Retreat at the end of the legislative period

Retreat at the end of the legislative period

The abuse commissioner of the federal government, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig, resigns from office at the end of the legislative period. Family Ministry paid tribute to his work. The spokesman for the Corner Table, Matthias Katsch, emphasized the cooperation with those affected by the abuse.

"After more than nine years, I will retire from the office of the Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse at the end of this legislative period, also to be able to face new challenges," Rorig said in Berlin on Friday.

The 61-year-old added that he was pleased that, despite limited resources and no legal mandate, it had been possible to establish sustainable structures for the participation of victims and independent reappraisal at the federal level.

'Full steam ahead' against sexual abuse

Until the end of the legislative period in 2021, he will continue to work "with all his strength and all his heart for a more consistent fight against sexual abuse and its consequences".

Rorig, a lawyer from Kassel, took over the post in December 2011 from the first abuse commissioner and former federal minister Christine Bergmann (SPD), whose office manager he was for several years.

Family ministry honors Rorig's work

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs stated that the ministry notes the decision with regret. Rorig had "done great things for child protection and the fight against child abuse". But his announcement leaves enough time to look for a suitable successor.

The spokesman for the Corner Table, Matthias Katsch, praised it in response to a question as an "important player in the fight against sexual abuse". It is Rorig's merit that the office of an abuse commissioner has been permanently anchored with a council of affected persons. Rorig had a decisive share in the fact that the processing of sexual violence against children and adolescents has progressed. Skillfully he has built up the necessary structures for this, even against some resistance. Katsch was initially a member of the Council of Concerned Persons and has been serving on the processing commission for about a year.

From the beginning, Rorig has based his commitment on the expertise of those affected and has opened up possibilities for those affected to become more visible in society, Katsch continued. With the office of a commissioner for abuse, Germany has an important national body to continue the urgently needed social debate on sexual violence against children and young people and to improve help and support for those affected.

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