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12th Vegan Summer Festival Berlin: Europe’s largest veggie street festival transformed Alexanderplatz in oasis of vegetable treats

Last weekend, the Vegane Sommerfest Berlin took place for the 12th time. Big and small guests celebrated with a colorful program, live music and international delicacies the variety of the plant life.

Berlin, 26.08.2019
Not only Germany’s veggie scene, the weather is also a big fan of the Vegan Summer Festival Berlin 2019: In bright sunshine, the event attracted more guests than ever to the Alexanderplatz to celebrate the diversity of plant life together. More than 65,000 visitors from all over the world met to discover and feast around the Fountain of Friendship.

Concentrated plant power
Not only the demand for exhibitor seats, but also the rush of dealers was great: at over 130 booths and food trucks, guests could discover international herbal food, animal-free cosmetics and vegan clothing.

Numerous organizations from the fields of nutrition, climate and environmental protection as well as animal rights and animal welfare informed thousands of interested parties about their work. Also the organizers of the festival, ProVeg, the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our fellow citizens and Berlin-Vegan, were on site with information stands. More than 100 volunteers made a great effort for 3 days to ensure a smooth flow.

“It’s great to see how the Vegan Summer Festival in Berlin always thrills and attracts more and more guests every year,” explains Silke Hellemann, Head of the organizational team. “Above all, we are pleased with the many positive responses from the people who are just discovering the vegetable lifestyle for themselves and are equally surprised and enthusiastic about how colorful and diverse a life without animal products can be.”

Varied entertainment
The summer party convinced again with its extensive stage program. For example, in the live cooking shows Sophia Hoffmann with their zero-waste kitchen, how to optimally utilize food. Timo Franke proved once again that herbal cuisine is also perfectly suited to sophisticated cuisine. At the fashion show, committed helpers showed just how much style animal-free and sustainable clothing has. The DJane Duo “Pimp myBrain“Showed the songs of singer-songwriter with their music performance, how art and activism can be combined Hannah Jaha went under the skin of the visitors. The needles in the tattoo tent also got under the skin: courageous guests made a lasting impression again this year.

For the first time this year, the V-Friending took place, which enjoyed great popularity: In this speed dating variation, the guests could get to know like-minded in a playful way and lay the foundation for future veggie friendships. Another highlight was the raffle: The tent was always well attended and sold a total of 15,000 tickets.

The fact that the visitors were not just there to feast, showed the keen interest in the lectures: In the contributions of famous names such as graduate psychologist Melanie Joy, podcaster Lars Walther and nutrition expert Niko Rittenau Not only were all the benches filled, guests also lined up around the lecture tent to learn more about the vegan lifestyle. For further questions, vegan people answered questions at the “Ask a Vegan” tent, while the little guests could let off steam at the supervised children’s program on the bouncy castle.

Happy visitors, satisfied organizers
Above all, the ice cream and beverage stands enjoyed great popularity in the mid-summer temperatures. Sweet donuts and churros were also in demand, as well as hearty burritos, hungarian lángos and vegan kebabs. Many stalls invited guests to taste their products.

“We are very happy with the process of this year’s summer party. We have received consistently positive feedback from both the visitors and the exhibitors “, summed up Hellemann. “This is also due to the great work of the many volunteers – I am overwhelmed every year, with how much commitment they make in advance and on site to bring the vegan lifestyle with fun and enjoyment in the middle of society.”

More information on the 12th Vegan Summer Festival Berlin is available at and on Facebook:

Impressions from the summer party 2019 (credit Kay Ranzau)

The Vegan Summer Festival Berlin is organized by ProVeg, the animal rights alliance Berlin-Vegan and the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our fellow citizens. The festival is supported in advance and on site by numerous volunteers and helpers.

11th vegan summer festival Berlin: The world’s largest veggie event transformed the Alexanderplatz in a vegan oasis

With over 130 exhibitors, this year’s Vegan Summer Festival was the biggest ever. Traders around the Neptune Fountain and Weltzeituhr offered international herbal food, vegan organic and raw food specialties, non-animal cosmetics, leather-free shoes as well as vegan accessories and clothing.

