Richau Island on Lake Constance

Reichenau Island on Lake Constance

The island of Reichenau – the UNESCO World Heritage Site on Lake Constance

Located on the western shore of Lake Constance, Reichenau is the largest island in Lake Constance. A magnificent poplar avenue connects this with the mainland and the forest settlement Reichenau. Whether you are a nature lover, you are interested in the architecture of the Middle Ages or you just want to enjoy the lake – here you are definitely right. Especially the fruit and vegetable cultivation make the UNESCO World Heritage known.

tip: Since the Reichenau is close to Switzerland, we recommend that you make some settings on your mobile phone. Here you should disable the “automatic network selection” and possibly also the “data roaming”, so that no roaming charges come to you.

We’ll show you what makes your holiday on the Reichenau really perfect

Your accommodation on the island of Reichenau

Of the Camping Sand Soul scores in addition to its location mainly by the beautifully landscaped beach section. As camping is currently in vogue anyway, we say: Definitely suitable as a place to stay! Also as a day visitor you can relax there wonderfully.

tip: Here you can admire the sometimes most beautiful sunsets on Lake Constance. Enjoy a cool drink in the evening sun and enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere!

Of course you can also visit the Reichenau in one of the beautiful Hotels on the lake or stay in a holiday apartment with private beach.

Attractions – Experience the island of Reichenau

The title UNESCO World Heritage Site does what it promises: The cultural landscape testifies to the religious and cultural role of the great Benedictine monastery in the Middle Ages. But not only for those interested in religious history, the place is worth seeing. The monastery island of Reichenau in the 10th and 11th centuries was considered an artistic center of great importance for European art history. The construction of the monastery provides insights into the architecture of the 9th to 11th centuries. The Benedictine monastery – as a great spiritual center of the time – trained well-known personalities in its famous monastery school.

Here you should also stop by:

  • Münster St. Maria and Markus
  • Basilica of St. George
  • Basilica of St. Peter and Paul
  • Evangelical Holy Spirit Church
  • Cella St. Benedict
  • Ruin Schopflen
  • Museum Reichenau
  • Treasure cellar in the cathedral

tip: At different group tours All corners of the island as well as various sights can be excellently explored.

Leisure – There is no boredom here

The lookout point Hochwart puts the island at your feet. In good weather you have a breathtaking view up here: Konstanz in the east, the Alps in the south and the Höri and the Hegauberge in the west.

After a comprehensive renovation of the beach facilities is the Strandbad Baurenhorn reopened and invites you to cool off on hot days. Here you can also enjoy delicious pizza directly overlooking the lake.

For children find special in the summer months days of action instead, so that even the little one can not get bored. In addition, the wildlife and amusement park, as well as the SEA LIFE only a few stops with the Seehas away.

For cyclist On the Reichenau everything necessary is available: bike rental, a bicycle repair shop, a charging station for e-bikes and a good cycle path network.

The Reichenau wine festival is also very popular. At the marina, food stalls offer all sorts of specialties, and various Lake Constance wines, of course, are waiting to be tasted. Especially the journey by ferry from Allensbach makes your trip to the wine festival something very special.

tip: At the Sand Soul, lend yourself the equipment to stand-up paddling and experience the sunset from a completely different perspective!

Shopping on the island of Reichenau

Because the island Reichenau also for her vegetable growing is known, you should definitely try the Bodenseegemüse. Due to the fertile soil on the Reichenau has this there tradition. Opportunity to taste the grown vegetables and fruits, you have at the numerous fruit and vegetable stalls that spread across the country. You can also buy Reichenauer flowers here, for example at the Haselberger.

Do you feel the urge to go shopping, so you can do that in singing or consistency to your heart’s content.

Eating and drinking on the island of Reichenau

at Riebels Do you get fresh fish from Lake Constance? Here it says: Come early and plan enough time, because the snack restaurant is very popular right on the lake. A must for the fish fan and anyone who wants to taste the regional delicacies.

The bakery loaf & soul In addition to baked goods from old grains such as Kamut or amaranth, he also offers a variety of cakes and pies in his small café. Ice specialties can be found here as well.

The Restaurant Mohren impresses with its elegant furnishings and quality food. For special hours as a couple, a candlelit dinner can also be booked. But be sure to book in advance.

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