Riding for children in berlin and brandenburg

Riding lessons in and around Berlin that make children happy


The happiness of this earth lies on the back of the horses: Your child only talks about horses? Can you no longer hear the stories of Bibi and Tina? Every pony needs to be petted? Then your child is probably crazy about horses. At first glance, this seems to cloud the mind – but it actually does the opposite. horse riding makes you confident, focused and trains empathy. And yes, it is true: once you are aflame for horses and ponies, you stay forever a Pferdefreundin.

If you give your child that horse riding enables you to open a world to him that will benefit him for a lifetime. The horse can be a friend and a comforter. It makes you strong and brave, because it lets your child outgrow itself. In a technological world, this supposedly expensive hobby (which it does not have to be) offers a connection to nature. Dealing with the horse requires and encourages a sense of responsibility and independence, observation skills and a good body feeling.

These skills promote riding:

At what age can children learn to ride?

When can we start? You determine the time when your child starts equestrian sport individually. For a rough orientation: It usually starts with the Vaulting lessons. It is a kind of gymnastics lesson on the horse, the children from about four years can do. That sounds very acrobatic now. But first of all it is an exercise for balance – and thus a preparation for the actual riding. Just like that Work on the lunge. The learning of the associated skills runs through the Elementary School.

The best motor learning age for riding is just beginning between 10 to 13 years. But it is always helpful if you visit ponies and horses with small children (i.e. as early as possible). For example, help with feeding and cleaning at the Berlin children’s farms. In this way you help your child to trust ponies and horses at an early age.

What kind of riding equipment do you need??

It is always an advantage to be well equipped. Not just as a knight. &# 128521; When it comes to equipment, you have to invest less than expected at the beginning.

  • A snug fit jodhpurs (which of course can also be used) is a good basis.
  • For this you need Boots, that have to have a small heel so that the feet stay in the stirrup.
  • a helmet, You can usually rent a bike helmet at the riding stables. Good ventilation is an advantage here.
  • gloves are not a must. But they help you to have the reins firmly in your hand right from the start.
  • safety Vests only become relevant when your child wants to jump over obstacles. Before that, vests are usually a hindrance to the movements.

In this sense: All horses saddled for the first gallop ride? Get ready. horse riding quickly becomes a love for life.

When is the riding lesson good for children and what is important to know?

What is important? Above all, of course, that your child wants to ride and is physically fit. If this is the case, it depends on the riding instructors and the horses. Good riding instructors and suitable teaching horses or ponies are the decisive criteria for happy and successful riding lessons. No matter whether it is about riding, vaulting or carriage driving.

How to recognize a good riding instructor:

  • Experience in teaching with children
  • sensitive and attentive, d. H. challenges the children without overwhelming them
  • imaginative for a varied and stimulating lesson
  • has a recognized qualification (trainer C, B, A or horse host)
  • trains regularly

How to recognize a well-equipped riding facility:

  • Safety aspects must be guaranteed (including fenced riding arena)
  • child-friendly equipment and order
  • Quality seal of the German Equestrian Association (white-green sign of the FN)

5 Berlin and Brandenburg pony and riding stables that make children and horses happy

Icelandic Horse Center Berlin in Lichtenberg

"Yes, what’s their name?" Nökkvi and Skjöldur are two of the Icelandic horses that are in the Icelandic Horse Center Berlin Life. Because of their size and their friendly nature, they quickly become friends with the children – and vice versa. Anyone who is still a little anxious when dealing with horses (parents and children) is with Iceland horses In good hands.

On top of that is the riding Stable easy to get to from most parts of the city. Just three stops from Ostkreuz, just behind the zoo, next to the Karlshorster harness racing track, surrounded by the Wuhlheide – there is the riding stable, in the middle of the city, on the grounds of the World Championship for Icelandic horses. The Icelandic Horse Center Berlin offers Riding lessons for young and old, therapy lessons, Horseback riding, horses for sale and pension.

Falkenberg horse farm in Hohenschönhausen

"The happiest horses live in Falkenberg." Pony farm operator Andreas Hahn would probably say that if you asked him. Because the well-being of the horses is important to him heart. And on his Falkenberg horse farm it’s really nice: the horses and ponies are found living in open stables. They run happily towards you with their mane waving. Falkenberg is a calm and green piece of earth. It is quite on the outskirts of Berlin, but is still easy to reach.

For many years the team has valued loving childcare at the pony. It supports beginners, advanced as well as newcomers to become really firm. Children in Age from 2 to 8 years can on guided pony rides around the paddock take part.

Lübars riding stable in Reinickendorf

Come and learn the Freye family Lübars riding stable know! You are in the best hands with her. Experienced and patient trainers are waiting for you, especially for those Dressage and jumping training are qualified. The Freye family has one child-friendly riding school built up. This offers ideal training options for beginners and advanced users.

children from age 6 have their first experience with Vaulting lessons. It is about balance, letting go on horseback and having fun in a group. Horse and rider can use a riding hall. There are also illuminated outdoor courts, a jumping area, a gallop track and a covered walker. On top of that you have nice riding opportunities in Lübars.

Waldkante horse farm in Brandenburg

It is a bit outside, so to speak on the "edge" of Berlin Rider forest edge located. The farm has from Shetland ponies up to large horses in the herd to offer everything that makes the hearts of horse lovers beat faster. You will find this idyllic horse farm just 15 km east of Berlin. The team keeps all horses in the so-called Open stable in the herd. You can here every day Riding lessons in fixed groups and long lessons take – and enjoy the rural surroundings very easily.

Riding school on the forest in Brandenburg

There is even more forest for you in the popular one Riding school on the forest. The way there sounds like a natural experience: take the Trappenfelder Straße junction towards Krummensee. Then you continue on the street Am Walde – and you land directly on the Horse farm at the forest. This beautiful riding school cannot be reached with the BVG. Unless you are good on foot or have a bike with you.

This riding stable is a real gem at the gates of Berlin and definitely worth a trip. Who ever Riding holidays who wants to do well here. Improves your riding skills in a relaxed environment and makes great rides.

Do you want to know more about riding? Then take a look at this beautiful video about learning to ride:


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