Numerous organizations from the fields of nutrition, climate and environmental protection as well as animal rights and animal welfare informed interested parties about their work. The organizers of the festival, ProVeg Germany, the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our fellow citizens and Berlin-Vegan, were also present with information booths. More than 100 volunteers made a great effort for three days to ensure a smooth flow.

“We are pleased that more and more people are interested in a plant-based lifestyle and that the Vegan Summer Festival Berlin gets bigger every year.” explained Sebastian Joy, VEBU CEO and ProVeg co-founder.

The international visitors brought great mood, curious questions and great appetite” sums up Silke Hellemann, Head of the organizational team. “The atmosphere was consistently positive despite the sometimes changeable weather, the visitors were open-minded and interested. It was a big party. “

Varied program

A diverse stage program ensured good entertainment. So prepared several vegan celebrity chefs like Justin P. Moore or Sophia Hoffmann delicious dishes for the visitors too. The fashion shows featured beautiful and sustainable clothing. A lasting impression left the team of Berlin Strength. When weightlifting the Berlin studio showed that a vegan diet is really fit and strong.

Another highlight was the arrival of cyclists to extreme cyclists Ben Urbanke, who finished their donation tour at the Veganen Sommerfest. For more than 30 kilometers, they cycled through Berlin’s city center for a good cause that day. Under the motto “Pro Health, Per Animal, Per Environment, Per Justice, Per Pleasure – I am ProVeg” they set a clear sign for the vegetable diet.

The initiators of the first official Animal Rights March were received with great enthusiasm. The animal rights demonstration took place in parallel to the summer party on Sunday.

New this year was the workshop offer. Guests had the opportunity to make their own vegan cheese or to get practical tips on coping with stress. In the Vegan Summer Lounge, visitors were able to get comfortable with fresh drinks and live music. If you wanted to take a long-lasting souvenir, was right in the tattoo tent. Many brave ones got a souvenir under the skin of renowned artists from Berlin, Hamburg and Switzerland.

10,000 prizes awaited the visitors at the raffle. A supervised children’s program with a large bouncy castle provided fun for the youngest. For all personal questions, volunteers stood patiently throughout the weekend in the Ask-a-vegan tent.

As in previous years, the lectures were very popular. Experts like Dr. Melanie Joy, Niko Rittenau and Dr. Mark Benecke In the packed tent, they provided interesting information on all aspects of the veggie lifestyle. The focus was on topics such as plant nutrition for pets, in childhood and sports, vegan activism or bio-cyclic-vegan agriculture.

Happy visitors, satisfied organizers

“We are fully satisfied with the result of this year’s Vegan Summer Festival. The visitors got their money‘s worth with a wide-ranging program. For young and old, young and old, curious passers-by and many years of veggies, there was something exciting to discover. The feedback was consistently positive “, So the conclusion of Hellemann. “This is also due to the great work of the volunteer helpers who give their best each year, both in advance and on the ground, to give us all a great weekend.”

The exhibitors were also enthusiastic: “For me, working here was very pleasant. Above all, I found it exciting to see how much interest there is in the guests “ Bianca from project: deli describes her impressions. Vegan chocolates and cheeses were especially in demand this weekend. Also donuts and ice cream on a vegetable basis went in large quantities on the counters.

Anniversary: ​​10th Vegan Summer Festival Berlin!

For the 10th time the Vegan Summer Festival took place on the Alexanderplatz and for the anniversary year there were of course some highlights! At the festival not only vegan culinary treasures were to be found, but also represented a variety of information stands on the subject of animal rights, environmental protection and sustainability. There were many singer songwriters on stage, but also DJs from Berlin and all over Germany. A mix of jazz, electro swing and acoustic sounds ensured the perfect summer mood and spread a good mood among the visitors and exhibitors. A special highlight was the appearance of Jamie Lee, convinced vegan and winner of The Voice of Germany and participant of the Eurovision Song Contest. We also had guests of honor in the lecture tent with Esther the Wonder Pig and Vegan is unhealthy. Of course, our little guests were not lacking in fun and games. Here, the children could let off steam on the bouncy castle, make-up fun animal faces or be creative by various painting projects and community games.

