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Galloping into happiness

"Heaven on earth is on the back of a horse" – many small and large children hotel guests would immediately sign this sentence. Whether mucking out together, first riding lessons on the in-house riding arenas or adventurous rides on our well-behaved school horses – riding dreams come true in the Kinderhotels Europa.

Highest quality

At Kinderhotels Europa, we don’t do things by halves. The highest quality is our top priority. This also applies to the riding stables, which are directly connected to the Kinderhotels Europa. To guarantee this, new quality criteria have now been set.

  • Hotel’s own riding stable directly and without long distances from the room within walking distance
  • Riding lessons at least 5 days a week
  • Certified training staff and / or hiking guides
  • Bright stables with airy horse stalls of min. 10m2
  • Riding hall and / or large open space with the best riding surface quality
  • well-trained school horses
  • Exemplary stable and horse care

The result? Happy riding horses that are sure to take good care of their sweetheart. And a holiday fairy tale that becomes a reality. In the Kinderhotels Europa.

blog Posts

• Digging, splashing, slushing couch potatoes have nothing to report at Kinderhotels Europa. The hotels lure with creative outdoor programs also the stubborn daddler away from the console. Graduates of the Hirschen Camp at the Seehotel Jägerwirt proudly take home an Alpine Ranger certificate, Kraxel-Kings from the Heidi Hotel climb every obstacle at home after their holidays and whoever has done research with the Familienhotel Post at the water station in Millstätter See , Spongebob will no longer fool him in the future either. • Waving diapers When Smiley, the mascot of the children’s hotels, puts on their skis, it is time for the fun flea circus. In the diaper ski schools of the Kinderhotels Europa, children from the age of two can learn how to slide safely down a slope. Are cared for the small by professionally trained ski instructors directly at the hotels so that parents can always be there. On the way back up, either a magical magic carpet will help or Dad will kick the little ones up at the pedalo ski lift.

Kinderhotels Europa: At Kinderhotels Europa, guests and snow kings are happy. The bow tenses and is aimed at archery in the snow, synchronized swimming with varnished nails, soap foam massages and Eskimo treatments. We are talking about a winter holiday in one of the 51 original children’s hotels in Europe. The guests of the original Kinderhotels Europa are looking forward to the winter of 2010/11 .


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