Hasbergen Phone: 05405 507790

Fully automatic devices for upper arm or wrist measurement

Med Trust GmbH Bergener Ring 17-19 01458 Ottendorf-Okrilla Phone: 0351 2538870

Have you been prescribed a fully automatic blood pressure monitor without the indication wrist or upper arm?

In this case, please inform our contractual partner which device you require. The measurement is reliable for both devices. Wrist devices are small and easy to handle. Older persons, smokers and diabetics are recommended to take a measurement on the upper arm, as the arteries of the wrist tend to calcify and make measurement more difficult.

Blood pressure monitor for children

Slide-plus-minus Nordel 1 49176 Hilter Phone: 0800 3420342


Our feet carry us wherever we want and that for the rest of our lives. If they need support or if there are malpositions, an orthopaedist will prescribe shoe insoles.

The Mobil Oil company health insurance fund will cover the cost of deposits for you in the amount of the contract prices. You only pay the statutory co-payment if you have reached the age of 18.

The same applies to deposits: If you decide on a higher-quality product, you bear the additional costs.

In principle, ready-made insoles are sufficient. A special design is only necessary for special foot deformations. This must be justified by the doctor on the prescription.

The costs for sports insoles, insoles for work shoes or sensorimotor insoles cannot be borne by BKK Mobil Oil. The former serve leisure and work purposes and are therefore not covered by the statutory health insurance. The medical benefits of sensorimotor (or proprioceptive) insoles have not been scientifically proven.

You will receive the deposits from our contractual partners. Use our contract partner search to find them near you.

hearing aids

When the world gets quieter and quieter, a hearing aid can make everyday communication much easier. Throughout Germany, we offer our policyholders high-quality hearing aids based on state-of-the-art technology – even without a personal contribution. The hearing aid acoustician participating in the contract selects a hearing aid together with you.

Some products, for example, offer special comfort features or special radio and interface technologies that may not be financed by statutory health insurance funds. In this case, the purchase or repair of the products will incur costs that we cannot cover.


Thanks to the breastpump, breastfeeding mothers are more independent and can be separated from their baby for more than a few hours.

Breast pumps are also needed when breastfeeding problems or nutritional problems are present in the infant. In these cases, BKK Mobil Oil covers the cost of the breastpump for the entire time it is needed. There is no additional payment for you.

vision aids

In order to keep you in the picture, BKK Mobil Oil provides a subsidy for spectacle lenses or contact lenses. For adults, the cost sharing depends on the number of diopters. For children and adolescents under the age of 18, this is irrelevant.

In the following cases, BKK Mobil Oil will contribute to the costs of the spectacle lenses:

  • For children and adolescents under the age of 18, if a defective vision is present
  • In adults, when there is severe visual impairment. This is the case when the visual acuity of the better eye is only 30 percent despite glasses or contact lenses.
  • In adults, if the defective vision is more than 6 dioptres or if the corneal curvature is more than 4 dioptres.

The amount of the subsidy depends on the nationwide fixed amounts for spectacle lenses. The amount depends on the visual acuity. Your optician will tell you how high this is in your case. Our contractual partner settles the subsidy directly with us. You will be invoiced directly for your own contribution and the statutory co-payment.

If contact lenses are necessary for medical reasons, we will also cover the costs in exceptional cases.

The legislator does not provide for the assumption of costs for spectacle frames, secondary care, workplace spectacles or comfort features such as anti-reflective coating, care products etc.. Unfortunately, cost sharing is not possible here.

If you meet one of the above conditions, your ophthalmologist will issue you with a prescription. You submit this prescription to one of our contract opticians, who will carry out the care. To find an optician near you, use our contract partner search.

A detailed instruction in the use of the aid is part of the care and necessary, so that this can really make your everyday life easier. Therefore, please take this offer for granted.

Special offers of BKK Mobil Oil

FreeStyle Libre – Blood Glucose Measurement without Blood

Since 01.04.2019, the company health insurance fund Mobil Oil has also assumed the costs for the new flash glucose measurement system FreeStyle Libre 2 as an additional benefit for its insured persons. The successor model offers you more safety through individually adjustable glucose alarms and a higher accuracy of the sensor values.


Neurodermatitis affects up to 10% of all children and is the most common chronic skin disease in infants and young children. The constant itching leads to the children scratching themselves bloody and finding little sleep.

One possible help is so-called neurodermatitis overalls, which protect your child from scratching itself with incorporated mittens. The undyed and unbleached cotton provides a pleasant feeling on the skin.

BKK Mobil Oil covers the costs for your child up to the age of twelve. Have your paediatrician issue a prescription and submit it to one of our contractual partners stating the size.


Anti-allergenic duvet covers and pillows, so-called encasings, offer protection for allergy sufferers with house dust allergies and mite allergies and thus enable a restful sleep. If you have a house dust allergy and/or mite allergy that has been diagnosed by a doctor, have it prescribed for you so that we can cover the costs for you.

Ordering is very uncomplicated. Simply send the prescription to our contractual partner:

Allertex GmbH Langenkamp 14 21357 Bardowick Phone: 04131 83098200

You will then receive the intermediate bed sheets free of charge. Don’t forget to include the dimensions of the pillow, duvet and mattress (the height is also important here).

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