For three days celebrating at the “9. Vegan Summer Festival Berlin “

On Friday, 19.08.2016, the Berlin Alexanderplatz turned again into a vegan mecca. Where else Currywurst sellers make their rounds, organized the VEBU together with “Berlin Vegan” and the “Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our fellow world” the “9. Vegane Sommerfest Berlin “, which showed how much fun an animal-deficient lifestyle makes.

Pet-friendly shoes, clothing and cosmetics as well as culinary highlights and information stands of numerous organizations invited to browse and enjoy. On the stage and in the lecture tent there was a varied program, which was exciting and entertaining for long-time veggies as well as for newcomers.

Our summer party thrilled both Berlin passers-by and tourists for the plant life and was also a meeting place for vegetarian and vegan people. The onslaught of the past years and also in 2016 with more than 60,000 visitors showed that the interest of the people is indignant and we already look forward to the next festival full of anticipation.

The Vegan Summer Festival 2016 from the point of view of an Orgateam member

Flashbacks often describe highlights. I want to give you insights here, also with highlights – maybe of a different kind.

The Vegan Summer Festival Berlin is set up each year by a team of volunteers, supported by the VEBU (Vegetarian Federation Germany e.V.), the Albert Schweitzer Foundation and Berlin VEGAN. In 2016, I was a volunteer for the first time.

Everything started off harmlessly, occasional meetings, always something delicious to eat – so vegans are easy. Distribute tasks, discuss and find solutions

In the summer it became more and more exciting. And with exciting I mean nerve-racking. The program must stand, banners are given in print, the blessing from the district office, ordering of eco-toilets, plants, benches. Find exhibitors, design stickers, summer festival bags for sale and crew shirts for the whole team.
The weekend 25.-27. August is here. The evening before, in a summery atmosphere, we draw the floor plan on Alexanderplatz. Everything looks very calm here. This will change in the morning within a few hours.
The exhibitors start at 9.00 o’clock. We are glad that Rico from Burg Nagezahn is there. He works almost without financial means and has promised himself to the welfare of pets, especially the rodents among them. He got the stand for free from the raffle for start-ups and NGOs. But also well-known are there. Wheaty supplies the best sausages, Bionade has set up a chill-out lounge with casual music. The Great Ape Project promotes its work against the abuse of intelligent, empathetic apes.
At the raffle stand the people to buy the coveted lots, because every lot is a profit. Soon you will see how heavy bags of pineapple coconut milk, veggie mayo, summery shower gels and other smaller and larger treasures are carried across the site.
Opposite is the bouncy castle for the little visitors. A volunteer, a bear of a man, takes over supervision for a few hours. His watchful eye and his “always ready” pose reveal how seriously he takes his job.
The stage features supercool gigs in the evening and Honey La Bronx even travels from New York. For the first time this year there will be a fashion show. Kristina von Loveco, a fair-vegan Berlin fashion boutique, will be there to help out with the right outfits for our models. From the summer linen trousers to “silky” evening wear made of Tencel and cuddly cotton sweaters, everything is included. And the volunteer models shine on the specially constructed catwalk.
In the lecture tent, The Suckler and The Lover just take the honor, very funny and a little bit serious. All speakers, including real stars of the vegan scene, are here for free. Who is here, has fun.

For vegans, the Vegan Summer Festival is a gourmet paradise. The best burgers are here anyway, but that does not stop there. Belgian waffles, soft ice cream, traditional vegan Indian and North African dishes, right next to the delicacies of the Berlin Tofurei, the tofu tussis and much more. There’s something for everyone.

Three days of sparkling energy on the Alex, colorful bustle, friends and acquaintances from all over Germany meet here again. And we are in the middle of it. Partially at the limit of endurance, but happy. Happy that all this is possible. Happy that so many people come together to celebrate and enjoy a non-animal lifestyle.

