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Game description:
A story is there ROBLOX Not. The aim of the game is to create virtual worlds, which are presented in the style of LEGO or Minecraft, to live in various mini-games, to be creative, to make friends and to exchange in different groups. This is called an MMO (massively multiplayer online game), a community or maybe even almost from a social network.
In the game can build entire cities or theme parks, run a fast-food outlet or reenact a family scenario. The possibilities seem unlimited and ROBLOX offers a great deal for boys and girls of different ages. It is different between the ROBLOX-Studio (blue button on the PC) and the ROBLOX-Player (red button) – depending on whether you want to create content yourself or try out content from other players.

Educational Assessment:
Start of the game – register first
At the beginning you have to register for free on the homepage by entering your e-mail address, password, gender and date of birth. Then you get access to the virtual ROBLOX-Universe – provided one is able to speak the English language. ROBLOX There is not yet in German execution. After registration you get a ready-made character (avatar). If necessary, this can be redesigned according to your own ideas. Clothes, hairstyle and many other things can be customized. Most of it is free, but certain accessories have to be paid for. If the avatar is to look like a king or a fantasy creature, the game also offers a colorful range of clothing and body statues.

ROBLOX-STUDIO – creative, creative, most creative
The title has a creative approach and that ROBLOX-Studio allows players to create their own world. As an example: From a bird’s-eye view, one first looks for a surface, for example a meadow, and places trees and paths on it. Then you set a car on the way and tested the specially designed world with his avatar from the third-person perspective (so the camera follows the character from behind). When you test your world, you get into the car and drive through the countryside. Later you can then build mountains again from the bird’s view to use them as a ski jump. Done you have developed a rally car racing game. Now on the ROBLOX-Upload the platform and share it with the community.
The ROBLOX-Studio can be very well used for active media work with children and adolescents, as the user interface is easy to understand after a short training. You do not have to rely on the English language because most of the buttons are visualized. The reference to LEGO allows a child-friendly presentation. Recreating one’s home or building roller coasters are just two examples of the creative engagement with the game. In addition, themes can be specified on the Home screen (for example, Wild West), so you can explicitly access objects, houses or plants from the time of Cowboys and Indians. Thus, the children and adolescents can playfully engage with the different subject areas. Highly recommended access to the ROBLOX-Studio for young children to restrict, as you at ROBLOX-Players quickly get content that’s not for young players.

ROBLOX Player – shootings and building simulations
So beautiful and interesting working with the ROBLOX-Studio can be so access to the ROBLOX-Player with his mini-games with caution. “It offers endless possibilities,” says tester Colin. Meanwhile advertises ROBLOX with thousands of games and over 30 million users. Due to the large offer of mini-games and the possibility to start them any time from the beginning, there is no emotional connection to his avatar and the virtual teammates. This refers in particular to simple shooters (games where you have to shoot something) like Counter Blox or the Jailbreak breakout simulation. “Of course, you always want to get ahead, but you do not actually want to be that strong,” says tester Yavuz. This is also because the games are fun and easy to knit. It also has no negative impact on his avatar when you die. So restart and the world is alright again.

Virtual killing with Counter Blox and Jail Break
One might think of a well-known shooter for adults in the mini-game Counter Blox. That is also wanted. Although it all looks childish with the angular and lego-like graphics, the gameplay is still similar.
There are at ROBLOX Many games of this kind. You choose between two groups (be it a jailbreak policeman or a prisoner, for example) and try to survive or destroy the other group. Equipped with pistols, sniper rifles, grenades or the bare fists. While Jailbreak is more about fleeing the police (including theft of cars or helicopters), you have to wander through a small map at Counter Blox in the foursome team and try to defeat the other group. Violence is therefore a prerequisite for winning. The testers saw this critically and the question came up, whether a game like ROBLOX should actually be available to children.
It is not easy for parents to deal with this ROBLOX-Player to control. Counter Blox and Co. can play with any age, a warning does not exist. Although the users can provide an e-mail address of the parents, this is not mandatory.

Virtual Relations at Robloxian High School or Adopt Me
In addition to the different shooters, there is another kind of games that should be critically questioned. These are those that create virtual relationships that bind users.
At Robloxian Highschool a realistic afterimage of the everyday life of a teenager / a young adult should be presented. So you look for an apartment and a job first. Frying hamburgers and proving procured the necessary money for the apartment. Besides, you can attend seminars and use sports facilities on campus. On the streets of the virtual Robloxian high school world, you meet up with other characters, speak or write to them and just exchange the contact information. It can track where the next party is going or who is ready to chat. This promotes the fear of missing something and does not let go of all players without further ado, especially because there are no computers behind the other characters, but real people.
A similar principle follows Adopt Me. Looking for a Adopi child in a home / kindergarten and taking it home sounds pretty weird – especially if the baby is also a playable character. And if some players use the circumstance to kidnap babies, that somehow seems even weirder. Because you can only be reassured that ROBLOX always trying to create a child-friendly atmosphere. That works too!

Promote creativity with building simulations like Theme Park Tycoon
But there are also many ways to creatively build a small empire. For example, Theme Park Tycoon tries to build an entire amusement park. It’s not always that easy with limited funds, but with the first revenue of the visitors, the account can be replenished – or with the help of real money, if someone does not want to wait so long. This not only promotes creativity, but also a first look for economy and the proper use of money.
Also, the different car racing games have a lot of fun, came in the test very well and are safe for a younger target group.

Play without end
What all games have in common is the fact that they actually have no end. This may entice players to stay on the ball in some games and may increase their fear of missing out on something. In addition, a list of games that are recommended to you because of the games you have already played entices you to keep trying out new things. A few testers saw a certain potential for long game phases here. The interest was more on the entertaining shooters, so that many could not agree with the opinion.

Virtual money vs. real money
Our testers were always aware of when real money must be used. This obviousness is good. Equally good is that ROBLOX actually can be played completely enough with the existing virtual money actually. “Only sometimes it gets a bit annoying when you have to wait until you have earned enough money,” says Yavuz.

Who actually sits in front of the computer??
Basically problematic is at ROBLOX, that nobody controls how old the players actually are. Although a distinction is made between an “under” and “over 13 years old” account, in practice it is somehow not clear what that should actually be. You can still play Counter Blox, whether over or under 13.
Already at the beginning of the test phase two Spieletester_innen were written by foreign users via the chat function, which wanted to expand their number of virtual friends. Here you should be careful when it comes to the exchange of contact information (such as WhatsApp). Real children or teenagers are not always behind the virtual characters. Therefore, you should never pass on private data, as long as you do not know who really sits at the computer. The GAMER TREFF warns in particular against the exchange of mobile phone numbers and photos to strangers.

ROBLOX was unanimously well received by the young people. Motivated by the multitude of possibilities and the constant expansion of mini-games ROBLOX to dive into the virtual world again and again. The presentation is child-friendly and the optics are usually colorful and cheerful. The control works via the mouse and keyboard and is easy to learn. Nevertheless, all testers agreed that Roblox due to the unfiltered game selection only partially suitable for young children, also because the game selection for parents is difficult to control.

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