Retro stroller and i – my little love affair

Retro strollers – a topic that makes my heart open. Retro style strollers have a magical design, they are individual and often unique. Relics of the past are currently experiencing a real resurrection. No wonder, because they offer an incomparable flair.

I myself am one of the “retro-vintage” crazy people. Fortunately, this style is not only found in fashion and furnishings, but also in the products that are essential for an infant or toddler – such as prams.

On this page I would like to introduce many beautiful models that I found when searching for my own “dream retro stroller” on the Internet. I would also like to give an overview of what differentiates the individual retro strollers from each other, what “retro” actually means and I am trying to find out why so many people enjoy nostalgic strollers.

Overview of the content

What is a "retro stroller"?

The term “retro stroller” is actually defined by the little word “retro”. And this word comes from the Latin language and literally means "backwards". The word "retro" serves as a synonym for classic, antique, premature or old school.

Back to the term – interestingly enough, only a few terms from Latin manage to become a colloquial in German. "Retro" as a word does not exist long, although retro has been practiced since time immemorial. In art, retro styles permeate the individual epochs, for example, elements of the ancient world can be found on Renaissance buildings.

There are also a number of retro styles in music by reinterpreting old songs. To sum up, real retro stores are products that existed in the past, then disappeared and were rediscovered some time later.

And no matter what retro product it is, once a product from the past is on the market, there are numerous fans for it. That’s the way it is in fashion, that’s the way it is in music, in architecture – and in prams.

Most retro products come onto the market in the design of the time, but they are equipped with today’s standards. And it is precisely these two components that turn retro products into real trendsetters.

Strollers and retro – a wonderful connection

Our times are shaped by a hectic society. Dates, time pressure – hardly anything reminds of the times of the golden 1920s, the wild 1950s to 1960s and the slow change towards fast working and acting did not make itself so noticeable in the 1970s.

A retro stroller is a reminder of this often sluggish past, which – somewhat idealized – is equated with the good old days.
Even if a lot turned for the better today and the standard of living improved significantly, not everything was bad at the time. The stroller with a retro look stands for a piece of intact family world, for harmony, for constant safety.

Here is a small video, very stylish I think &# 128578;

What makes a vintage stroller?

It is this wonderful, chic and somewhat homely design that immediately captivates me and many others when I see a retro or vintage stroller. The big wheels with the shiny spokes, the sparkling chrome frame, the big baby basket with its flat lying surface, the fabric with the charm of the past. It is the overall picture that gives a stroller with a retro look its magic. The fabric cover in harmony with the basket, the hood, bows, borders, in short: the individual, small details.

Retro or vintage is a work of art, a way of life that has a very specific expression. Not all parents or grandparents want ultra-hip, futuristic plastic and plastic strollers. They may be “in” – but they are not very original and are not necessarily individual. A retro stroller is characterized by an originality that is second to none.

Why do people like this piece so much??

I once tried to answer the question why retro triggers such enthusiasm for prams. Whole generations are fond of retro strollers: how often do you see proud grandparents pushing their grandchild through the city in a retro stroller, provided the baby’s parents do it themselves with a no less proud facial expression. And the slightly bigger offspring? For his part pushes a vintage-style doll’s pram. But why is that? The phenomenon of "popularity of retro strollers" can be traced back to two aspects, on the one hand the own history and on the other hand the appearance of the stroller.

Nostalgic childhood memories

Everything used to be better – this sentence still rings in my ears, it was pronounced by my grandmother in a regular manner. So she was right. In the past everything was actually better, at least according to our subjective feeling. But in the past we were also children and only took care of the important things in life: eating, sleeping, going to school. My childhood was relatively unspectacular. There were no endless discussions with my parents. Gathered three times a day the whole family at the table for meals together. We were looking forward to the holidays, we found school stupid. But we had to follow clear rules, which also gave us some security. The harmony of that time does not result from the absence of arguments, but from the slower attitude towards life. It took half an hour to wait in line at the bakery. The shoemaker calmly served his customers before turning to the next one.

Exactly this way of life is reflected for many people in a retro stroller today – even if hardly anyone actually wishes to go back in time.

