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Rebuilding Course Stuttgart – Strengthen the pelvic floor with gymnastics

Important facts about regression: when do I start, where can I find a recovery course?

I I push the stroller. Therein lies the cutest baby ever. Really! Almost 3 weeks old. I could do it for hours …

And for this sweetie, I do everything. I just do not care that my body feels soft and misshapen. And yet I could slowly take care of my recovery course …

9 months he comes, 9 months goes the stomach: recovery courses Stuttgart

As a rule, a woman’s body needs one thing above all – TIME and PATIENCE. In addition, good nutrition and can Rear education Sports help to get in shape again. And exactly that degeneration it should go in this article. Just as we would like to help you, that you have one Recovery course in Stuttgart, Esslingen, Böblingen, Ludwigsburg etc. find – with and without baby.

Rebuilding Course Stuttgart – When is the right time?

Many midwives and gynecologists recommend with the recovery course after 6 weeks to start. At this time is also the routine examination after birth at the gynecologist. You can start earlier with light exercises at home. Talk to your midwife, she can tell you some tips and exercises.

Why is the recovery course so important?

The female body changes during pregnancy. All tissues of the body are softened by the pregnancy hormones. Also the cartilage connections of the pelvis, whereby the pelvis expands by several centimeters. That’s why it’s so important Musculature to strengthen, so that the body gets a stable hold again.

What is being trained in the recovery course??

The recovery class trains all muscle groups that “emasculate” during pregnancy: Pelvic floor and abdomen. So should the Back, shoulders and arms to be brought into focus. Every young mother is tense there, because most babies only feel comfortable on mom’s (or of course, Dad’s) arm.

The most important facts on the subject of regression: costs, health insurance, dates

The cost of the course (maximum of ten appointments of 60 minutes each) will be covered by your health insurance if you use it until the end of the ninth month after birth have completed.

Where can I find a recovery course in Greater Stuttgart??

The best place to find a recovery course in Stuttgart is yours Aftercare midwife. Many midwives also take care of their mothers during the recovery course. Since not every mother has a midwife who also offers recovery courses, we have put together an overview of the recovery courses in Stuttgart and the surrounding area at the end of the article. And written directly to you, whether the courses are with or without a baby.

Tena Lady is not a substitute for regression! – Interview with midwife Annina

9.30 in Stuttgart. Time for our interview. The answering machine jumps on Annina’s mobile number. As with every call so far. Annina also explains on the answering machine Why. Her cell phone rings so often that she can not always turn it on.

10 seconds later the callback from Annina. She tells me that her little daughter is also at home playing in the background. Eventually, she may buy a banana in the children‘s store in between. As a self-mom, I know at the latest now: It will be a wonderful conversation with the sympathetic Annina.

Dear Annina, how nice that we are allowed to illuminate the subject of regression with you today. Please introduce yourself to the readers of CARL’s adventure.

With pleasure. I’m Annina Diebold – 36 years old and mom of two kids. In 2007 I took my midwifery exam. Then my way led me to Amsterdam for three months. There I was allowed to sit with a homebirth midwife. It was three intense months that really shaped me. On the one hand, it was clear to me that I would not go back to the clinic, but work as a freelance midwife. On the other hand, I was sure I would not leave my house if I was expecting a child myself. So my first daughter was born at home in Berlin – in the water. Before the birth, I worked for almost three years in a birth house in Berlin. A very nice time.

For the past three years, I have been part of the Freya midwifery practice in the south of Stuttgart. There I offer birth preparation, reformation yoga and birth preparation massages as well as massages for complaints during pregnancy.

Massages for complaints during pregnancy and pre-birth massages? What can that mean?

Recently, a woman limped into the practice, who was already 4 times with an osteopath for her sciatica pain. Plagued by persistent pain. After 20 minutes she went out of our massage lesson without pain. Something is just beautiful to see and I’m grateful for my additional training. The massages are very effective. It can be used successfully for pregnancy symptoms, such as heartburn or sciatica, or for birth preparation. The birth preparation massages replace the pre-birth acupuncture. At Freya, Helena also offers fertility massages. Also very successful.

Back to regression: You yourself offer reversionary yoga. Where do you see the strengths of reverse yoga as opposed to classic regression??

My experience is that the pelvic floor in other courses often comes too short. The focus is often on stomach-legs-butt and as soon as possible to be slim and beautiful again.

Reversion does not mean: getting slim again and beautiful!

Yoga has a holistic approach. Would you say that the exercises are more effective??

