Rivers in Finland

Rivers in Finland

Finland is not only the “land of the thousand lakes”, but also the rivers. 74 mighty river systems with a size of at least 200 km² flow through the beautiful country with its green pastures, wetlands and forests. Many vacationers use these vast river landscapes for a wonderful stay in nature, which can be combined with exciting and relaxing water sports.

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Especially large rivers in Finland

The longest river in Finland is the Kemijoki, which has a total length of 552 km with its delta. It flows through the Finnish parts of Lapland and finally flows into the Baltic Sea. Slightly shorter is the Muonionjoko with 330 km. It is a tributary of the Tornionjoki and begins its course near the town of Markkina through the confluence of the Lätäseno and the Könkämäeno. After 230 km, it flows into the Torne Valley, near the city of Pajala, which finally merges with the 23,000-strong city of Tornio into the Gulf of Bothnia. In addition, the Muonionjoko is one of the border rivers between Sweden and Finland.

The Iijoki River, which has a catchment area of ​​almost 15,000 km and can be found in the north of the country, is just 320 km shorter than the Muonionjoko. It emanates from Lake Iijärvi in ​​the municipality of Kuusamo and then flows through the cities of Taivalkoski, Yli-li and Pudasjärvi. In the small community of Ii, with just 9,600 inhabitants, it flows into the Gulf of Bothnia.

A particularly beautiful river

The Livojoki is one of the most beautiful rivers in Finland, surrounded by a vast natural landscape and can be used for a variety of recreational activities. The approximately 130 km long Livojoki is a right tributary of the Iijoki in Lapland. It finds its origin in the Lappish municipality Posio. Then it crosses the country in a southwesterly direction until it passes into the river Iijoki only a few kilometers west of the community Pudasjärvi.

Especially fishing enthusiasts enjoy the large fish wealth. So the Livojoki is known for its large numbers of pike, trout perch and European grayling.

Fun and relaxation on the rivers of Finland

Finland’s rivers offer travelers many opportunities to relax and spend an exciting day. They are great for fishing and fly fishing because they provide salmon, trout, perch, pike perch and many other popular food fish. Even kayaking, canoeing or rowboat trips are a great option for enjoying nature. If you like something more exciting, you can go rafting in the north of Finland.

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