At that time there were only a few television programs, you didn’t know anything about the internet, you played outside with other children and when the parents called for food, it was better to start running immediately. That’s it, most people remember this comfortable time, which has little to do with today’s hectic pace. And that is exactly what makes people smile when they see me in the city with my retro stroller.

design aspects

Retro, vintage, nostalgia – all of this denotes a style with a special design. With such a stroller you do not correspond to the "mass taste", such a vehicle contains a statement. The big wheels, the basket, the wickerwork or the chrome frame, nothing on a retro stroller is characterized by visible high-tech. Although the "new old" strollers are absolutely characterized by fine technical refinements. The safety aspect and the convenient comfort are just not immediately recognizable. Nevertheless, they are there and that’s a good thing. But the effect of a "new, old" stroller is always the same: you feel involuntarily put back in a kind of security. Triggered by the design.

A brief history of the stroller

I opened the big history book wide to get the first strollers. Until the middle of the 16th century, mothers either carried their babies with them wrapped in a cloth, put them in a basket or wooden sack, or they used wheelbarrows. Ultimately, proper prams would not have existed much at the time, because there were no roads yet, only worn-out bumpy paths. There were no pneumatic tires yet and the wheels would not have been around for long.

The first strollers on the street appeared in England at the beginning of the 19th century. The pushchair developed from the bassinet to push. However, this model looked more like a basket to which someone had mounted wheels below. The first company dedicated to the professional production of strollers was also in England. They were three-wheel models of high design and the little ones could only sit in them, so this construction was rather unsuitable for infants.

It wasn’t until 1880 that the first cars were created in which an infant could reasonably lie. These were again equipped with four wheels – and the success story of the strollers was unstoppable.

In Germany, by the way, Ernst Albert Naether (March 1825 – November 1894) from Zeitz is considered the founder of the stroller. After his – then usual – wandering, the trained wheelwright took over the father’s company and soon produced chair wagons for children in addition to carriages and sledges. When he started to produce wooden bases for children’s pulling carriages, the demand grew rapidly. Unfortunately, it is not known today when exactly Ernst Albert Naether produced the first complete pushchair. When the Leipziger Messe opened its gates in 1852, visitors could look forward to and buy Naether prams. In the following years, the wave of "reform strollers", as Naether called his models, spilled all over Europe. From then on you could see all over the country, from Sicily to the North Sea, young mothers with their babies in prams. By the way – Zeitz is still referred to as the “city of prams”.

Which strollers fall under the "retro" aspect?

Of course, many try to jump on the success train of the "retro trend" and assign terms like retro, vintage, nostalgic or antique to their strollers. There are definitely differences between a stroller that is retro – and one that would like to be.

To give you some clarity, I took a closer look at the four most popular retro strollers.

Really antique strollers

A dream! A really antique stroller is almost impossible to get today. Chance should play a major role, for example through an attic find. Normally there are real antique prams in a museum. However, the real, antique strollers are not necessarily a haven of comfort for the little occupants. During the "wheelbarrow" and "pulling wagon times", the carriages were mainly used to carry the babies. The fact that the drug of choice was healthy for the infant was of little interest. Nevertheless, such old strollers naturally reflect a journey through time and the rarity value is so great that it would be almost impossible to get such a vehicle unseen by historians.

From the 70s

Strollers from the 1970s are also real retro strollers. Such companions are surely slumbering here and there on a store and with luck, they can also be found at a flea market. It was the time of change. Ball-bearing tires and spring-loaded frames were introduced. The ventilation was attributed enormous value – in short: the little person should feel good all around. The fabrics became more colorful, the look slowly moved towards the bright colors of the 1980s and 1990s.

From the GDR

DDR strollers mostly come from Zeitz. However, they do not differ much from the strollers made by other manufacturers. In fact, it was rather the case that many “western parents” pushed a stroller that was produced in the former GDR. DDR strollers are in many museums, but certainly here and there in the attic.

"Old" and "classic"?

In principle, all old and classically designed strollers are retro products. The "retro" finally refers to a certain age, a time out and new things.

Which model variants are there??

Of course there are also different models under retro strollers. When I leaf through the history book again, the Naether catalog in 1896 contained over 100 different stroller models. Let’s see which variants I came across at my flea shops:


A "normal" stroller is a common model with four wheels, a baby basket on the frame and a handle for pushing. The normal stroller is suitable for infants up to the age of six to eight months.

Combi stroller

A combi stroller can be converted from an infant stroller to a sports stroller in just a few simple steps. Thus, such a model can be used wonderfully from birth to infancy.

With swivel wheels

Some manufacturers that specialize in the reproduction of retro strollers offer their models with swivel wheels. These strollers are of course much more flexible and manoeuvrable than those with fixed wheels.