Yes, because the exercises are – just like the Pilates – with the breathing together. These exercises are just more effective. In addition, it is much gentler for the muscles. They are better supplied with blood and supplied. Yoga has something meditative. When I get into a flow, it does not only do it physically but also mentally. We get calm in our head.

What can mothers do for a strong pelvic floor – besides attending a recovery course?

Bed rest after childbirth forms the foundation for a strong pelvic floor.

That means: gravity away! And gravity away means lying down.

Mostly lying down in the first few days after birth is easy, as the body is still weakened. Please give us a clue – what is long enough?

“My women” get the first 10-14 days bed rest prescribed. No household. Just lie down and breastfeed. Of course, you should leave the bed to eat and go to the bathroom – no one has to use the bedpan. &# 128578;

When should one begin with the regression?

With simple exercises I start already in the earlyweek bed, at the latest one week after the birth, for a gentle strengthening of the pelvic floor. Within the eight weeks after birth, I show the first strengthening exercises and encourage the women to do them daily. Really every day, with at least 6 repetitions, underneath it has no effect. That means, minimal use of time. Morning, noon, evenings – repeat an exercise over and over again. When you start the recovery yoga after 6-10 weeks, we have reached a good starting point.

That a strong pelvic floor banned the incontinence insert from underpants, should be known. But what else do we need a trained pelvic floor for??

Women can get in trouble with sex.

Do you recommend doing the recovery course with or without a child??

I have experienced all variants in my midwife career. At first I did regression with children. That was difficult because the mothers often could not join in when the children were thirsty or just restless. Sometimes I even had a baby in my arms so that Mom could do the exercises. I also found it stressful for the children, because when one cries, often a second cry and then all come in stress. Very well I felt the interim solution: regression with child care. Two experienced ladies have taken care of the babies in the next room. So the mothers had the necessary rest for their exercises, but were always available when the babies were restless.

What about you in retrograde yoga – with or without a child?

Without a child. In yoga, I have to walk around and correct, because the exercises in the wrong position can have the opposite effect. With Freya did not give child care, so I decided for a course in the evening and thus without children. I think it’s great that women take this time off. Even if the children are still very small there. And I know that’s not always easy to implement. I find that very valuable, too, because we still do a relaxation exercise in the end and I just think it is very important for young moms. To make eyes in a flash and let everything be.

Is the regression necessary after a cesarean section?

Yes, in any case. Not only the birth is stressing the pelvic floor, but also the pregnancy. The hormones are the same, whether natural birth or cesarean section. Of course, vaginal birth means a maximum load on the pelvic floor, but it is about the functional unit pelvic floor, abdomen and back. These belong together. After a cesarean section, at least 10 weeks should pass before the disease is resolved. And in general: listen to the body. What hurts, do not do it first. There are positions that are just uncomfortable after a caesarean section.

Let’s talk about a very sensitive topic, because I think it’s so important to educate. What can the regression look like after a stillbirth??

Basically, you have to look individually here. In which week was the stillbirth? How was the birth? A child who was stillborn at the age of 16 means less pelvic floor strain due to its smaller size. Nevertheless, after a stillbirth it is just as important to make a regression. There are special classes after a stillbirth, for mothers who have lost their child. For example, courses are regularly offered in the Filderklinik. In addition to the physical aspect is also very important to feel: I am not alone. Here you will find people who support each other.

If you can not find a course, please ask the health insurance company for a single care by the midwife. Go quietly demanding with the health insurance companies. They always have an extra quota for individual solutions. And you should also insist on that.

If you can give the readers two or three sentences, what would you like to tell them??

Incontinence has become socially acceptable! Advertising today wants to make us believe that it is perfectly normal to incontinent as you get older. Let me tell you a little story:

“How do I get urine stains from the white underpants?”, This indiscreet, but honest question is in the room. Ursula introduced her to her friend Christiane. Absolutely sure that also Christiane has gained first experiences with it. You have to know that the two are getting close to 70. But Christiane shrugs. Do you know where the difference lies between the two experienced ladies? Christiane has had a habit since the birth of her first child: Every morning, every morning, she does a few simple pelvic floor exercises, such as a massage. Tighten the pelvic floor 20 times. She did not even stand in the supermarket at the age of 67 and bought an incontinence pad.

That’s why I want to encourage everyone: Incontinence is not fate! We just have to stay active.

Dear Annina, we thank you very much for the valuable conversation with you.

You would like to know more about Annina’s work and the practice of midwifery Freya in Stuttgart?

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