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Small, manoeuvrable, practical and equipped with as many accessories as possible: today’s pram is the Ferrari of the next generation and the more modern the better. However, there is a trend that counteracts this modern longing. The search for a retro stroller or a nostalgia stroller is increasing and the larger and more classic the better. These strollers have many advantages and their design is also impressive.

Retro, nostalgia and vintage stroller test 2019/2020

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The retro stroller of today’s generation

Retro is simply the trend, there is no way around it. This is not only noticeable in the strollers but also in the fashion and furnishings. The design goes back in time. When talking about a retro stroller, it is a modern model that looks like a stroller from times gone by. The comfortable highlights are not left out. The brake is just as important as a good suspension for the baby. At first glance, however, the look looks as if it were a model from the 50s or 70s. The advantage here is that the size of the previous versions is also taken up here. The child has significantly more space and can lie in the stroller longer until it moves into the buggy.

The nostalgia stroller for real lovers

If you are passionate about the past, then a nostalgic stroller is for you the right thing for her. This type of stroller is based entirely on the models from the past. With a little luck, you can also get a well-preserved model. With a basket attachment or a wooden tub, for example, they simply look great. There is also plenty of space in a large basket so that your offspring can feel comfortable here. It’s the same with the wheels. It is also ensured here that these are modeled on the models from the past. They are often made of wood or metal and have a particularly large diameter. So the nostalgia strollers may not be practical, but they look great.

Vintage strollers: a successful mix

You can also take a look back in time with a vintage stroller. These are also often used and with elements made of wood or basket. But here, too, the manufacturers have simply given many current models the vintage look and enchants with this great design. Here too, however, emphasis is still placed on the technical advances that are observed in the manufacture of strollers. This includes

  • suspension
  • Convertible strollers
  • swivel wheels
  • Pneumatic tires
  • brakes
  • sun protection

The stroller through the ages

A look at the past makes it clear that the development of the stroller has made rapid progress. A lot has happened in the individual decades. We have put together a small summary of the development for you. This way you can see the decade from which your retro stroller was designed or how long your nostalgia stroller has been in use.

Before the 1950s, the stroller was primarily a means to an end and many different solutions were used, which may have been practical but also had many mistakes. Baskets and wood have long been used as the basis. In the 50s, the models were equipped with a ball bearing and spring frames and the comfort increased significantly. This had many advantages for both the parents and the children themselves. In addition, the first combination strollers were launched in the 1950s. Now they could also be converted into a buggy. Car lovers were even pleased with the electric taillights that the cars are equipped with.

The 1960s were all about comfort. Now the baskets were equipped with a ventilation system and there was special padding. The lusher the better, that was the goal of the manufacturers. The 70s were finally fashionable with the stroller ahead and are among the most frequently used examples for the production of vintage strollers. A lot is played with design in this decade. This is clearly noticeable, because jeans as well as batik, bright colors and exciting tones are used to beautify the stroller. At this time, the panorama windows are also used and should ensure that the youngsters can see more.

The 80s are all about progress and the stroller is very important. Strollers and buggies are now available in sets as the so-called combination strollers and this is quite standard. In addition, the cars are significantly lighter and more manoeuvrable and there are the first pioneers for the still popular jogger.

Find the right car with the test report

The retro and nostalgia strollers are mainly based on the 50s and 60s and thus go far back in time. If you would like to bed your child in such a beautiful piece, then one can test to be helpful. With a test report, you can find out which model meets your high demands and yet goes back in time in terms of design. Well-known manufacturers for vintage strollers are, for example, Emmaljunga or Hespa. They are often test winners in comparison and score with a successful combination of quality and design. However, they are of course not cheap. Here, however, a price comparison can help you find the best offers and save money.

There are also retro buggies?

Perhaps your baby is already ready to sit and you would like to buy a buggy, but are also interested in the retro design here. You can of course also be lucky and find one or the other model from the past at a good price. However, the range for pure buggies is not quite as diverse as that for strollers. Nevertheless, there are of course some manufacturers who score in the field of buggies. Zekiwa is particularly well known and Peg Perego also has some vintage models with the buggy, which are reminiscent of the past in terms of design.

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