3 in 1 stroller

A 3 in 1 stroller is a complete stroller that can also be used from birth to infancy. Usually an additional baby seat is integrated, so the stroller can be used as a classic baby stroller for the first few months. Later it then serves as a sports car or as a buggy.

Buy retro strollers

They are beautiful, they have expression, they are characterized by charm. But where to start if you want to buy a retro stroller? I’ve also been dealing with this question for a while. In principle, you have two options: Either you search for the old treasures on the Internet or you choose a new stroller with a retro look.

Buy real, old prams

If you are looking for real, old strollers for your darling, you need some luck. Old attic finds are occasionally offered on platforms such as Ebay. It is absolutely worthwhile to look for new offers every day. At an auction, it can be worth the wait, in order to have a duel with a competitor in the last few seconds. But be careful – right old strollers can cost a nice little bucket. And before your little treasure arrives, restoration work may have to be carried out. But all of this can be absolutely worthwhile – both searching on eBay and tinkering with the vehicle for the youngsters.

Incidentally, there is not only the eBay auction platform, but also the Ebay classifieds market. A national search can pay off here, even if you have to pick up the good piece from a somewhat further away location.

New strollers with a retro look on Amazon or other online shops

The new vintage-style strollers are a real alternative. They look like their original predecessors, but offer the technical standard of today’s modern strollers. For example, in the post-war years there was certainly no 5-point belt system and the weight of a real, old pram was not designed for dainty women. Some manufacturers only take partial aspects of a retro stroller. Of course, this is a matter of taste if the basket is braided but the cover is made of ultra-modern stretch material.

Personally, for example, the spokes in the wheels were always an indicator of old school. Sometimes I found strollers in retro design, where I couldn’t say straight away: real or retro made. This is exactly the ideal case – the overall picture has to be coherent, otherwise a retro stroller looks somehow inconsistent. It doesn’t matter if you recognize at a glance the click system with which the stroller can be folded to save space. It is only important that this is only recognized at a second glance.

Some stroller models presented

I looked around for you and like to “present” my personal favorites – at least parts of them, because in truth my highlights include significantly more models of this magical, charming retro stroller. Incidentally, in the descriptions of the individual models you will find some of the EN 1888 certification. This means that such an excellent pram has the test seal of the European safety standard. It continues with the approval standard ECE R4404, which is also a sign of the highest possible safety and a high quality standard.

Retro 3 in 1 "Giullietta" stroller

The Giullietta 3 in 1 retro stroller has everything that makes a chic, modern and comfortable stroller. Its cheerful look with dots harmoniously combines with its functionality – it is particularly nice that the stroller is available in nine different color combinations.

In addition to the actual stroller, the 3 in 1 set includes a carrycot, a buggy insert and a car seat. The backrest / lying surface can be raised in four stages so that your little darling can also sit in it.

The 35 centimeters large, air-filled tires provide your baby with a small, blissful shower of wellbeing, because everything is wonderfully dampened even on bumpy paths. Of course, the suspension plays a role, too – there is nothing to complain about. A parking brake on both sides is another point that should be mentioned positively.

The retro stroller fulfills the safety standard EN 1888 and the car seat is tested according to the safety standard ECE R 44-04. In the spacious basket at the bottom of the chassis there is enough space for shopping and with a weight of 12 kilos the pushchair can be easily stowed in the car after it is simply folded up.

The dimensions of the retro stroller:

Folded: 68 x 60 x 31 cm
Frame: 55 x 60 x 31 cm
Baby bath: 80 x 37.5 x 22 cm
Push handle: adjustable between approx. 70 to 112 cm

One more word: For every Giullietta Retro stroller there is a diaper bag in a matching color combination for free.

Mountaineer Venice nostalgia 3 in 1 pram

The 3 in 1 retro stroller from Bergsteiger convinces from the first glance. Not only the beautifully dotted design in eight different colors is convincing, the whitewall pneumatic tires are also eye-catchers. The chrome-plated spokes round off the nostalgia picture to perfection.

In addition to the frame, the large package includes a car seat, a carrycot and a sports seat. In addition to the 5-point seat belt, the chic stroller is also equipped with a safety bar, a hood, a shopping basket, a rain cover and swivel wheels.
What I particularly like about this model is the use of tested fabrics in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This is a certification that the fabrics contain no harmful substances. This certification normally goes far beyond the legal framework.

