Rise of nations: Rise of Legends – Spieleratgeber nrw

Rise of nations: Rise of Legends - Spieleratgeber nrw

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

Description of the game
In contrast to the historical scenario of the quite successful previous version "Rise of Nations", plays the story of "Rise of Legends" in a fantastic world where magic, robot and mythical creatures meet.
Comic-wise, the story is told by Giacomo, a noble of the Vinci clan, a European-looking culture based on science and technology. The young man embarks on a campaign of revenge and penetrates into the most diverse areas of a fantasy world, where he deals with two alien peoples, the Cuotl and the Alin, combative. To be victorious, he must defend himself against age-old rites, artifacts, sorcery, and dragons.
As usual in strategy games of this kind (s. "Age of Empires 3"), the player must focus on expanding and expanding his base, depleting resources, building a powerful army, and using the right strategy to win against other peoples. Here are different characters (heroes) with individual characteristics available, which are introduced in the course of the game through animated cut scenes. Furthermore, he can conduct trade and research.
The game can be played alone, but also in the network or Internet with several players. An extensive editor offers the possibility to design and play through own maps and scenarios.

Educational assessment
"Rise of Legends" offers unlike its predecessor and other comparable action strategy games like "Warcraft 3" or "Age of Empires 3" little news. Basically, players are presented with a familiar gameplay in a new disguise.
Due to its strategic depth and the many options for action, the game is aimed primarily at players who already have experience with other games of this genre. Although the level of difficulty is adjustable, it is still a challenge for inexperienced players even at the lowest level.
From the genre and the game story, to measure themselves strategically and militarily with others, felt only male adolescents addressed. Those who embarked on the game felt the imaginative and far from the usual fantasy robe settled world design as interesting and varied. The detailed graphics support this feeling and was consistently by the testers as "Well" rated.
The story of the single-player mode, however, was rated by the young people as not particularly exciting and sometimes illogical: "Only because of the story, I would not continue playing!" (Player 14 years).
The different multiplayer modes were accepted very positively. The variable and extensive recruitment options provided for long motivation and exciting battles. The three differently styled peoples each need their own tactics to achieve the game goal. The young people found that the differences between the cultures are not only reflected in the design of the units, but can also be played differently. "The different breeds are just cool!" (Player, 15).
Also informative were the assessments of the adolescents regarding alternative solutions in the game. In their opinion, there is the offer to be able to select your own missions, "However, the way through the existing story is somehow predetermined and freedom of action is actually only pretended". And in multiplayer mode, there is the opportunity to trade with neutral cities, but again, the emphasis is clearly on building an army and conflict resolution in the form of a battle.
Thus, the young people formed in multiplayer mode with great motivation again and again new teams who competed against each other. Defeating human players was more of a challenge and a change than playing against the computer. In the common game, they always tried out new strategies, changed the peoples and analyzed surprisingly accurately their mistakes made in the previous games.
Anyone who really wants to master the game and thus the various development possibilities and special skills of the different cultures, not only has to be strategically fit, but also has to put endurance and concentration to the test. Good coordination and quick action are also required. If you can not or do not want to do this, you will quickly reach your limits, especially in multiplayer mode, and break the game full of frustration.
"Rise of Legends" is a complex and graphically varied strategy game for experienced strategists from the age of 12, whose gameplay results largely from the successful multiplayer mode.

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