A picture trip through our vegan summer party 2015

From the 29th to the 31st of August 2014 our feast took place on Alexanderplatz – for the first time three days!

From Friday to Sunday, 50,000 visitors were able to find out about the vegetarian vegan lifestyle, feast on vegan food and experience a varied program. This makes the Berlin Vegan-Vegetarian Summer Festival the largest of its kind in Europe!

At around 70 information, food and stalls there were international delicacies, vegan organic and raw food specialties, animal-free cosmetics, fashion and leather-free accessories. The information booths of the present environmental protection, animal protection and animal rights organizations were well attended. The activists reported on their work and answered questions about their involvement.

On stage, Björn Moschinski thrilled viewers with a live cooking show, and vegan bodybuilder and writer Patrik Baboumian moved the audience. The VEBU was one of the three organizers in addition to Berlin-Vegan and the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our local community on site and was available for questions about the vegetarian-vegan lifestyle. Lectures and workshops were offered in the congress tent. The American social psychologist Melanie Joy debated with the audience about the question “Why we love dogs and eat pigs”. Bestselling author Hilal Sezgin read from her latest book “Hilal Sezgins Animal Life”.

A supervised children’s program with bouncy castle, face painting and other attractions provided fun for the youngest guests. The stage program moderated by Laura Schneider and Frank Metzker brought the visitors of the party in the mood. In addition to the live music program with rock, jazz and rap, the guests could dance to Electroswing and listen to the sounds of some singer-songwriters. The festival ended on Sunday with the Berlin band “Berge”.

Bigger, colorful, better: Meat-free was celebrated in 2013 on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz – with a vegan kebab, show cooking and live music.

At the Veggie Summer Festival, visitors of all ages were able to learn about the vegetarian lifestyle, enjoy vegan feasts and experience a diverse program. At around 70 information and stalls, visitors can look forward to international delicacies, vegan organic and raw food specialties, animal-free cosmetics, T-shirts with great designs, and leather-free products and accessories such as belts and shoes.

At the summer festival an impressive record was set: The vegan living strength athlete Patrik Baboumian, who in 2011 won the title “the strongest man in Germany”, carried as much as 555 kg over a distance of 10 meters! On stage, Emaline Delapaix, Morgaine and Mr. Binner provided a good atmosphere. And in the congress tent exciting lectures and readings could be heard. Also present were Raphael Fellmer, Jumana Mattukat and many others. There was also a live show of the show “MiViZ” with Marsili Cronberg.

Everyone was able to challenge their personal fortune with a raffle with many interesting prizes: restaurant vouchers, cosmetics or food – there was something for every taste. A supervised children’s program with bouncy castle, face painting and other attractions ensured that even the smallest guests had fun.

The Vegan-Vegetarian Summer Festival 2012: Giant rush in bright sunshine

Summer, sun, joy of life! The Vegan Vegetarian Summer Festival 2012 was a summer festival, as it is in the picture book – the sun was shining! But not only her! Because in the now five-year success story of this festival, this year’s summer festival set a new record – both for exhibitors and visitors. For the fifth year in a row, the festival has already grown significantly – a clear sign that the vegan-vegetarian way of life has arrived in the middle of society!

In addition to great live music by “Notic Nastic”, “Orpheus & The Sea “and” Emaline Delapaix “featured interesting readings and lectures by Marsili Cronberg (” How I Forget Eating Animals “), Andreas Grabolle (” No Meat Makes You Happy “) and many others. As a highlight, the vegan top chef and restaurant owner Björn Moschinski showed in a cooking show how to conjure up delicious dishes (vegan egg salad, gyros and berry shake) from purely plant-based ingredients. Of course, the little ones were well taken care of: they enjoyed the bouncy castle and the children‘s make-up.

The numerous information and stalls invited many interested people to take a closer look at the consumption of products of animal origin and to enjoy the vegan variety of products at the same time. For example, animal-free cosmetics and vegan accessories such as belts, shoes and T-shirts were presented.

