Richter children’s shoes

Richter children’s shoes offer good quality and modern designs at slightly higher prices.

Here you will find special features, savings tips and more on the very well-known quality children’s shoe manufacturer "Richter" from Austria.
We also show you some current popular autumn / winter boots for boys and girl (min. 3 stars at amazon) to give you a first impression of the current range of shoes.

All information about Richter children’s shoes

What is special??

  • Judge used high-quality materials and qualitative processing
  • Richter poses WMS Shoes ago. As a result, Richter offers parents relief when choosing the right shoe size, especially important for wide or narrow children’s feet.
  • Richter children’s shoes are available in modern designs: The spring-summer collection for 2013 is e.g. in trendy neon colors.
  • Richter offers a seal of quality for fair working conditions in the suppliers and ecological material quality of children’s shoes.
  • Funny little side note: The world famous Vienna Boys’ Choir have been completely equipped with Richter children’s shoes for the first time since 2003. This will certainly make a good impression on grandma and grandpa and may help to get a pair of children’s shoes as a gift?

Current Richter girls boots

Current Richter boys boots

How expensive are Richter children’s shoes?

Richter shoes are mostly in the price range high / high to find. This is like a lot of Manufacturers in this price range are based on the quality of the materials and workmanship, the design and the target group of medium-sized and high-income earners that can be reached with it.

How do you get Richter shoes cheaper?

  • Vouchers: Richter children’s shoes at
  • Online Outlets: Richter children’s shoes at
  • Outlet / factory outlet: Anschützgasse 1, 1150 Vienna, Austria, Richter outlet on Facebook
  • Read more savings tips now

Where can you find Richter children’s shoes?

  • On site: Richter dealer search
  • Online shops: zalando, amazon,, mirapodo, Humanic,

Further information about the manufacturer Richter

The Companies Ferdinand Richter GmbH (short: Richter) has its headquarters in Pasching in Upper Austria and has a very long (since 1893) experience in the manufacture of children’s shoes. Richter belongs to the shoe & shirt group, which offers the shoes in numerous countries in Europe and beyond.

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  • ♡ Honestly: We are parents ourselves
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book tips

Children’s feet children’s shoes – everything worth knowing about small feet and shoes
The great book by the Austrian research group provides practical information about children’s shoes, children’s foot development, children’s shoe sizes, materials, used shoes, socks, running games and more. Easy and stimulating to read in 60 minutes!
To the book


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