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recently I would also like to review children’s books, since I work as a teacher in a daycare center and therefore I am always looking for beautiful children’s books !! So today I brought my 2nd review for a children’s book =)

I received the book as a review copy, but as always my opinion is independent.

At night when everything is sleeping.
author: Britta Teckentrup
Publishing company: Prestel
Release date: 02/29/2016
Page Count: 56
Price: € 12.99 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-3-7913-7245-7
Genre: children’s book
Age recommendation from the publisher: from 3 years

In "At night when everything is sleeping. " a little girl embarks on a journey in her dreams. Together with a lion, they fly in a hot air balloon about the Sea, go by boat, cross a forest and meet some animals.

The book is robust and of very good quality. The paper is a little thicker, which makes it a little more protected from prying children’s hands than some other books.

The illustrations are really a dream and stimulate the imagination! The colors are rather dark, which fits perfectly with the story around the night. They appear calm and mysterious and at the end they change into colorful pictures when the child awakens slowly. This makes the contrast between night and day very clear.
No kitschy motifs or comic style! But really beautifully drawn illustrations, as it should be! Through these illustrations, the book has a very relaxing and pleasant effect on me. Even as an adult!
The illustrations are great because they tell a story. Even without an adult, a child can look at the book and see a story. The story of a little girl and her lion, who experience a lot and meet other animals. ‘

The text can be easily read out to the child because it is compatible with the pictures. The sentences are short and rhyming, which is very suitable for children. Linguistically, I think the book is really great!
It is easy to understand but offers many speech impulses, which is particularly suitable for language development.
Together, the child and the adult can go on a journey. There are also pages without text, which can encourage people to speak and thus give the child the chance to tell what is happening there.

But the book takes time, it shouldn’t even be read quickly in between. An appropriate atmosphere, i.e. a calm and relaxed environment, helps to be able to fully grasp this book. It is a quiet story and the time for that, the book should also be given.

I think that through the topic and the implementation, this book is great as a bedtime story. Probably also for children who may be a little anxious in the evening and do not want to sleep. The child in the book learns that they can experience many adventures in dreams at night and need not be afraid. This can encourage a child to look forward to dreams and to experience adventures like the child and the lion.

I can only recommend this book to everyone. Fantastic illustrations make this book a wonderful children’s book! This book can also convince thematically! A little diamond, among the children’s books!

(Cover by Prestel)
I received the book as a review copy

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