The Vegan Vegetarian Summer Festival 2011: Despite bad weather, this festival was a huge success!

What a summer party! Actually, it was more of a rainfest. Nevertheless, thousands of visitors braved the wind and rain, as we had dared to hope in such a weather not to hope. The virtually uninterrupted queues at the numerous food, sales and information booths clearly show that the issue of vegetarianism / veganism and the knowledge of its enormous importance has arrived in the general population.

The visitors were distracted from the gray sky by a colorful stage program with live bands, interesting lectures and a cooking show. The raffle did the rest and delighted the players with many prizes, sometimes even more, than they could carry.

And the new location on Alexanderplatz has also proved to be a good choice, as it is located in the heart of Berlin and reaches a wide audience, in addition to the already vegetarian and vegan fans of the festival and the other prospective prospective customers was confronted with the topic.

The Vegan-Vegetarian Summer Festival 2010: The summer festival is “grown up”

Due to the great success in previous years, it was foreseeable that the grounds of the Humboldthain adventure playground would no longer be up to the crowds of 2010. Therefore, the organizers of Berlin Vegan revised the concept completely – 2010, the summer festival should be a “real” street party and more than in previous years, the “non-scene-internal audience” address. Because of the associated extra work on organization and preparation, the handling of regulatory requirements, etc., a competent partner had to be found – a function that the VEBU (Vegetarian Federation Germany) has fulfilled excellently.

On the 21st of August 2010 the summer party took place for the first time in a central location in the middle of the busy Berlin Breitscheidplatz and against the backdrop of the Gedächtniskirche and Wasserklops. As in previous years, the weather god was merciful and showed again with his sunshine and warm temperatures from his best side. For the first time, in addition to the various information booths, there was also a professional selection of food and drinks in such a wide selection that visitors did not even know where to try first. Of course, the central starting point was – how could it be otherwise – the ice cream stand with its range of particularly delicious soy and fruit sorts of ice cream. The supporting program was even more colorful and diverse in 2010: There was, among other things, a live cooking show with vegan celebrity chef Attila Hildmann and live performances by the Kafkas, Set-Sails / Nessi and Sookee.

The Vegan Vegetarian Summer Festival 2009: What happened then

In the following summer in 2009, it was due to the great success, a new edition of the summer party, and again on the already proven area of ​​the children’s and adventure playground Humboldthain. In addition to a free vegan-vegetarian buffet, information stands and a colorful supporting program for the children, there was also the live music of various artists such as this time on the occasion of the parallel Fête de la Musique. K. C. McKanzie.

The concept worked – about 800 to 1,000 visitors brought the area of ​​the ASP Humboldthain to the limits of its capacities – and celebrated hilariously for a whole summer day until the early evening hours. Thus, the festival was a resounding success – with such a large crowd had not expected the organizers of Berlin Vegan even in their wildest dreams!

The Vegan-Vegetarian Summer Festival 2008: How it all began

In the beginning, it was nothing more than a crazy idea: Why not organize a summer party that offers only vegan-vegetarian food and give visitors the opportunity to learn about the vegan-vegetarian diet? learn and talk about animal welfare relevant topics? In the spring of 2008, the volunteers of the Berlin organization Berlin Vegan asked this question and decided to organize the first vegan-vegetarian summer party in Berlin the following summer.

The first Berlin Vegan-Vegetarian Summer Party took place at the children and adventure playground Humboldthain, which is run by the district office of Wedding. At the time under the motto “Free & Outside “a variety of vegan-vegetarian delicacies were offered and given at the various stands of various organizations at the same time information on the vegan-vegetarian lifestyle and other animal welfare relevant topics. Since the festival was explicitly designed as a family and children’s party, the little ones could not only romp on the playground to their heart‘s content, but also participate in games or clown Aha balloon animals, while the adults enjoyed the buffet in the most beautiful late summer weather and exchanged views.

With around 250 to 300 visitors at that time, the summer party was a great success in the opinion of everyone involved, but it still had a very “family” character.

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