The dimensions of the "Venice" model:

Frame folded: 86 x 58 x 40 cm
Frame unfolded: 108 x 58 x 112 cm
Baby bath: 80 x 38 x 22 cm
Tire size: 42 cm

Eichhorn Senator wicker stroller

Isn’t it a cute dream? With its optical style, the retro stroller actually looks as if it had come from a different time. This is not only due to the wonderfully authentic wicker basket, in my opinion it is due to the overall picture of the stroller. Despite its magical appearance, the stroller convinces with practical functionality – hard to believe given its style. The suspension comfort results from the use of leather straps, just as it was once made. However, it is not just leather, glass fiber-reinforced synthetic leather was used here.

The 30-centimeter ball-bearing wheels are attached to an extremely stable chrome-plated frame and your favorite sweetheart will not notice any unevenness in the floor.

The wheels are available in two different versions: one as an EVA wheel and one as an air wheel. The difference is quickly explained:

• EVA tires are made of a hard, robust plastic, they are perfect for paved roads.

• Pneumatic tires are similar to a bicycle tire, so they are more suitable for nature trips.

So the choice of bikes depends on whether you stroll more in nature or more in the city with your darling. Incidentally, the wheels can be removed with one hand, which is practical if you only own a small vehicle.

The soft top is moisture and wind resistant, but PVC protection is included in the delivery.

The handmade basket is and remains the heart of this beautiful retro stroller. And the creative minds really thought of everything when creating, so the upholstery can be easily removed for washing – those who have a little spit are very happy about this feature.
The baby lies on a mattress, the ventilation circulates optimally and the leather straps make it wonderfully gently rocked when going out for a walk.

The dimensions of the Eichhorn stroller:

Belt spring frame: 100 x 36 x 62 cm
Lying area of ​​the wicker basket: 75 x 38 cm
Folding size: 81 x 36 x 62 cm
Weight frame with wheels: 7.8 kg
Weight of wicker basket: 7.5 kg

Luxury retro stroller rattan Paris

A stroller that is lovingly handcrafted – and this is shown by wonderfully incorporated details. The stroller in retro style not only promises luxury – it can also hold it.

The removable baby bath is made of hand-woven natural rattan. It is wonderfully softly padded and equipped with cotton. The lying surface can be locked in three positions, so your little darling can lie in it, sit halfway or sit upright.

The friendly look has practical benefits, such as the two handles on the sides or the adjustable hood with a window insert. The 17 inch wheels are made of hard rubber and are particularly easy to slide – alternatively, 14 inch air wheels can be mounted on the retro stroller.

The homely retro stroller can ideally also serve as a travel cot, because it is equipped with a sensible mattress. The design is from front to back of unprecedented elegance. A large shopping basket rounds off the practical functionality – which is so important in everyday life with a baby.

The foldable frame equipped with a safety block weighs 15.3 kg with the carrycot.

The dimensions of the Paris style:

Stroller: 80 x 65 x 37 cm
Handle: 70 to 106 cm
Baby bath: 76 x 37 cm

Eichhorn classic combination stroller with automatic frame

Classic elegance, in the spirit of the good old days – that presents this magical piece of jewelry from the Eichhorn quality house. The chrome frame convinces with its stability, which is given by the use of a long spring frame. Equipped with 30-centimeter, ball-bearing wheels, there will hardly be an infant who does not take a good night’s sleep in such a wonderfully comfortable stroller.
If your child has outgrown the couchette, you can use the combination stroller as a pushchair. The snap-in sports seat can be installed so that your darling looks curiously at the environment or has an eye on you. The backrest and footrest can be snapped in at different levels.
When you set up the retro stroller, it automatically engages – an option that I absolutely appreciate. Your little darling sits securely in the Eichhorn combi stroller thanks to the removable 5-point harness and you can comfortably adjust the push handle to your height up to a height of 108 centimeters.
The wonderfully beautiful stroller is of course equipped with an easy-care, washable cover and the foldable top protects against moisture and wind. In addition, there is of course a PVC rain cover in the scope of delivery.

The dimensions:

Unfolded: 85 x 65 x 39 cm
Folded: 65 x 103 x 52 cm
Weight: approx. 21 kilos

Classico Retro 3 in 1 stroller with wicker basket

The lovely 3 in 1 stroller is convincing proof of how graceful and tasteful retro design can be. However, an excellent stroller must have more than a chic design – and that’s exactly what the Classico Retro 3 in 1 stroller does. The comfortable natural wicker basket is equipped with a large baby bath (76 x 32 cm), in which a winter sleeping bag can be stored in winter. The carrycot with integrated handle is equipped with a soft inner padding made of pure cotton – these are exclusively low-pollutant and certified materials.
The mattress offers your little treasure comfortable lying comfort and later you simply convert the magical retro stroller into a sports car. You decide whether your sweetheart in the sports car attachment looks in the direction of travel or towards you – the option for both variants is available. Your child is secured with the padded 5-point belt and if you want to take it out, you can easily remove the safety bar.
Overall, this 3 in 1 stroller shows in retro style how creative beauty can be. The dotted fabric, the wicker basket, the 14 inch pneumatic tires with white inset, the loving subtleties – all this makes this model one real Jewel. In addition to rain protection and mosquito net, a car seat adapter for the Maxi Cosi is included in the scope of delivery, making it easy to mount the Maxi Cosi on the frame.

