Rims to register: instructions and costs at the tuv

You’ve found the rims you want and now you’re wondering: do I actually have to have my new rims registered?? And if so, what do I have to pay attention to and what will it cost me?? In order to get through the TuV safely and to avoid penalties at traffic controls, you have to consider a few things. In our blog article we try to answer the most important questions about the registration of the rims.

Matching rims? (incl. Assembly near you!)

does my alloy rim have an ABE?

The ABE (general type approval) is the basic condition for the use of a rim. It is the approval of the Kraftfahrtbundesamt for the rim manufacturer. Only if such an ABE is available, the manufacturer is allowed to sell the rim at all. The operating permit is supplied with the rim when it is sold and must be carried by you in the car after the rims have been installed. If you have lost the ABE, you can request it from the rim manufacturer (for example as a download from the website).

If you also do not have any information on the manufacturer, the KBA number which is usually embossed on the front of the rim (rim designation: what is written on my rim)?). With this number, you can now contact the Federal Motor Transport Authority directly with a request for manufacturer information. Who on rims without ABE drives, can be fined fines of up to 90 euro plus one point in flensburg. In addition, there is a possible loss of insurance coverage. And that can be expensive in the event of an accident. Pay attention to a correct ABE especially when buying used or on insufficiently controlled online market places. The flare search from reifen-vor-ort.but de guarantees only reliable suppliers with original parts.

Do you have to register your new alloy rims at the TuV? Here are instructions and info on costs

Registering new rims? We explain what you have to pay attention to.

Does the rim have an ABE for my vehicle?

Do you want to find out whether a rim is approved for your vehicle (which rims fit my car)??) and does not require a registration, simply take a look at the ABE of the rim. as mentioned, the general type approval is like a test report, in which all vehicles are listed, on which the rims are mounted registration free may be used. However, it is important to note that your vehicle may also be additional requirements must meet.

These requirements are noted in the ABE with the corresponding vehicle information (e.g. "Only permissible for vehicles with. axle load up to 1030 kg"). The ABE also applies exclusively to the original condition of the car. If in the past conversions have been made, the passage to the TuV or DEKRA also mandatory. Some rims are only allowed with approval and consent of the inspector, even if the ABE fits. A corresponding reference would be recorded in the ABE under A01.

Costs for registration of an alloy wheel

  • With ABE and parts certificate: ca. 35 to 70 euro
  • Without certificate: ca. 120 euro or upwards (depending on the effort of the test)

How do I read the certificate to the ABE correctly?

Admittedly, such a certificate can seem quite confusing. reading and understanding it, however, is not that difficult. The document with several columns contains mostly in the leftmost column the designations of the approved vehicle types. If you have found your model here, you will see in the columns to the right of the approved ones kw-range and tire sizes. The codes consisting of letters and numbers (A07, A12 etc.) refer to the conditions and instructions which you will find further on in the document.

And what does the parts certificate for rims mean??

For a complete operating license also belongs to a parts certificate. In contrast to the ABE, this is also available for rims that allow the conversion to other dimensions. After conversion to the new rims must be checked by the TuV, whether the conversion has been carried out properly (this is as in the ABE marked by notes). If the modifications comply with the requirements, you will receive a certificate for registration in the vehicle documents. The costs of a registration with existing ABE and parts certificate amount to between 35 and 70 euro.

Are your rims at all registrable?

it is easy to get aluminium rims on the internet, which, according to construction in germany, are even not allowed are. Accordingly, these rims have of course no ABE and can not get one. These rims include for example. "Spinner" (i.e. with rotating, movable attachments). We have presented further non-tuV-capable rims in this article: these rims do not pass the TuV.

Individual acceptance of rims at the TuV without ABE and parts certificate

If you do not have the appropriate ABE or parts certificate for your rims, you will have to individual acceptance (or reconsider your choice of rims). Such a test can be expensive and the result can be that you are not allowed to drive the rims. In case of doubt, please contact the TuV in advance to find out what the chances of approval are. Without sufficient test certificates, you will have to pay for the working time of the testers, and that can easily add up for a set of rims 120 euro or more will.


Take a close look at ABE and parts certificate. As described, here is definitely noted whether a registration is required. If this is the case, please contact your local dealer for further information TuV or the dekra about inspection dates and costs. Without appropriate ABE and expertise, the registration as described above can be more lengthy and expensive.

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