Retraining (course according to § 70 fev) – infos about mpu 2019

Retraining (course according to § 70 fev) - infos about mpu 2019

Retraining for failed MPU

The course according to § 70 Fev: retraining course after the MPU

Who has become conspicuous because of drug or alcohol offenses in the street, is often to participate in a medical-psychological examination (MPU) Committed. It is about the suitability of the person concerned to apply again for the license.

After Section 70 of the Ordinance on the Approval of Persons for Road Traffic (FeV) a re-training after the MPU can be arranged, if this not clearly positive is. In this article you get basic information for MPU retraining, in order to re-apply for the driver’s license or to get it again.

When is a follow-up training recommended??

Is a medical-psychological investigation for alcohol or drugs neither clearly positive nor clearly negative, so the responsible appraiser one Recommendation for retraining pronounce.

As “Retraining capable” were running out seven percent the participant of the year 2014 classified. Here re-training was recommended accordingly. The Federal Highway Research Institute (BAST) gives regularly statistics out, which also covers these numbers.

In order to regain the driving license by retraining after the MPU or at least to be able to apply again, so must the following requirements be fulfilled:

  • The medical-psychological investigation was ordered due to drug-related offenses in the street.
  • The opinion was not clearly positive or negative beurtelit – so there is the “ability to retrain”.
  • The appraiser then made a recommendation.

This recommendation must be sent to the driving license authority which in the rules gives her “O.k.” within one month. Should you despite recommendation not to attend a retraining, so is the completed by you MPU usually failed.

Where according to § 70 FeV courses can be taken after the MPU?

A course for retraining for alcohol or drug offenses can Not about one driving school be completed. She has to go through one Verkehrsosychologen be directed. Often these are MPU assessment bodies. Only through the BAST authorized jobs So can carry out a retraining for the driver’s license at the expense of the person concerned. These include, for example, the Branches of the following companies:

  • North Course GmbH & Co. KG
  • TÜV Thuringia Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG
  • TÜV SÜD Pluspunkt GmbH
  • Society for Education, Training and Retraining e.V. (AFN)
  • DEKRA Academy GmbH
  • Traffic Psychological Institute >What does a retraining?

By retraining the driver’s license for alcohol or drug offenses in traffic should be handed back to the victims. The positive development, the one who has already shown during the previous investigation is now too deepen.

In small groups, whose members have mostly committed similar violations, the The facts are discussed in detail and worked out solutions for later dangerous situations. This usually happens in four sessions with a Total duration of up to 20 hours.

If you stay away from the course without excuse, you have to leave this course re-apply and pay for it. Should participants appear intoxicated for retraining, they will usually locked out.

What is the cost of retraining??

The costs are also borne by the participants themselves for a re-training. These are usually at just under 400 euros. The prices can be in the regions of Germany distinguish.

FAQ: retraining

No. The recommendation for retraining is pronounced if the result of the MPU is not clear.

As a rule, the MPU is considered failed, so you can not request a re-distribution of your driver’s license.

The prices vary depending on the provider (eg the TÜV) and region. The costs have to be paid by the participant.

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