The dimensions of the stroller:
58 x 85 x 48 cm
Weight: approx. 14 kilos
Baby bath: 5.2 kilos
Sports car attachment: 4.2 kilos

Retro deluxe nostalgia stroller with natural linen

When you see this nostalgic stroller, everyone’s heart will open! Beautiful, magical – and also extremely functional. The nice thing about this stroller: it looks as if it came from a different time – even though it is equipped with a practical functionality that makes everyday life with a baby so wonderfully practical. Examples? Gladly: The use of natural linen alone emphasizes the elegant elegance using the highest quality materials. The ecological natural basket weave contains an 83 x 40 cm large, spacious baby bath with an integrated handle. A simple click system allows you to easily remove and lock the tub.
The inner padding is wonderfully soft and softly padded and consists of 100 percent pure cotton. All covers are washable, removable, moisture-repellent and breathable.

The flashing chrome frame scores with excellent suspension. In conjunction with the 14 inch pneumatic tires, your sweetheart will be comfortably rocked for a walk. The sports car attachment can be mounted with and against the direction of travel. The backrest can be infinitely adjusted from the lying position to the upright seat – there is really no more comfort. The footrest is height adjustable and a 5-point belt system ensures safety on the go.

In addition to the nostalgia stroller, the mattress, shopping basket, rain cover, mosquito net, diaper bag, an adapter for the car seat from Maxi Cosi, Cybex or Safety First and the pushchair attachment (buggy attachment) are included in the extensive scope of delivery.

The dimensions of the stroller:
58 x 85 x 48 cm
Weight: approx. 14 kilos
Baby bath: 5.2 kilos
Sports car attachment: 4.2 kilos

Basket stroller Nature in leather look

Do you love something special? Then I would like to introduce you to a top-class combination stroller. It is a magical mix of perfect classic and sophisticated modern. More precisely: The harmonious combination of braided natural willow and synthetic leather create a wonderful antique look.
The aluminum frame reduces the weight of the baby stroller to approx. 18 kg. The basket tray sits securely and firmly on a spring-loaded frame and can be removed easily and conveniently. The backrest is adjustable from the lying position to the upright seat.
A special highlight is the height-adjustable push handle – here too the manufacturer remained true to itself with its choice of materials and used leather. In addition, there are eyelets on the handle for secure storage of the diaper bag – which is part of the scope of delivery.
The 14 inch wheels are evidence of robust resilience – even when things get bumpy. Your sunshine will not notice anything thanks to the excellent suspension of the stroller.

The dimensions:
Unfolded: 107 x 57 x 123 cm
Folded: 90 x 67 x 40 cm
Sliding height: 85 to 111 cm
Lying area in the baby bath: 80 x 36 cm

My conclusion

It’s easy to guess why I love these magical retro strollers, isn’t it? It is very important to me personally that my baby is well and I would do anything for it – like every mother. It is all the more beautiful when your own personal taste can be combined with the safety aspect of a stroller.
The strollers presented here are solidly made, consist of high-quality materials and impress with their quality. So I can live out my individuality wonderfully and know my little darling is well looked after. For many, retro is not even a question of taste – retro can become a way of life. Just think back a little bit to the old days, which were not yet characterized by stress and hectic pace.
A time when the children met outside to play together, romp – and yes, sometimes to fight. With a stroller with a retro look you can bring back a little bit of that time. In any case, I always enjoy the smile I come across from strangers. And that’s only because I have a retro style pram. Maybe also because it expresses a nice attitude towards life. Whatever the reason – I think retro strollers are fantastic. This line now runs through my entire environment – what is not antique is made antique. The modern age has also done one thing: You can buy all the materials that are necessary for the restoration of a really old pram, in a simple and uncomplicated manner. And the Internet offers enough instructions on how you can repair the spokes of your loft find – an old pram.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful, magical world of retro!


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