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Responsible Travel – Sustainability 2.0

Travel with responsibility

The diversity of cultures and the many facets of Nature and wildlife It is those who inspire us every day. Sustainable development means a lot to us and as a tour operator we see ourselves as having a duty, responsibility in this area to take over. We compensate for the CO2 content of flights and land packages booked through us and invest in various climate projects.

So you can sustainability & Animal welfare experience

In Thailand you have the opportunity to hike on a jungle path to the mountain village and to join the life of the hospitable people of the Karen tribe. This trekking component leads through jungle-like terrain, past rice fields and banana plantations. It makes you sweat quite well. In addition, you will get to know the Mae Nam River up close – on a bamboo raft trip.

What we already do

10 tips for more sustainable travel

Wondering how you can do something good for animals, nature and local people while traveling? With our tips we give you a few examples that you can apply on every trip:

  • Travel to lesser-known countries and places to counteract “over-the-top tourism”
  • Take a water bottle with you when traveling to avoid plastic bottles >Many people depend on the help of others. International tourism is an important source of income >

We help children

Founded in 2006 by Bernd and Susanne Krispin, the association works with two pillars. Kinderglück develops, plans and realizes its own projects such as the school bag campaign, holiday sponsorships, BVB days or Kinderglück pillows for sick children.
Child poverty is often not visible at first glance. Children and adolescents from poor family circumstances in most cases do not conform to common stereotypes. Almost 21 percent of children and adolescents in Germany are affected by poverty. The Kinderglück e.V. enables around 500 children and adolescents day trips per year and takes on holiday sponsorships
Holiday sponsorships include in Kinderglück e.V. several weeks holiday stays at the lake or in the mountains as well as day trips, for example, in the zoo, to a BVB home game or to the museum.

The children’s happiness finca

Within the holiday sponsorships the project Kinderglück-Finca exists on the island Mallorca. The finca “Casa de los niños felices” is available for children and young people for a break from everyday life. The children should spend a carefree time under the Balearic sun. By exploring the island and cooking meals together with local food, the children get a glimpse into a new culture. For the children, it is usually the first vacation in their life that involves a stay abroad. The flight alone is already a big adventure. The finca is a place with a relaxed grounded atmosphere. The children and caregivers have access to a pool, a volleyball court, an outdoor grill and recreational activities nearby. Beaches and the sea can be reached quickly with the vehicles made by Kinderglück e.V..

The network for children’s aid

Our members and helpers are volunteers. We finance aid projects and support measures exclusively through donations.

In addition to the holiday sponsorship and the Kinderglück Finca, there are other aid projects:

– Schoolbags for socially disadvantaged first graders
– new and used bikes for needy children
– Children’s happiness pillow for sick children
– Funding of sports wheelchairs for young disabled athletes
– Taking over treatment costs in special cases
– purchase of children u. Youth beds and strollers u. Cots
– We fulfill wishes (BVB-days, sightseeing flights, instruments, etc.)
and much more

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